Chapter 2: seeing old faces and the sorting of the houses.
Cammie's POV

When we got to Hogwarts I saw someone getting out of the train I walked off the train and walked closer and closer to the figure and I didn't realise until I was right behind him that it was... Zac I nudged Macey she didnt no what I was talking about until she turned to face the back of Zac's head and she had her mouth wide she was about to say something when I whispered,
'Don't you say anything to him or about him'
'okay okay keep your hair on, honestly Cammie I was just going to say...' but she trailed off and then I said,
'what is it Mace-' I got cut off by her turning my head to see... Josh? '' no it can't be he doesn't go to a school for wizards an witches does he? No it can't be'' then Bex and Liz had saw and brought me over closer so I could see better it was him it was Josh the boy I fell in love with when I wasn't supposed to then I walked back to go behind Zac again but ended up walking next to him he didn't notice until we were inside and he asked,
'Gallagher girl?'
'Zac what are you doing here?'
'I could ask you the same question? So what are you doing here?'
'We wanted to see what it was like to live as a witch for once and we wanted to see what the people who go here are nice so what are you doing here?'
'Nothing much just the same as you really apart from to see if they're really I'd that ''you know who'' guy'
'oh right okay then' then I think her name was professor McGonagall spoke and said,
'in a few moments you will be sorted into your houses the houses are Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin now follow me' we walked into a huge grand hall and then we stood there waiting to be sorted into the houses.
About 10 minutes later she started calling our names first was Bex then Macey then Liz and they all got into Grinffindor and then she finally called me and the talking hat said,
'hmm let's see... Ahh yes better be Griffindor'
''finally'' I thought o myself then we saw Zac go up and he was in Griffindor as well then we saw Josh go up and he was in Ravenclaw I was kind of glad about that because then he wouldn't recognise me and then we just went to our common room and saw the rooms and then after awhile we went to sleep ''we've got a long day tomorrow'' then I just fell straight asleep without another word to say to my friends.