Hello everybody! So here is the sequel to my story 'A Slightly different Case from Dusk till Dawn'. Sorry for the long wait, I know it's been almost a year. I hope someone still wants to read this anyway.

If you haven't read the first story, this will not make sense to you, so I suggest you go to the EDITED version and do that first if you're interested in this.

For the rest of you, I have a vague plan for this. It will be a crossover with yet another Tarantino film -Reservoir Dogs- although I don't know yet how much of it I will bring into this story. I just need some interesting villains.

Alright, starting where we left off. Reid seemingly has some sort of amnesia after the traumatic deaths of his friends and the stress of getting kidnapped etc. Seth has yet to tell him that he is the one responsible for it all -I assume he will get around to it eventually- but for now, he's sorta kidnapped Reid yet again, taking him God knows where.

Lastly, just so you're not confused: There will be jumps in this story, between past and present, flashbacks and flashforwards. They will be indicated accordingly.


Disclaimer: Criminal Minds, From Dusk Till Dawn and Reservoir Dogs do not belong to me. I do not make money from this.

Warnings: Slash, possibly triggering content, violence, blood...nothing you wouldn't see in those movies. If you've seen the movies you'll know this can't be worse than that.





"Down! Get down on the ground!" Morgan yelled over the sound of the nearing police sirens.

He was swaying, bleeding and battered like all of them, but his hands around the gun were steady as ever as he pointed it at the men opposing him, all of their guns drawn in a deadly standoff. The look of determination on his face looked like it was carved in stone.

Whoever wanted to leave this room would have to go through him.

He knew it, they knew it.

Reid knew it and it made him feel sick with fear. He needed but one glance into the sweaty faces of the criminals around them, at their panicked expressions, to realize that they knew they had to act now if they wanted to escape at all. They police was almost there, their time was running out.

Reid felt his heart leap in panic at the thought.

They had nothing left to lose now. Not anymore. This wasn't about diamonds or money or revenge anymore.

There was a mount of dead bodies behind them and prison or death ahead of them. After everything they had done in the past 72 hours alone they wouldn't risk being incarcerated. They would do whatever they had to-

"Morgan!" he gasped, cold fear finally snapping him out of his stupor.

He pushed himself off the ground despite his protesting body, trying to keep a balance as he moved forward, towards his friend.

It was his fault Morgan was even in this situation; he had come looking for him and found fatal danger instead. He needed to save him somehow from what he knew was going to happen, consequences be damned, he had to –

Without warning, he was grabbed from behind and shoved to the floor again, buried under a heavy body and pinned by hard hands. He wheezed as he hit the ground hard, the breath knocked out of him.

"Reid!" Morgan screamed his name, the sound almost drowned out by the chaos and noise all around them. There was fear in his voice for the first time.

Reid fought to get back up with all his might, to get to him, but it was pointless. Just like always. He had always been stronger than him. "No!" he cried, thrashing. He couldn't move, he couldn't-

"Drop your gun or you're both dead!"

Someone else was yelling now…he couldn't tell who over the rushing of blood through his ears and the hammering of his heart.

All he heard were the following gun shots, tearing through him like a knife, then the bodies dropping to the ground.


So much for now. This obviously happens towards the end of the story. Make of it what you'd like.

Next chapter coming soon, Saturday I'd say.

You still have the chance to tell me what you'd like to see adressed in this story, what to happen, who to appear, what questions to be posed and answered. This is your time! ;)

Please take a sec to let me know, that way I will also know someone is interested in the story. Thanks!