Title: Ever So Patient

Rating: T for now but it will go up.

Word count: 1,759

Summary: So this is an AU I though up based on something in Neighbours. No, you don't have to watch it in order to understand but you can just youtube "Chris and Aidan scenes Neighbours" if you want to see what I'm talking about. For those who do, yay!

Blaine Anderson is 21. At the age of 18 he was offered a diploma program by the Lima Memorial Hospital and he took it, because all he ever wanted to do was help people. Kurt Hummel is 18, on his summer break and getting ready to head for New York and NYADA. Kurt only came out to his dad in the last few months of senior year when the bullying got really bad and his Dad started to notice. Kurt is beaten in his Dad's garage. What happens when Blaine and Kurt's paths cross?

Authors notes: Saw this on Neighbours, decided it would be a cool Klaine story. Yay.

Fists. Feet. He was being hit everywhere they could reach him. There was so much pain and someone was yelling something but he couldn't hear what. Why wasn't anyone here? Why couldn't anyone help him? There was the sound of footsteps, then silence. And suddenly everything went black.

When Kurt Hummel is brought in by a wide-eyed looking mechanic he is breathing heavily, clutching his side, violently protesting that he doesn't need medical help and is completely fine. Blaine Anderson is a nurse on duty that night and happens across Kurt and the unnamed mechanic, bringing him in immediately to see Dr. Smythe. While he's being place down on a examination table he continuously protests that he's fine, he wasn't unconscious for long and he really just wants to go home. Blaine just stands in a corner and watches the scene unfold. An X-ray is ordered and while the mechanic is talking to Dr. Smythe Blaine goes over to talk to Kurt.
"So... Care to tell anyone what happened?" Blaine muses, swabbing at the dried blood on Kurt's pale face. Blaine can't tell if it's side effect of shock, or if his complexion is naturally like that. Shockingly blue eyes flick up to meet Blaine's hazel ones.
"None of your business," his voice is higher than expected, but moody and upset.
"Alright. I get it." Blaine backs off slightly, cleaning off the blood on Kurt's ears.
"I'm sorry." Kurt mumbles. "I just… I don't want anyone to make this a big deal."
"I think it is a little bit of a big deal, Kurt," Blaine frowns.
"I didn't see who did this OK?" Kurt all but shouts, "But, before I…" Kurt trails off uncomfortably, biting his lip. "I had a run in with a customer" Kurt avoids Blaine's eyes, shifts, visibly upset. Blaine stills his hands.
"What was the argument about?"
"He… He didn't like the fact that I was gay."
"Kurt, you should probably tell someone. This is serious." Blaine frowned even further.
"No, no no please don't tell my Dad. I just told him I'm gay and we're still trying to get back to normal. Please don't tell anyone, please." Kurt's eyes were wide with fear, he was begging.
"Fine. But if anything more serious happens you have to tell someone, Kurt, OK?" Kurt only nods in reply.

After Kurt's Dad arrives there's a lot of yelling and questions, asking why this happened to his son? Who did it? Surely there must be evidence? But Kurt remained silent, saying that he didn't see who did it. After the X-Ray Kurt, after a lot of pushing and begging and nagging, was finally allowed home.
"If there's anything wrong you have to come back, OK, Kurt?" Dr. Smythe remarked, handing him his discharge papers. Kurt nodded in reply, still short of breath.
"Good. Come on, kiddo, we'll get you home."

The car on the drive home is silent. Kurt's struggling for breath and he doesn't really know what to say to his Dad. How would one start the conversation? "Hey Dad, how are you today? Me? Oh I just got beaten up in your garage so I am swell!" No.
"Dad." Kurt's voice is softer than usual, trying to lessen the pain in his side when he breathes or talks.
"Yeah kiddo?" Burt replies, not taking his hands off the wheel.
"I'm sorry." Kurt muttered.
"Hey, hey. No. This is not your fault, OK?" Burt was frowning. They pulled up at their house and Burt turned to face Kurt. "None of this is your fault. We're going to find who did this to you." Kurt nodded.
"I... I left my phone at the garage. I'm going to go back and get it." Kurt really just wanted to be by himself for a few minutes, he didn't want his dad hovering over him.
"Do you need me to drive you there?" Burt questioned as Kurt slid out of the car.
"No, it's only a few minutes way, I can walk." With that, Kurt turned towards the garage and started walking. He was surprised his Dad didn't put up more of a fight to drive Kurt there, then again maybe Burt needed his space as well.

Sebastian and Blaine were both staring at Kurt's x-ray which had just come in.
"Is that..." Blaine started to wonder aloud.
"Mmhmm." Sebastian agreed.
"So we should..."

Dizzy, dizzy, so dizzy. Things were blurring together. Kurt was clutching at one of the benches, his head spinning. He couldn't breathe, breathe was difficult he couldn't do it. Help, help. He couldn't scream, he couldn't breathe. He was going to die here.

"Hello, Mr. Hummel, this is Blaine Anderson from the hospital. You're son, Kurt Hummel, was brought in earlier and we've just gotten his x-rays back. I'm afraid he needs to be brought back in, he has a fractured rib that's pressing against his lung and we're worried it may puncture. He needs surgery immediately so if you could bring him in that'd be, y'know... good." Blaine was worried for Kurt, sure he didn't know the boy but he was only eighteen. It was the summer holidays, he should be out partying and with friends, not getting beaten in some dark garage.
"He's not here, he went out the garage to pick up his phone." There was concern, worry, in Burt's voice.
"Uh.. well if you could go and get him that would probably be good." After a few more brief words, Blaine hung up the phone, praying that Burt got there in time.

Can't breathe, breathing's too difficult. It's all too difficult. He's gasping and no air's coming in, gripping at the floor for some kind of purchase, something to grab onto. He hears yelling, someone yelling his name. Muffled footsteps, a hand on his neck and someone grabbing his arm as they yell about something. Then it all just ebbs away.

Blaine was on call when they brought Kurt back in, he had an oxygen mask on and was paler than the first time Blaine saw him. The EMT's were listing off his injuries as doctors checked his vitals and rattled off medication they need. Burt was running along with them looking lost and confused. They were nearing the doors to surgery and Blaine knew that Burt couldn't follow them back there.

"Burt, you're going to have to wait out here. You can't follow them into surgery." Blaine laid a soft hand on Burt's shoulder, talking quietly.

"But that's... that's my boy. I need to know he's OK. I need to make sure he's fine." Burt struggled against Blaine's grip.

"Burt, he'll be fine. They'll fix the cracked rib and he'll be out soon, I promise." Blaine pleaded. Burt finally sagged in exhaustion.

"I found him. In the garage. He was just lying there and I was so terrified." Burt croaked, tears welling in his eyes.

"I know that's scary but he's fine. He'll be OK. You did the right thing." Blaine comforted, leading him over to the hard, plastic waiting chairs. "I've got to go back to work, but if anything happens I'll come tell you. And if you need any help, at all, you just ask for me, OK?" Burt nodded in reply. Blaine let out a deep sigh and walked off. Both Burt and Kurt shouldn't have to deal with this. Kurt was fresh out of school and Burt was obviously struggling to accept him. Blaine scrubbed a hand through his hair, walking off.

Two hours later, Kurt was out of surgery. He was patched up, pumped full of drugs, in his own room and sleeping peacefully. Burt was staying vigilant by his bedside, refusing to leave until his son was awake so he could check Kurt was OK. Blaine stood by the doorway and watched them for a moment, a small smile on his lips. Whilst Kurt and Burt's relationship still seemed to be a bit rocky, it seemed like Burt would be there for Kurt through anything. The thought made Blaine's chest give a painful pang. His father had barely spoken to him since he came out, barely wanting anything to do with him. With a rueful sigh, Blaine walked off to continue with his job.

It takes six hours for Kurt to finally awaken from his sleep, the doctor's said it was a side effect of using such heavy pain medication. His eyes are unfocused and he has a dopey grin on his face.

"Hey Dad," he laughs, "You're heeeeere."

"Y-yeah, Kurt. I'm here." Burt replies, "I'll always be here, kiddo."

"But you weren't there earlier." Kurt rolls his head, slurring his words slightly.

"What... What do you mean Kurt?" Burt frowned, terrified that his son secretly hated him. Admittedly Burt and Kurt had grew distant after Elizabeth's death, but he'd tried he really had. And while Kurt coming out to him was no big surprise, it was something that Burt was still struggling to comes to term with.

"When I got beaten up, silly." Kurt laughed. Burt's heart dropped. This was not something Kurt should be laughing about. Hell, he shouldn't have even gotten beaten up in the first place. "And I can't help that it happened. I mean, I'm sorry dude, but I like cocks and I don't care if you don't like that." Kurt pointed lazily, his words slurring even further. Apart from the initial shock of Kurt putting it so bluntly, Burt knew something was going on.

"What do you mean he didn't like it, Kurt?" Burt frowned, worried. Worried that his baby got beaten up for nothing he had control over.

"He didn't like that I was gaaaaaay." Kurt enunciated his words with a flourish of his hands. "I'm gonna have nap time. Night, Daddy." Kurt rolled over, quickly falling into a doze.

Burt was going to find who did this.

He was gonna find them and give them hell to pay.

More coming soon!