Okay, I didn't QUITE like the ending. It was good but not GREAT… so I wrote three alternate endings as a, sort of, replacement.

Teddy and Chuck may be a little out of character… a little… maybe.

Here's one of three.




As he climbed the last rock to the top of the cliff, where he had left his partner, he began to feel bad for yelling at him like that. By the time was able to stand up straight he felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomach, "Chuck," He called and looked around the deserted cliff side and froze when he saw a burning cigarette laying on the side of the cliff side. "Shit," he breathed and walked up to it and picked up the butt gingerly.

Carefully he leaned over the cliff side, looking for a sign of his partner. "Chuck!" He cried when he saw a limp body at the bottom of the rock face, the sea's waves crashing over the unmoving body's form.

After a quick decision he got to his knees and slowly pivoted on the rough terrain and began to descend the cliff face, his eyes constantly flashing back to the form of his friend, praying that the waves did not wash him away in the current. He felt the wind push itself between him and the rock face and tried to hug the cliff to keep from falling the rest of the way down. Half way there… He told himself and continued to climb down.

A quarter way down the wind blew a piece of paper near him and he gasped, it was the same paper Chuck had tried to convince him was 'all they needed for evidence'. Why didn't he listen, he and Chuck could be safe on the ferry by now, if I had just listened!

He jumped down the last foot to the shore line and looked around for the form of his friend. The waves crashed up and soaked his white, 'orderly', clothing. He ignored the chill that went up his body from the freezing water and moved towards the place he'd last seen his friend lying. "Chuck!" He called, "Chuck, where are you?" He climbed over a few rocks, nearly slipping and crashing into the foaming sea but caught his balance – he told himself that he had to keep going, for Chuck's sake.

Teddy jumped over another rock, the fear of losing his partner because of his own paranoia and distrust was eating at him and was surely going to place him in the facility, not as a visitor but as a patient. "Chu-" he stopped mid call when he saw the form of his partner, floating face down in the water, moving back and forth with the small waves. "Chuck!" He cried again and ran to him and pulled him out of the tide pool before the waves pulled him out to sea.

"Chuck" He cried and pulled him onto a flat rock that was above all of the water that still threatened to carry his friend and partner away. "Chuck are you with me?" He cried and pressed his ear against Chuck's chest. "Chuck can you hear me? Stay with me Chuck!" The U.S. Marshall shouted by his partners ear. Without another moment of hesitation Marshall Daniels wrapped his fingers together to make one fist and began to pump the ball of fingers into his friends' chest. "C'mon buddy! Stay with me!" He cried and when nothing came of his pumping the first 5 times he tilted Chuck's head back, pushing his wet hair out of his paled face before holding his nose and breathing air into his water logged lungs.

"Don't you do this to me, Chuck" He breathed and returned to pumping his chest.

Teddy Daniels repeated this process until he was out of breath and stiff. "Come back Chuck!" He screamed one last time before slamming his fist into his stomach. With a sense of overwhelming relief he gathered his friend into his arms as he began to spit of salt water from his lungs and onto Teddy's shirt and shoulder.

"You're alright…" He soothed and held him close.

Chuck grasped the jacket of his boss' uniform tightly as he brought ragged breaths of air into his lungs. "B-boss" He gasped.

"I'm here, I'm sorry I left you." He apologized and shifted his weight so he could hold the shaking man closer.

"Boss, I can't move." He muttered.

"It'll pass…"

He shook his head just a little bit, "No I seriously cannot move my legs, boss." Teddy frowned deeply and looked his partner up and down slowly, "My chest hurts…" He added slowly.

"Just hang on, I'm gonna get you out of this." Teddy tried to ignore the idea his friend was going to be disabled because of him.


"Damnit, just hang on I'm thinking!" He could feel himself start to shake.

"Boss, I'm sorry…" He muttered.

Looking down at his friends face again he began to cry; Chuck was covered in water and blood, his own blood. He could bet his chest hurt because Chuck shattered his ribs when he landed, and he doubt he helped with that any by pumping his chest as hard as he did. "Did someone push you, Chuck? Did someone do this to you?" He asked and cupped his cheek, trying to keep his eyes on him.

Chuck looked up at him grimly, his lips drawn into a thin line. "Y-yeah… I didn't even hear him coming… just I was looking for you… see if I could keep an eye on you b-but then… I felt hands on my shoulders. Next th-thing I kn-knew I was on my face - 50 feet down."

Nodding his understanding Teddy readjusted his friend in his arms. "Just rest, buddy, you're alright." He said, pushing the tears aside the best he could.

Chuck had stopped shaking and was looking up at the sky blankly. "The paper…" He muttered.

"I've got it, I got the paper. This roof is about to blow off this hell hole." He assured before grabbing Chuck's hand in his. "Listen, I'm sorry I didn't listen. I'm so sorry…"

"Give 'em hell boss." He nodded, giving him a subtle wink before looking back at the sky.

Teddy watched as his friend began to struggle for each new breath, helplessly. After a few seconds of torment Chuck took his last breath, once he was gone Daniels finally allowed himself to cry. He closed his eyes and pulled Chuck's limp, wet, and cold body closer to him as he rocked back and forth.

Closing his eyes he pressed Chuck's forehead to his, what had he done? He'd just got his partner killed over what, pride, fear, out of place mistrust? Whatever it was, it was the end of his only friend. The U.S. Marshall could hear an odd squeaking sound and sat up straight, holding his friend close with both arms as he looked around only to find three rats crawling up Chuck's bent leg. "Get off of him!" He shouted angrily and tossed the vermin down into the crashing waves below.

As he looked further up the shore he could see a whole horde of slimy, wet, rats crawling and scrambling over one another to get to the fresh meat outside of their hole in the wall – cliff side.

"They will not have you." He promised his passed friend and carried him to a safer spot and turned back to look just in time as a dim, orange, hue spread across the slippery rock face. Casting his eyes across his friend's features and judging how long it would take the rats to reach his friend who was now placed on a high rock, away from the rats, Marshal Daniels trekked across the rocks and sea of diseased rats to get to the hole in the wall where the fire was emanating from.


Okay, so after this ending basically it goes on as the movie does but there is no 'you're number 67' or anything like that. Teddy doesn't believe that Chuck ISN'T dead – he knows he is and sends the body home to Chuck's family to be buried. He finishes his case and shuts down Shutter Island for good.

Chuck wasn't a psychiatrist and Ted wasn't a patient who killed his wife – what the movie made out to be a 'dream' or 'false reality' is reality in this.

To the next one!

Note: As I finally get this out of my head and into story format I'm beginning to realize just how weird these idea's are… but… might as well continue yeah? In other words: I know these are weird but I might as well get them out there for those of you who DON'T think they are.

Thank you for at least getting this far - For at least reading the first chapter…