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Summary: A bunch of comment fics as left in this past Ficcy Friday prompt post here! I might continue or expand on some of these but... Who knows?

Word Count: 969

Prompted by iknowitsbutters: 1. Re-prompt: Five conversations Jeff and Annie have on their first date.


"Every time I get close to you, you move away. What's up with that?"

"Seriously? You're accusing me of being emotionally-withdrawing?" Annie's voice is rising, clearly incredulous.

"I meant that you keep moving away physically. But thanks. See? You just did it!" Jeff leans toward her, triumphant when Annie backs away, proving his point.

"Oh. Well, I don't mean to, it's just that my eyes start to water and my nose starts to itch... Oh. Ohhhhhhh! Jeff, have you been hanging around cats?" Annie's tone is accusatory and Jeff is struck by the ridiculousness of her questions.

"What? No. No, Annie! What the hell kind of question is that? Do I look like the type of guy to hang around cats?" He's more offended that she'd impugn his coolness than anything else. You don't wear $6000 suits and hang around cats, okay?

"... Have you been hanging around Britta?" Jeff feels about the size of Annie's voice right then which is to say, incredibly small.


"This place is gorgeous. I didn't even know it existed!" Annie's eyes are wide and sparkling as she looks around.

"A client told me about it. I'd never had a chance to try it but I thought tonight would be a good opportunity." Jeff can't help but smile down at her, enchanted by the glow of candles on her skin and the delight radiating from her.

"Never had the chance, huh?" Annie's voice is suddenly coy.

"Didn't want to waste a place like this on just anyone." Jeff's answering smile is bordering on flirtatious but mostly, it's sincere.

"And you used it on our first date? Hmm. I'll have to do something pretty spectacular considering your show of good faith." Annie's eyes are dancing as she pulls Jeff in by his tie for a kiss.


"You promised you'd keep in touch but you didn't... We were all so disappointed by that."

"I know, and I am sorry. Really. I wanted to but a few days would pass before I had a minute free and then I'd remember that I had another brief to do and before I knew it... Weeks had gone by. I didn't quite realize how much work I would be facing when I went back to practice."

"I want to be mad at you but I get it. Which sucks! Because you were a jerk for not even sending any of us the occasional text." Annie's words are more exasperated than angry. She's past the stage when Jeff can Winger his way out of stuff with her but she genuinely does understand. It's easy to let time get away from you. "So what made you decide to call me out of the blue?"

"A coworker just got married and when he got back from his honeymoon, he was... Euphoric. Ted barred his from the courtroom until his serotonin levels stabilize or something... And everyone was laughing and kidding around and I realized I had nothing to offer. All my words and I had no experience to offer about being in love. It got me thinking about missed opportunities. Which got me thinking about you." Annie has a slight smile on her face, one side of her mouth quirked up into a pleased sort of grin.

"Does that mean this is a date?" She's leaning toward him, eyes dark but bright with reflected glow of candles.

"That dress you're wearing says you know the answer."


"I know this isn't what you had in mind but how I could I leave them alone?" Annie's tone matches the disbelieving sadness in her eyes as she gestures despairingly at Troy and Abed. The two are walking slightly ahead of them, the width of a car could fit between them, their arms are crossed angrily, and Troy is kicking at the ground as Abed stares into the sky.

"Annie, it's fine. They're my friends too and okay, babysitting adult-sized boys is not my favourite date activity but it's worth it. Because I'm doing it with you."

"Suitably cheesy enough to have won my heart for the night, milord."

"Why, thank you, milady! I do," Jeff discreetely tries to cough out 'not', "try." Annie shakes her head at him and giggles before linking arms with him. Jeff lets it happen before waiting a moment and letting his hand slide down to hold hers instead, interlocking their fingers as they continue on.


"Do we have everything? Did we follow all the steps, check off all the do's?" Annie can hear the laughter in Jeff's questions and she finds it corresponds perfectly to her amusement.

"Yep. We have followed Abed's list for the perfect super secret super date. We may now relax and have a wonderful time." Jeff's hands are holding on to the steering wheel of his Lexus but upon hearing Annie's declaration, he does relax.

"Great! Shall we, milady?" Jeff waits for Annie's nod before he gets out and strolls around to open her door. She rolls her eyes slightly but takes his proffered hand and continues to hold it as they start strolling toward the restaurant.

"Um." Annie's steps hitch. "Is that Pierce over there? Jeff, tell me that isn't Pierce over there?" Annie is perfectly calm. Freaking out prematurely will not help the situation. Jeff cranes his neck to get a better look. The man Annie is referring to is about 100 feet away.

"Shit. Yes. Okay, new plan, scenic stroll another time - we'll, uh, duck into this quaint little cafe?" Annie takes a deep breath and nods, smiling determinedly. Until Jeff jerks to a stop and she bumps into his back. "Unless that's Shirley in there. Annie, is that Shirley in there?" Annie peers past Jeff and groans.

"Do you get the feeling that we've been set up?"