Hey guys, here's chapter 2! Thanks to those who waited for my reaaaaally long come back and I'm glad you guys are loving it so far! Natalie's POV was tricky to do but ah well. This one's longer than the first so enjoy. What's happening in high school;)?

Natalie pov

I smirked at Mark, looking at his irritated face which made me feel sorry I wasn't the one to kick him there. He was a complete and utter twat. Sure he had the looks and body and the way he can plea- I snapped my head up from my thoughts.

" Mark, are you okay?" Julia's soft flowing voice soothed the awkward atmosphere. His eyes kept on dead straight as if analysing his prey to jump at.

" I'm fine." He wasn't one to snap at the supermodel. But I was hell sure not going to have him live this down. Some would describe me as a complete bitch but hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion.

" Oh Denny! Have you been working out? Your biceps are huge!" Lanna's caramel liquid eyes were glistening up to Mr hottie who gave her wan smile and somewhat nodded. I scoffed at her sick fan girl like attitude.

After a few minutes, we arrived on the campus of our so called beloved high school. The boys departed leaving me with Double D's and wannabe pop star. The building was huge, built with stone that seem to erode under its coating of thick white paint. The windows were always hard to push up during the summer notifying how old those batty things were. The entrance of the school had worn out steps from many teenagers and large oak doors. Not only did the school have the indoor sports gym but huge fields of green for team sports and a swimming pool close by the library. I'd have to say that this public school was very equipped to everyone's needs.

I sauntered in the school, head up, throwing a glare at the weak and blowing a kiss to the desperate. I headed towards my first lesson till suddenly I felt a sudden tug of my waist into an empty biology classroom. His warm breath swept over my bare neck with the smell of peppermint wafting out his mouth. "Not replying to my calls? or my texts?" I pushed him lightly to see into his peculiar eyes. " Mikhail, you should know me by now.." His eyes flickered through his glasses and lowered his face towards mine. " Don't play with me Natalie. " Mikhail's face was serious. He was the older brother of Vaughn, yet another sadistic bastard. Only difference was, Mikhail wasn't anti-social. My plump lips formed a smirk.

" I love playing." I slipped from under his grip and quickly forced the door open hearing a loud thud and a softer thud on the concrete floor that occurred afterwards. A wave of worry washed over me, hoping it wasn't Mr Gilbert, the geeky biology teacher. I peered around and noticed immediately it was that new girl. She had a slight mark reddening up on her forehead contrasting against her silky skin. A sigh escaped my lips as I kneeled by her, nudging her to wake up.

Chelsea POV

I inhaled the fresh air deeply before walking through hells gates and entering my new highschool. My blue eyed gaze wondered up the hallways and to several new faces that busied past me and fellow students. Following my instinct, I took a sharp turn where vast large windows let in sunlight shining over the bright red lockers. My steps were brisk in a hurry to find the headteachers office to receive my timetable. The frosted glass blurred the room from the outside with neat black letters spelling out Headteachers Office. Before I could even knock the door, it opened harshly and a tall figure, dressed in black stepped out. His silver hair falling over his strange glaring eyes as he looked at me, before shoving right past everyone, his boots tapping the concrete floor softly. Another followed him, with the same moody glare as the light danced over his tan complexion and soft short brown hair. I frowned, annoyed at how that door could've slammed into me.

" Oh my dear come in~ sorry about those two dick tards!" She chimed. I blinked. Was I in the right room...? I twirled the end of my hair nervously before opening my mouth slightly. " I um, I'm new here. Moved here just recently and, uh did my brother and sister come here already?" She tilted her head, her mousy brown hair falling to one side of her black sixties' like dress hugging her curves.

" Oh oh! You must be Chelsea!" She clasped her hands together as if she discovered something new. I gave her a wan smile and nodded. She happily looked through her messy desk of papers and pulled a light pink sheet.

" Here my dear is your timetable, I'm sure you can find your way round, now scoot!"

Again I blinked and hesitantly grabbed the sheet, turned a heel and walked out the door. I huffed. That teacher had a serious case of crazy.


It wasn't my favourite subject but it was okay, nothing too hard. I looked around and headed back towards the entrance way of the school checking each door number. Alas, I found out smiling at my achievement as I reached for the white door handle. THUD! Everything went black.

My eyes were blurry till blinking returned its focus. My back ached from the hard floor as I looked up the ceiling, feeling the pain searing in my forehead.

" Oh you're awake now. Good. " I looked to the source of the voice to see a girl with peachy soft skin kneel over my right side. Her short pinkish red hair falling nicely to frame her face. She cocked an eyebrow waiting for me to get off my ass. I stood up straight and scowled at the girl who's olive eyes rolled at me casually piping up. " Accidents happen." I mumbled to myself. " So was your dad not using a condom."

" So fresh meat aye? Already had the jocks dick I see." She drawled sarcastically as she walked back in the classroom which was now filled with students coming in one by one. I merely shrugged and went to the teacher. He was tall lanky with thin glass frames, a stubble appearing with a huge grin on his face. " Oh you must be new!" He chimed happily. " Well I'm sure you'll fit in the curriculum just fine." He spoke adjusting his glasses and lab coat. " Um why don't you go take a seat by..." He glanced around feebly trying to make out empty spaces.

"Oi new girl over here!" A confident voice deeply interrupted the teacher who nodded and mumbled. " Oh yes by Denny.." I had a feeling he couldn't not control the class and he too felt that high school creeped back on him.

I strolled up to the clean white antiseptic smelling desks and sat on the stool. Denny had a huge grin still plastered on his face. His curly brown hair was dishevelled in a good way as his tanned skin complimented it well. He had bright chocolate eyes and his muscles were easy to notice under his black t shirt under his red varsity jacket. He held his hand out.


"Chelsea." I shook his large hand with my petite one. I flushed a little. He chuckled and placed his hands on the desk. " See you're a rough feisty girl." His mouth tugging to one side to form a smirk. " Yep." I turned to face him giving a sly smile. " So better watch out." Being a fairground attraction was something I was used to getting. It would eventually die down and they'd realise how much of weird person I was. Or how arrogant I was about everything.

Mr. Gilbert, the biology teacher began the lecture of mitosis. I sighed to myself having already learnt this already and how boring this lesson would be. I tuned out and browsed the room around me. I noticed the pink haired girl leaning on the wall making paper planes whilst casually talking to Blondie. There were a lot of new faces here and already doubt I'd need to remember them...

A large woman pushed the door in a hurry, panting. " Mr. Gilbert you're needed in the science department for a quick meeting." She disappeared, red in the face. He called out to the class who wasn't paying no attention. " I-I'll just leave you to copy the notes then, no messing around." He left with fear that no one would be listening to him. Everyone took this opportunity to grab their mobiles and talk louder. Denny turned to me.

" So Chels. If thats alright? Where did you move from?" He asked, interested.

" Oh yeah that's fine.. Oh well, I move around a lot. Last place was up North."I sighed.

" I see, pretty cool."

"Mhm.. So, who's everyone in the class then?" I asked a little more cheery than my previous behaviour towards everyone. He rubbed his hands and smirked.

"Well, over there," He nodded to pink girl and blondie. " Is Natalie. She's a bitch and a boy magnet. But got to say, she is pretty hilarious and not that bad as a friend. That little Rebel." He laughed out. " And well, your neighbour is Mark," He winked at me. " Quaterback of the team, he likes his women. Vain git he is, " I rolled my eyes. " Perverted bastard more like. " Denny continued to looked to the desk behind. " That's Julia. She's like the motherly one out of all of us and sure has a great body. She's head cheerleader." I glanced to her and couldn't help but envy her flawless face, perfect hair and curvacious body. I bet all the boys were after her, she didn't look like your typical bitch of slut cheerleader. She looked so .. Mature. " The guy next to her is Shea. He's a pretty reserved guy and don't ever call him Jacob Black. He gets that a lot from girls and sure he has indian american heritage but that label. You'll regret." He looked to me with a little smile, I recognized Shea as the one who came out the office. Denny moved his gaze to the back. " Thats Lily. Hot asian chick. And Vaughn, who is pretty cool guy. Girl magnet for sure but he can be anti-social." I noticed him to be the other guy from the office.

" Oh then behind us, " he continued but I didn't look incase that looked weird. " Will your romeo/prince charming. Filthy rich kid and knows how to charm. Pierre, shortass prick who somehow gets girls for being cute, " Denny made gay gestures and mocked a girls voice. " And knows how to cook. Then Sabrina, Elliot, Julius, Gill, Candace, Luna, Vivi etc." He smiled obviously bored with giving out they're status in the school's ranking system.

"Right. That's a lot of names to remember..." I replied back, slouching myself forward on the desk. He followed suit, copying me which I found rather adorable... I did not just say adorable..

" Awwh come on, next you'll be chilling at house parties with us." He winked with a dash of flirt. I dropped my gaze. I had never been accepted so quickly in the 'popular' click. Back in my previous schools, my interest in comic books, angry rock music, unflattering clothes and braces were avoided. Then again, that was three years ago and sure a lot had change; only the braces and maybe the clothes. It was natural for a girl to care about her appearance one day and I sure did took care of myself.

A tall figure appeared in front of my, blocking my source of light. I frowned at the sight of Mark who stood there like he was all that. His golden hair bathed so well in the light making it look so silky and touchable though his large green eyes still screamed I'm a pervert. I sat up straight keeping it cool.

" What is you want now?"

" I came for Denny, don't flatter yourself girly~" He lazily smirked.

" Ugh." I groaned and looked to the side as they engaged a conversation about football which I had no interest in it. I wondered what Claire and Kamil were up to. I huffed to myself sullenly as Kamil most likely getting the girls attention and Claire just whoring it out to the core. I rested my elbow on the desk and leant my cheek on my hand looking oh so attractive as always. Mark pushed himself in the middle of me and Denny to continue their conversation till he leant back, eyes on my lower back.

" Nice underwear, " He chuckled. " Not like I didn't see those this morning." I furiously flushed red in annoyance and weakly this time hit him on the shoulder. " Piss off you perverted twat!" He turned the tap on and pressed his index finger under it, causing the water to spray in everyway but mostly in my direction. Shocked at how cold it was and really not in the mood as laughter arose lightly. " WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Mark had trouble containing his laughter and stopped by the command of Denny. My hoodie was completely soaked at the front, the discomfort of how cold it was made me glare at the stupid ass fucker. To avoid killing him, I inhaled deeply and ignored him and proceeded to removing my hoodie with a good thing I tucked my t-shirt in my shorts. Mr Gilbert returned, noticed the wet desk, laughing twat and annoyed girl. He did not question it and continued this lesson as if nothing happened, I saw Blondie highfive Natalie.

The day was a blur and the schoolbell rang to indicate the end of the day. I had only really made one friend. Elliot. He was the twin of Natalie and he too loved comics. He seemed to be pushed round by his bitch of sister. Denny was .. I didn't know what to place him yet but he sure was friendly. As I walked home, I noticed Denny , Mark, some prince charming guy who must've been Will, Shea and Vaughn. I gave myself a pat on the back for remembering those names. Out of hestitation and really wanting to avoid Mark, I made a dash for a couple of bushes and hid behind there. Unfortunatly there happened to be a bench in front of the leafy bush which they all decided to sit on to have some manly chat. Fucking hell I feel like such a creep. What was I gunna do? Eavesdropping sounded alright.

Blondie sat in the middle, Denny on his right sitting casually, Shea on the left one leg up to rest his arm. Will leant against an old oak tree so effortlessy with comfort and the silver haired male stood against the lampost kind of stiff and not wanting to be here.

"Yo Will, when we partying at yours?" Denny piped up.

"Summer holidays Denny, which is of course only a month a way." He flashed a pearly white smile. God damn his British accent made me weak at the knees. He was just, effortless.

" Bit sly on new girl weren't you Marcus?" Shea participated to which Mark shrugged happily answering. " Fiesty girl. Saw her chest this morning, and boys, it was a beautiful sight." He half-heartedly mocked. Why I outta beat the living day out of him.

" What size do ya reckon Markooo?" Denny nudged playfully.

" Hmm, I reckon B. Cute and perky." I sneered at the comment feeling my cheeks go warm.

They all had a nice laugh talking about girls. How Natalies been avoiding Vaughns brother which he gagged at; how Julia was a gift from the Goddess; how Lanna has become too clingy and so the list goes on about girls. And a little bit on food. Boys, typical. I felt something hairy brush up my leg, as if it was taking little steps. I glanced down and saw a huge ass black fuzzy spider the size of a grown mans hand crawl up my thigh. I screamed so loud they jumped out their seats as I hit away that fucking arachnid. They all turned their gazes on me, feeling the weight of their confused stare, I gave them a wan smile and made a run for it.

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