Perpetual Bond

See the bond between God and God Eater come to fruition from the perspective of the crimson bracelet that starts it all.

I really didn't know what genre to put this in… If anyone knows a better pick, please tell me, XD.

This fic is going out of the realm of familiarity for me. I'm personifying the Aragami bracelet that everyone gets in the beginning of the game. Who knows? Maybe it is alive. Next time you do a New Game, think about this fic, lol. So far, no one has done this for the God Eater section(None that I have seen) so I am proud to have started it! Hehe.

The doors opened with a loud burst of pressurized air. Footsteps echoed toward me as the machine I was encased in hummed in excitement. It was time. Another has come to me. Would he live to devour the gods? Or would he be devoured before it began?

I could tell this one was different. The smell was sweeter, more succulent than the others who have come before him. At the feel of his small trembling wrist on the metal contraption I felt like I could laugh. A female? How interesting. I will enjoy devouring you today…

Without warning, I clamped my fangs down on her alongside the machine I was confined in. Let me taste it—your blood, your flesh, your everything. I can feel your resistance, girl. It's increasing my bloodlust. I can hear your whimpers, and it's fuel for the fangs that are tearing open your skin.

But it's strange. I don't hear her crying—no begging. I release and press my fangs inside her again, eliciting another whimper but nothing louder. The resistance I felt once before has now changed to pressure on her wrist. I can imagine her nails creating angry red crescents on her skin. Oh, how I want to see them well up with her sweet, sweet blood.

She's mumbling something now. It's so quiet that even the echo of the room cannot catch it. The vibrations down her arm speak to me instead and I translate.

'Have you had your fill?'

Her words are soft yet steady—strong yet worn. I'm shocked. So shocked that I can feel myself easing up on her flesh. My comrades before me have spoken of the deep shame they felt when their masters begged for the process to stop and to end their torment. They spoke of masters that stared upon them in regret, scorn, and fear even after surviving their first ordeal as a God Eater. I have long since given up finding a master that will accept me and the destiny thrust upon them. And yet this girl has managed to…

The machine releases us both. I can feel all her tense muscles relax and her pulse was returning to normal. My tongue licks and heals the broken flesh around her wrist, as I infuse her with my cells. She's staring now with a satisfied smile on her sweaty visage.

I see… I will put my belief in you, God Eater. Let me see the new world you create through your eyes.

A/N: Ah…done… This turned out better than what was in my head surprisingly. I wonder if I should do another chapter in the view of the God Eater here. But as of this moment, this story is complete (Unless I get enough reviews to do another chapter. Hehehe). Sorry it's a little short but all I got to work with is a minute of the cutscene with no dialog. I challenge you all to do one as well, mwuahahahaha!

I'm still working on another SomaxFeMC oneshot, so look out for that one too.