Part Eight.

"Sorcerer!" Cried the man who burst forth into the room. Behind him Stood the Knights of Camelot, Gwaine, Leon, Elyan, and Percival along with Gwen with her hand over her mouth. Arthur stood tall looking at the man. Saoirse stood helping Merlin the best she could.

"King Tallon?" Arthur said. "You have stormed in here unannounced." Arthur pointed out.

"That girl is a Sorcerer!" He pointed to Saoirse who filched at his harsh tone. "You may have escaped once but you will face your punishment." The man said angrily.

"King Tallon, must I remind you that this is my Kingdom!" Arthur said angrily to the man. Gwen quickly moved to Merlin's other side, looking at him confused. "That is also your daughter!" The man laughed.

"She is no daughter of mine any more!" He said throwing a small dagger at her.

"Dryre!" She said as the dagger stopped just an inch from her face and it fell to the ground. Arthur looked in astonishment at Saoirse while Gwen took a few steps away in shock. Saoirse looked at Arthur apologetically.

"You see!" The man shouted. "She is a sorceress! She stopped the dagger just as she caused the light which you saw before with that man there." King Tallon stated. Merlin didn't care how tired he was he gently pushed Saoirse behind him, protecting her.

"She's a healer." Merlin stated. "Tell me what harm she has caused anyone!" Merlin challenged.

"She has magic!" King Tallon cried. "She is evil! A vile creature that needs to be killed. And I suggest you give her to me now to face her death." He said sternly. Merlin shook his head. This was the fate the dragon warned him about.

But her own father. The same man that took Saoirse mother from her. Now she's being condemned for healing and saving herself from her father's dagger. Saoirse helped him, now it was his turn, he wasn't going to let her die like this.

"No," Merlin stated. "I will not let you harm her."

"Then you are condemned as well." The old man said drawing his sword to strike. Arthur quickly stepped forward blocked the sword with his own.

"You do not pass judgment in my Kingdom." Arthur threatened. King Tallon lowered his weapon, the Knights were already, with their sword drawn. The King was outnumbered. Arthur kept his sword ready.

"Your father would not let this behavior…" King Tallon started but Arthur interrupted.

"I am not my father." The King stated. "And he is no linger here."

"You've seen her with your own eyes!" The visiting King bellowed. "She has magic, she is evil!"

"Not all magic is evil." Saoirse said walking out from behind her father. "Please, I never harmed anyone. Neither did mother, do not relive that mistake with me, father." She pleaded. King Tallon's gave her a cold look. "Please listen to me." She begged.

King Tallon stood tall and slapped the girl. The Knights, the King and Queen and Merlin stood appalled at the Kings actions. Gwaine drew his blade and pressed it against the Kings back.

"Touch her again and I'll run you threw." Gwaine threatened. Saoirse kept her hand on the side of her face.

"You have been enchanted," The King bellowed. "All of you! Can't you see what has happened here? She is playing with your minds. I'm taking her back, she will face her punishment." The King said going to grab Saoirse's arm.

Merlin could feel his magic under his skin like lightning. He wanted to release it, he could show the King what evil really was. When Arthur stepped forward and grabbed Saoirse's in his arms Merlin pulled his magic back. Arthur put Saoirse next to Merlin again who pushed her behind him again.

"She's not your problem anymore," Arthur said. "Saoirse is in my Kingdom and I will punish her for her crime." The visiting King laughed. "Now leave my kingdom at once."

"So you can just let he go afterwards! I think not, King Arthur." The King sneered. "I will leave your Kingdom as you like, but I will wait outside your walls with my Knights for her until sunset. You have two options, you sentence her yourself and let me be witness or you refuse to hand her over, it's war Arthur Pandragon." The King threatened.

The knights cleared a path and let the King pass. Arthur shook his head, he didn't know what to do. His old childhood friend was a sorcerer, he could either kill her or give her to her father to kill her. But she helped heal Merlin right?

Merlin watched as the King left and it felt like all his strength, the little that he actually had, had vanished and he felt himself falling. He felt arms wrap around him and he opened his eyes to see Saoirse looking at him with concern. He saw the bruise already forming on the side of her face.

"You seemed to fall into my lap a lot lately." Saoirse teased. Merlin smiled but let the tiredness take him.

Arthur ran over at the sound of Gwen's gasp. He turned in time to see Merlin falling to the ground. He heard Saoirse say something to him and Merlin smiled but then his eyes closed and he became very still.

"What did you do to him?" Arthur demanded.

"He's just asleep." Saoirse said in a sorrowful voice. "Arthur, I'm sorry this happened…" She said referring to her father.

"I don't want to hear it," Arthur stated sternly. "We need to get Merlin to Gaius." He stated picking his friend up easily in his arms and with the help of the Knights got Merlin to Gaius.

Gwen and Gwaine were at Saoirse side. Gwaine crouched down in front of her and Gwen standing to her side.

"Are you alright?" He asked pushing her hair our of her face and seeing the bruised against her pale skin. She nodded and placed her hand on his face.

"You're very sweet." She said, leaning forward and kissing him gently. "Ofergitole á sylfum mé." She whispered to Gwaine sadly. She got up slowly as Gwaine got up and walked out of the room. Gwen watched in shock.

"What did you do?" She asked kindly. Saoirse looked down at the floor.

"He won't remember me," She stated. "He'll remember that I was a guest of the Kng but not the time we spent together." Gwen moved in sadly.

"You are not evil." The Queen stated getting closer to the girl. "You don't deserve to die." Saoirse shook her head.

"My father's blinded by hate of magic," Saoirse said. "I'd rather die than live with my father hunting me." She said walking out of the room.


Merlin woke with a start almost falling off the bed. He managed to catch himself. Grabbing the edge of it. He looked around, it was his bed, he was in his room. He could hear talking in the other room and shot from his bed.

His body was still tired but there was no voice in his head. His head also didn't throb or ache, there was no pain at all. But he remember what happened with King Tallon. He didn't know how long he'd been sleeping but he hoped it wasn't too late.

He threw on his shoes and grabbed his jacket. He opened the door to see Arthur and Gaius stopped the conversation and looked to him.

"How long have I been sleep?" Merlin asked hastily.

"Just a few hours," Gaius said walking over to him and placing his hands on his shoulder. "But you need rest…" Gaius tried but Merlin shook his head.

"I have to get Saoirse away from her father." He stated and this time Arthur spoke up.

"You'll wage war on Camelot." The King stated sternly.

"Then I'll defeat his army myself." Merlin said under his breath. Gaius looked at Merlin ready to scold him but Arthur heard and started to laugh.

"You!" Arthur said. "I know your clumsiness can ruin hunting trips but I doubt that it would take down a whole royal army." The King said sarcastically.

"I'm not going to let someone else die." Merlin stated. Arthur looked confused, he didn't understand what Merlin meant but all Merlin could think about was Fraya and Lancelot, friends he loved dearly and both lost.

"Yes you are." They all turned to the door to see Saoirse standing in her dark purple cloak. "I'm going to go with my father." She said. "My horse is all ready."

"No," Merlin shook her head and stood in front of her. "There has to be something I can do, maybe we can fake your death. You helped me twice, I still owe you." He said but Saoirse shook her head and hugged him.

"You owe me nothing, are paths were never meant to cross but I'm glad that they did. You have to let go Merlin. Kilgharrah was right. You let go of what haunted you and now it's my turn." Merlin shook his head as she whispered into his ear. She pulled away and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry I couldn't give you some notice before I left. It would've been fun seeing you try to talk me out of it."

Merlin smiled but it didn't last long. Saoirse turned to face Arthur hesitantly. The Kings posture showed that he was feeling angry and betrayed by her. Merlin wondered if this is what will happen when Arthur finds out that he was a Warlock.

"I'm sorry." She said to Arthur in a defeated tone.

"You kept this from me for how long?" Arthur asked and Saoirse smirked.

"Since we met." She answered. Arthur sighed heavily looking down at the floor. "To be honest you never asked." Saoirse said.

"Magic took your mother!" Arthur challenged. "How could you do the very thing that took her life?"

"The executioner took her life not the magic." She said. gently "I know the story my father passed around, it was similar to yours in a way but it was a lie." Arthur looked horrified.

"I never knew." Arthur said.

"I will not force you to go to war for me or make you kill me," Saoirse said. "I never stopped loving my father though I wish I did but I will face his punishment."

"How did you get away?" Arthur asked.

"My sister released me and told me to run. But my father must never know of that!" She stated sternly. Both Merlin and Arthur nodded. "Could you do me one thing? Can you send word to my sister privately. Tell her what's happened. My father will lie to her but she needs the truth." Merlin and Arthur nodded. "I'm glad you're better, Merlin. It was delightful to see you again Gaius. I'm sorry for the trouble, Milord." She bowed to Arthur and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Arthur called out. When Saoirse turned around Arthur wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Saoirse was shocked at first but hugged him back. "I know you, you're not evil." He said sounding like a hurt child.

"You have an extraordinary destiny ahead of you, Arthur." Saoirse said to him softly. "Don't be blinded like your father or mine." She stated. "I must be going." She said putting her hood up and she left.

Merlin stood there for a few minutes looking at the door in shock. The dragon warned him to not get attached but it was already to late and that helping Saoirse would just make matters worse, in this case taking on an army. But Merlin knew very well that he could defeat any army, it didn't matter how tired he was.

Merlin knew he had to try. Letting Saoirse go was like letting her get murdered. Merlin made his way to the door leaving Arthur bewildered next to Gaius.

"Merlin." Gaius called out sternly.

"There has to be something." Merlin stated as he ran out of the room and after Saoirse. He made just in time when Saoirse took the reigns of her horse. "Wait, I can't let you go." Merlin stated. "You'll die."

"I'm meant to." Saoirse answered.

"But how did you know?" Merlin asked. "The dragon spoke of it too." Merlin said remember that Kilgharrah mentioned to her about a short journey. Saoirse smiled.

"The druids told me when I was younger." She explained. "When my mother left me I searched the woods for them. I got myself lost and they found me. I was young but they explained everything to me." She looked to the path she was to take out of the city and then looked back at Merlin horrified. "I'm scared." She said honestly tears shining in her eyes.

Merlin hugged her tightly and could feel that she was shaking slightly. He remember Will saying the same thing before he died. He felt tears welling up in his own eyes. She rested the side of her face against Merlin's chest while he rested his chin on her soft hair.

Merlin watched Gwaine pass them with just a sad nod and continue on his way. Merlin baffled by the strange reaction until Saoirse shook her head against him.

"He'll remember me as a visiting Princess." Saoirse stated. "Nothing more."

"You took your presence out of his mind," Merlin said in a humble voice. "You didn't want to hurt him." Merlin didn't want to let go of his friend. He looked up to see Arthur and Gwen watching them from a higher tower. "When the time comes, go to the Lake of Avalon." Merlin stated.

Saoirse pulled away apprehensively starring at Merlin. Saoirse opened her mouth to question him but Merlin shook his head.

"You'll understand, I promise." Saoirse nodded, trusting the warlock. She mounted her golden horse and faced it in the direction she dreaded going.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Emrys." Saoirse said. "Goodbye." Saoirse said giving the reigns a hard flick. Merlin watched her go.

I know this is not easy. Kilgharrah's voice said. I'm sorry young warlock. Merlin knew the dragon only meant well but he couldn't help but be angry.


It had been hours since Saoirse left with her father. Merlin sat on the top level of the castle sitting with his knees pressed up against his chest as he looked out at the horizon. He watched the sunset with devastation. He knew Saoirse would never make it back to the other kingdom, that her sister would never know the truth until Arthur told her. Merlin burier his face in his arms resting on his knees.

Merlin looked up at the sound of heavy footsteps. He saw Arthur emerge from the doorway and approach him slowly. Merlin turned away from the King and buried his face back into his arms. Arthur joined Merlin, sliding down the stone to sit next to him. Arthur didn't expect Merlin to talk at all so when he did Arthur was a little surprised.

"You said if I wanted to know you'd tell me what you remembered." Merlin pointed out. Arthur nodded, he wasn't one to go back on his word, especially a promise. "So tell me know." Arthur tilted his head back against the cold stone wall.

"You went missing and we looked for days," Arthur started with a sad grimace as he picked and pulled at the hem of his shirt. Merlin could tell that Arthur was uncomfortable with this but he continued on. "And then you showed up again. I was so happy that you were back. I told Gaius to check you over but he came to me and told me that there was something wrong." Arthur stopped.

"The sorcerer possessed me." Merlin helped Arthur out. Arthur turned to Merlin and nodded.

"The sorcerer walked in and was so confident but you have this, spark about yourself. He couldn't fake it if he tried." Arthur explained but Merlin's hum of quiet laughter.

"I knew you cared about me." Merlin teased with a fond smile.

"Yeah, well I never planned on my servant becoming my best friend." Arthur said sarcastically but meaning the words more seriously than they sounded. Merlin smirked understanding. "I thought the sorcerer was there to kill me and maybe he was to start." Arthur shook his head sadly. "He threatened you and I pleaded for him to kill me."

"What?" Merlin fumed turning to Arthur sharply. "What were you thinking! You're the King, your life is more important than a mere servant!"

"Maybe so some but not to me!" Arthur shot back harshly and Merlin flinched. "I'm sorry." Arthur said quietly. "But you don't seemed to realize that you're a big part of my family as important as Gwen. Maybe not in the eyes of the people but to me." Arthur explained. Merlin was touched. He didn't know that was how Arthur felt.

"Arthur, what happened?" He asked and this time Arthur flinched.

"He was going to make you suffer." Arthur said, wishing he could hide his face. "I couldn't bare the thought of that monster making you suffer." Arthur looked at Merlin and than down at his shoulder the one he thrust the sword through. "I saw when the sorcerer left you, I could see it in your eyes. I thought I killed you."

"You had to protect the others…" Merlin said.

"No," Arthur interrupted. "I didn't do it for them, he wasn't threatening them anymore. I did it for you because I knew that if you were in that situation that you'd do the same for me. I did it because I didn't want that evil sorcerer to take you away again, I didn't want him to hurt you anymore."

The quietness engulfed them. Merlin sat hugging his knees tightly against him chest again while Arthur sat with his legs out and his head against the stone behind him. Merlin knew that Arthur thought of him as a friend, but he didn't realize how protective he could be. Merlin was willing be Arthur's servant until the day that he died and to die for Arthur to protect him. Merlin just didn't realize that Arthur was willing to die for him and protect him at any cost, even stabbing him.

Merlin wasn't mad at Arthur for it. He wasn't lying when he told Arthur that he'd be happy to die if it meant taking that sorcerer with him so the evil man couldn't hurt anyone or run back to Morgan with what he knew. When Merlin glanced at Arthur he could see all the sorrow in his face, he still beat himself up over it even after he knew Merlin would be okay.

"You're such a royal prat!" Merlin teased gently, smiling at the King. Arthur looked taken aback but Merlin could tell that he King was just faking.

"I'm having a serious, heartfelt conversation with you and you call me a prat!" Arthur whined in mock hurt.

"Royal prat." Merlin corrected.

"Thank you Merlin!" Arthur said with a smile. They sat in silence for a bit longer until Arthur spoke up. "You know my father had me believe that all magic was bad. But after everything we've been through I've seen it used for good and I know Saoirse was good. Even when we were younger she got mad at me for stepping on a flower and yelled at me so I pushed her into a lake." Arthur laughed and Merlin smiled at the old memory. "Maybe we should go after her?" Arthur questioned.

"I don't think that will help anything." Merlin answered truthfully.

"But all she did was heal, she healed you!" Arthur said. Merlin just nodded. He knew that all Saoirse did was cover his eyes so everyone didn't see the magic rush to the surface. But Merlin didn't mind Arthur believing that Saoirse helped him to believe magic was good. Saoirse did in so many ways help Merlin. "Saoirse was good! I don't care what her father said he's blinded with hate." Arthur was getting mad.

"We can't do anything now," Merlin started. "We have to let it go." Arthur clenched his fist tightly, his knuckles turning white. He released it with a sigh.

"I know." Arthur said. "I can't change other kingdoms but I can make mine a better, peaceful place." Arthur stated determinably. Merlin smirked and nodded.

"I know you will, Milord." Merlin said in a courteous manner. Arthur shook his head.

"You're a loyal friend, Merlin" Arthur said squeezing his shoulder and getting up. Arthur held out his hand to help Merlin up. Merlin sighed and took his hand as the two stood now looking out over the dark land.

"And you're a turnip head!" Merlin replied in a casual tone.

"You just had to ruin it didn't you!" Arthur teased.

"And you complain that I'm a girl!" Merlin teased. Arthur made to grab Merlin in a headlock but the dark haired boy slipped away easily. "I think you're getting slower in your old age Sire." Merlin teased.

"Really!" The King said chancing after him. Merlin smirked as Arthur tried to catch him.


That night Merlin slept restlessly. There were no nightmares or haunting voices to keep him awake but his mind couldn't rest and his body was never comfortable in one position for very long. When he finally found sleep he couldn't stay asleep. Then he felt this nagging feeling, something telling him to get up.

He didn't want to but he did listen. Slipping his boots on and grabbing his coat he slipped out of his room soundlessly. Thankful his door to his little room was very quiet tonight, it didn't so much as squeak and the stairs neither, not even a groan from the wood.

Merlin could see Gaius sleeping soundly. He watched carefully where he went making sure not to knock anything over, even if he did he was pretty sure Gaius could sleep through it. It was never hard getting past the guards and Merlin was out of Camelot. He started walking.

Merlin wasn't really sure where he was headed but he looked up at the clear, cloudless sky and watched the bright stars twinkle above his head. The sky held such beauty and mystery but it always seemed so peaceful and calm. Merlin stopped in front of the water.

Merlin was at the Lake Of Avalon. His thoughts of Fraya and Lancelot came flooding back to him and how much he really missed them. Merlin sat down and waited, putting his hand in the cool, clear water. Merlin knew now why he come here, it was just a matter of time. But Merlin didn't have to wait long.

"Merlin." Merlin turned around at the sound of a soft pained voice, He looked in surprise to see Saoirse standing with her hands pressed against her abdomen and blood dripping between her shaking hands. Saoirse fell to her knees and Merlin quickly rushed over to her.

"Maybe I can fix it." Merlin tired but his hands were trembling almost as much as Saoirse were. There was so much blood and Merlin could feel the tears welling in his eyes. When Merlin went to place his hands over hers on the wound Saoirse shook her head and stopped him. Saoirse didn't want to put blood on him but Merlin grabbed her hand anyway.

Merlin placed his other hand on Saoirse back helping her to sit up but Merlin felt something cold and wet on his hand. When he pulled away he saw more blood on her back. Merlin knew he at least had to stop the bleeding, maybe he could do something afterwards.

"Merlin, stop." Saoirse said in a perpetually tired voice. "Just stop." She pleaded softly. Merlin pulled his hand away and sat behind Saoirse so she could lean against his chest as they faced the lake. He wrapped her arms around her and grabbed her hands resting his face in her soft blonde hair. He sighed loudly as Saoirse shook a little harder. "It's so cold." She whispered, her voice cracking as a tear fell down her cheek. Merlin held on a little tighter.

"I think Fraya's going to like you." Merlin started. "I know she'll take care of you. She's the Lady of the Lake and she's very dear to my heart." He said sadly. "And Lancelot is very kind as well. He's very understanding and I know you'll think he's handsome." Merlin said as Saoirse laughed silently.

"They sound lovely," Saoirse replied her voice just above a whisper but calmer now. "I can't wait to meet them." Merlin closed his eyes tightly as a tear fell down and he took a deep breath. Saoirse wasn't shivering as bad but she was so cold to the touch and pale. "I left you a few things. They're in the chambers I stayed in. I meant to put them in your room."

"It's fine." Merlin said trying to wrap Saoirse purple cloak around her tighter to keep her warm.

"I don't feel anything anymore." Saoirse stated but Merlin still wrapped the cloak around her and pressed her tight to him. "It's beautiful here." She said. Merlin could feel her body relax more and could see her long lashes blinking slowly. Merlin nodded feeling the tightness of sorrow in his chest for losing another friend.

They stayed like that for sometime. Merlin could feel Saoirse breathing slow until finally it stopped, Saoirse hands slipped from his, her blue eyes closed slowly and she was gone. Merlin pressed a kissed the top of her head and laid her back against the grass. It was devastating seeing Saoirse so still before him.

Merlin did the same as for Fraya and Lancelot. He carefully made a bed of flowers and lay her upon it, pushing the boat into the lake and watched it for a few long minutes before setting it on fire with just a flash of his eyes.

"Don't worry Merlin." Merlin heard Fraya's soft loving voice say in the breeze.

"We'll take care of her." He heard Lancelot say Merlin whipped the tears from his eyes using the back of his hand and headed back to Camelot.


When Merlin arrived back in Camelot, unnoticed by any guards, he went straight to his room Passing by Gaius who now was just getting up. When Gaius noticed the boy his heart stopped. Merlin's shirt and hands were covered in blood. Gaius could see the redness of Merlin's eyes, he knew he'd been crying at some point

"Merlin," Gaius said in a soft, concerned voice. "Are you alright?" The old physician asked. Gaius feared that Merlin had gone after the Princess himself, but his thought were interrupted when Merlin shook his head.

"Saoirse is gone, she died in my arms." Merlin whispered absently never lifting his head to look at Merlin.

"Go get changed," Gaius instructed. "I'll get you some clean water." Merlin just nodded and went off to his room. He changed his shirt which was still covered in Saoirse blood. He knew with a quick spell the blood would be gone but for know he threw in on the floor and grabbed a clean on. Gaius left the water the small table and left Merlin alone. After Merlin was sure all the blood was gone he headed out of the room and to the door.

"Where are you going?" Gaius asked watching the boy.

"I have to go get something." Merlin answered grabbing his bag. Making sure it was empty first and heading to the chamber that Saoirse stayed in. When he opened the door he could still smell the soup she washed her hair with. He took a deep breath and entered, closing the door quietly behind him.

On top of the bed was a small chest. When he got closer he saw what was engraved into the dark wood. He couldn't help but smile to himself. It could only be opened with magic. He whispered the words he read off the top of the chest and the lock untwined itself. Merlin was impressed, it was beautiful. The chest popped opened and he peeked inside.

Inside was the other book that Saoirse had, more complicated spells mostly healing spells still. There was a smaller book underneath. Merlin picked it up and inspected it. It was a notebook. Merlin flipped through it, Saoirse wrote of all the people she meet and healed. Not only after she left her kingdom but when she was there. She even wrote of when Arthur pushed her into the lake. Merlin could tell that she started it when she was younger, flipping through the pages she could see her handwriting mature.

Merlin flipped the pages until he got to the end of the book. On the last page, the note her mother wrote to her was there. He picked it up to see a different kind of entry in the book. The others were short and dated this one wasn't it just had his and Arthur's name on it.

Arthur and Merlin, my dear friends, Do not let this be your tragedy. -Saoirse.

Merlin smiled as he read it and closed the small note book. He put the other magic book in his bag and went to find Arthur. He knew that the little note book should go to him. The King was in his chambers sitting at the table. He looked like he was lost in thought when Merlin walked in.

Arthur looked up when he realized that Merlin was there.

"You're actually on time," Arthur pointed out. "But you didn't bring my breakfast." The King pointed out.

"I was expecting you to die of shock from me being early so I didn't think a need for food." Merlin answered sarcastically.

"You look like hell." Arthur commented. "Did you have another nightmare?" The King asked concerned but Merlin shook his head.

"No, Sire," Merlin answered. "Telling you was a release and now I know whether alive or dead that sorcerer cannot hurt me or get into my head. So thank you for listening to me, Arthur." Arthur smiled and looked up at Merlin sadly.

"I'm glad." Arthur sighed. "The Knights found Saoirse horse this morning." He said and Merlin nodded. "King Tallon killed her didn't he?" Arthur asked Merlin. Merlin couldn't say anything, he just nodded his head. Arthur looked so angry. "I sent word to her sister, the message is to only be told to her alone and in person." Merlin held out the notebook to Arthur. Arthur looked down at it puzzled.

"It was Saoirse's," Merlin started. Arthur looked up at him sadly. He shook his head, ready to protest taking it from Merlin. "She wrote of all the good she did, she even wrote of when you pushed her into the lake." Arthur couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Did she really?" He asked smiling. Merlin nodded. Arthur took the book and flipped through it to the last page. Merlin kept the letter that Saoirse's mother wrote and shook his head at the short message she let for them. "She was always like that you know," Arthur started. "Never wanted anyone to feel hurt or sad. I pushed her into the lake and when I went to apologize she told me that I may have won this round but the next one was hers." Merlin smiled along with the King. "Thank you for this Merlin." He said putting the book by the bed leaving his hand on it for an extra second. Merlin just nodded. The King turned back to Merlin and looked at him suspiciously. "But you are all right now?" He asked.

"Yeah," Merlin said sounding relieved and he had to admit, he may be a bit tired but he did feel relieved. Arthur knew of his time with the Sorcerer and with telling the King it made that slight hold the evil sorcerer had on him burst. That small piece that was left in his mind was gone. "I can't hear him, he's finally gone." Merlin smiled at the King and Arthur saw that spark that was always in his friends eyes.

"Lets get out of here." Arthur said walking towards the door. "You can drop your bag off and we can go to the training fields." Arthur said opening the door and nodded for Merlin to got first.

"Why, are you training the Knights?" Merlin asked confused. Arthur shook his head and laughed and threw an arms over Merlin's shoulder.

"I think it's about time you were shown how to use a sword." Arthur stated Merlin tried to protest but the King continued. "You need to know how to defend yourself or since you constantly throw yourself into danger for me you should at least know basic swordsmanship."

"I don't think that a good idea…" Merlin tired but Arthur hushed him.

"Nonsense!" Arthur laughed. "You're not getting out of this, now lets go!"

"Are you going to throw me in a lake if I refuse." Merlin asked sarcastically and Arthur laughed again.



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