When the Gallagher girls met Harry Potter.
Chapter 1
'Bex where are we going on holiday this semester?' Cammie said in a very enthusiastic tone as this was her first semester going on holiday with her best friends, Bex replied,
'well we might as well go to England considering I go there every semester and that you have only been there once before.'

'oh I can't wait to go there although...' Liz trailed off as if she thought they could do things any normal teenager could do but Cammie had thought of people like that since Josh the boy she could of said 'I love you' too but wouldn't because something would happen to him even though she was trying to go on a mission that she was set up for but that was only at first, but in the end she did really fall in love with him even when he found out about her being a spy that she had to make him forget that she was a spy ten as soon as Cammie snapped out of her deep thoughts Macey who was one of Cammie's best friends said,

'what were you going to say Liz?'
'oh I don't know sometimes I wish we could meet someone like maybe Harry Potter and act normal for once' ''Liz is right'' Cammie thought then she asked,
'why don't we do exactly that and pretend to go to that school they go to and see what they're really like?'

'Yeah maybe but we have got to act normal and just pretend we've never heard of a school for witches and wizards.' Bex replied.
'but first we've got to lie and say that we got accepted into it' Macey said.
'okay let's get started' they all agreed to make letters so they could be accepted and after they sent them out. A couple of days later they got the letter back and all got accepted so off they went to pack to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
The next day they arrived in England and got the things from Diagon alley and they had the tickets and they knew how to get so they went through the wall and they got on the train. About 30 minutes later they meet three people Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, they thought they were a bit strange at first because Neville, Luna and Draco were talking to and not to each other because Draco had gone off with his 'friends' as he said. But Luna and Neville were talking about something called chocolate frogs and Neville he has got Dumbledore three times and was agreeing but she said it was with someone called McGonagall ''they must be talking about the heads at the school or something'' Cammie thought to herself, then while Cammie was coming back from changing into her robes she bumped into Harry Potter the boy who is always been talked about but she just said,
'excuse me' after he moved out of the way she walked away with a grin on her face ready to tell her friends.

A couple of minutes later she went back to the cabin to see her friends and they had already started talking about the ginger and the brunette and how they are so in love but they are so oblivious to each other and they say they don't like each other when it's obvious they do and then Bex said,
'nice robes Cam did you see that ginger boy? Well apparently his name is Ron Weasley and the brunette chick? Yeah her name is Hermione Granger and they're friends with Harry Potter,' then Cammie replied,
'well I just bumped into Harry Potter and he is even hotter in person.' then he started talk about him and how hot he was all the way to Hogwarts.