Ace woke up with another fright. He didn't have a nightmare but, something had waked him up. He looked around. Robin was asleep and judging by the soft snores he could hear from the hall way exposed by the opened door, so were the rest of the titans.

Ace stood and stretched; he had actually been dreaming about his puppyhood when he heard…

Actually he didn't know what he heard, but it sounded familiar. He walked towards the balcony and, after wrapping his mouth around the handle; he went out and placed his forepaws on the railing. He looked over the dimly lit city. Everything looked safe enough.

But then something caught his eye. A dark shadow darting across the street below. He caught sight of a long tail and pointed ears, but it was too small to be one of the trio.

For a moment, Ace thought of walking Robin up, but decided against it. The kid could argue till the husky puppy howled, but Ace knew that he hadn't been sleeping well.

Ace opened up their suitcase and grabbed his mask and collar from the hidden compartment. He tossed his collar up high and quickly darted his head through, the tag clicking softly. With difficulty, Ace pulled his hood over his head with the help of his paws. He leaned over the balcony rail and looked at the long drop.

"This is gonna be tricky." Bat-Hound thought.

He leaped onto the railing, balancing carefully. Then, after a single moment mixed with calculation, anticipation and intimidation; he leaped.

He felt the impact jolt his body, but he was fine.

"Now then, were did that shadow get to?" The canine wondered as he held his nose to the ground.

Bat-Hound had tracked whatever he was tracking near the park. He had a hunch of who it was, but while a part of him was a bit eager to be right, another part was itching to be wrong. He walked towards where he and the kids had been earlier, and found himself looking up at the tree Dick had been crouching in from before.

The dog narrowed his eyes and sat down. "I know your there." he woofed.

There was a pause, and he then heard a slow, smooth purr. At that moment, a lonesome figure jumped from branch to branch. As it landed, Ace felt a temporary moment of weakness at the sight before him.

The figure was a Siamese, her pale brown body tipped with chocolate brown around her pricked ears, small paws, long tail and smirking face. Her periwinkle eyes glittered at him, illuminated by the street lights; while her silver collar shined with the jewels that studded it.

"Isis" The dog coolly greeted.

"And here I thought I'd be the only one out of town." She meowed as she approached him.

"What are you doing here? If anything, I'd thought you'd stay away from a dog show." Bat-Hound asked. He knew that Catwoman was an animal rights activist, but why would Isis be out alone?

"Catwoman's visiting the town to offer support to the show. She is a sponsor." Isis answered.

Ace rolled his eye again. Selina Kyle was a determined woman who just wouldn't quit when it came to the rights to those who simply couldn't speak. Bruce tried to hide his attraction to her and Ace often found himself trying to do the same with Isis.

Bat-Hound was knocked out of his thoughts at the feeling of the cat rubbing herself against his legs.

"That still doesn't explain why your here." The dog said more to himself than to her.

"A girl can't enjoy a little alone time?" Isis purred seductively as she took a few steps back.

"Play dumb all you want Bat-Mutt, but I know you're here looking into Sionis."

Bat-Hound sighed. Isis always was smarter than the average cat.

"What do you know?" He asked.

"All I know is that that a lot of strays him been going missing back in Gotham. And that Black Mask has said that he is currently working on a serum that should revolutionize security. To all who can pay the right-"

She was cut off as Bat-Hound suddenly grabbed her by the back of her neck and darted up the tree she had previously occupied. As he placed down, she retaliated by scratching at him, though her claws could do little more than leave three thin lines in his mask.

"What the heck was that?!" She screeched.

Ace inclined his head downward to show her the two darts that stood in the ground where the two pets had been standing just seconds earlier.

"We have company." The hound growled.

As if on cue, two figures appeared from nowhere. 2 dogs that foamed at the mouth at the sight of the animals perched in the tree. The harness' they wore had a bright red laser pointing out from the top, presumably that is where the darts came from.

"I hope you've rested from your trip, cause this won't be easy.

They both leapt at the dogs.

Ace quickly tried to grab one dog by the neck, but he needed to avoid the darts that continuously shot out of the dog harness. Finally Ace got a break when he disoriented the dog to the point where it lost track of him. At that Ace quickly and effectively kick the dog in the chin with so much force; it flew about 3 feet in the air. Ace grinned with satisfaction at the resulting crack as the dog fell to the ground, its mouth opened unnaturally wide.

Bat-Hound was about to help Isis, only to find she didn't need it!

She darted all over the dog, leaving the dog to snap at nothing but air each and every time it lunged. And then suddenly, she leaped high into the air and came crashing down on its head with a surprising amount of momentum. The dog was dazed for a moment as the cat stomped it's head, it then sank to the ground; all with Isis calmly sitting on its back.

"Unreal" Bat-Hound thought in awe. Isis simply smirked at his expression.

"Uh, h-h-how long are you going to be in town?" The dog asked.

"We're staying for the welcoming party tomorrow night, then we go back home." Isis said, as she approached him.

"I'll see you back at Gotham then." The dog stated, having regained his demeanor.

"Count on it." She quietly purred.

Then cat darted off into the shadows, but not before flicking Ace's nose with the tip of her tail.

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