Drink coffee…

Percy – Holy Hephaestus, are you crazy?! We're demigods! Most of us have ADHD, I don't think our senses need to be any more alert, or our brains will explode.

Annabeth - …and do dumb things faster.

Me – It's "…and do dumb things with more energy", but whatever. Hey, how do you know? Aren't demigods supposed to make electronics go haywire?

Annabeth – I have Daedalus' laptop.

Me – Ohhhh…*nods*…nope I don't get it.

Grover – Ummm… who are you?

Me – Someone who doesn't want you to know who she is.

Grover - …Who are you?

Me – A girl with too much time on her hands.

Grover – Yeah, I can see that. But WHO ARE YOU?

Me – Alright, you got me. I'm a Mary Sue and I'm here to wreak havoc on your world.

Grover – …What?

Me – Just answer the question.

Grover – …


Grover – Um…okay…uh…drink coffee? No I don't drink coffee. I like linoleum cans, though.

Clarisse – Ugh, you again?

Me - *stutters* Y-y-yea-yeah…

Clarisse – So this time It's drink coffee, huh?

Me – Uh-huh *nods furiously*

Clarisse – Screw coffee. I don't need coffee. I could beat you up right here, right now, hands behind my back. *grins evilly*

Me – Uh-oh. I think I'll just g-AHHHHHHHHH!

Chris – Hey…whoa what happened to your face?

Me – Thanks.

Chris – Anytime…did Clementine beat you up?

Me – Yeah…Clementine?

Chris – Yeah…

Me - *tries not to laugh* O-o-okay…*snort*

Chris – Shut up.

Me- So…

Chris – Oh, yeah, "Drink coffee. Do dumb things with more energy"

Me – Seriously, how do you guys know this?

Chris - *suddenly sheepish* Well, don't tell Chiron, but Connor smuggled me an IPad.

Jason – Um…no thanks.

Piper – Whoa, what happened?

Me – Clarisse happened.

Piper – Ahhh…drink coffee? No, I'd rather have lemonade.

Me – PINK lemonade?

Piper – Sure. Oh wait…woooowww…really?

Leo – Are you asking me on a date?

Me - …no.

Leo – I knew you had a crush on me!

Me – …

Leo – Sorry, hon, but Leo Flamin' Valdez in taken. Don't cry too hard, okay?

Me - *facepalm*

Thalia – Nope, not for me. By the way, did you get run over by a truck?

Me - *scowls*

Nico – I'm thirteen! Well, actually, I'm seventy something…but…oh, nevermind.