"What," Seth hissed, eyes blazing dangerously, "is that supposed to mean?"

Joe frowned at the man's tone but before he could answer, Vic cut in, leaning over conspicuously as he smirked at Seth.

"Relax, pal, he's still in one pretty piece. Little banged up is all. He and that other guy tried to make a break for it bout an hour ago and we had to make sure they wouldn't try again. Nothing you couldn't kiss better though."

Seth stared at Vic, seething. It took a long moment before he seemed to process the whole of what had been said.

Then his eyes widened fractionally.

"What other guy?"

"Oh, riiight...that." Vic smirked. "You left the show early so you missed him. Well, turns out that from wherever you snatched up your boy, he already had a boyfriend there. I know, ouch. Anyway, the kid was about to sneak outta your grasp with that guy until I intercepted them. So hey, maybe you should be thanking me."

Seth didn't blink, his face back to being an emotionless mask by then. Whatever he might be thinking, Eddie couldn't tell.

"What happened to the other guy?" he asked coldly, "Did you kill him?"

"Is that how you think of me?" Vic asked, still taunting him, "Of course not. I left him for you, figured you'd want a piece of that. I even convinced Joe here to let you whack him instead of doing it himself."

"How considerate," Seth said, clipped.

Vic shrugged, "Yeah, well, to be honest, I didn't just steer clear because I wanted to see what you look like jealous. Your sweetheart was also pretty convincing in threatening to off himself if that Mark guy should die. I figured you'd wanna deal with that, since it looks like you've already had that particular spat before."

He grinned again and Eddie secretly had to give his friend credit for effortlessly hitting every single sore spot that might have come up in this conversation.

Wow, it was a wonder Seth was still just standing there, taking his shit. For a moment, Seth just stared Vic down, his jaw working silently.

Then he looked at Joe. "I'll need time to figure out how to handle that. If he hurts himself...I don't need to spell out for you that that'll be it for the deal."

Joe sighed in exasperation, rolling his eyes. "Fuck, Seth, I think I liked you better when you were pyscho for that fuck-up of a brother of yours. But what the hell, yeah...figure it out. If he needs to be locked up permanently, there's a location we can move him to. But not before tonight. Same goes for putting the other guy under."

He waited impatiently until Seth nodded, then eased himself back into his chair noisily. "Good. Before that, we have business to talk anyway. We're on a tight schedule...the other guys on the job have already been briefed and the team meeting is soon. You need to be caught up."

"I'm going to see him first," Seth answered, "Now."

Joe shot him another dirty look but at the sight of Seth's stony face he sighed, waving the matter off.

"Suit yourself. Vic, Eddie, you go with him. I will see you back here in 30 minutes."

By the time he looked back up, Seth was already out the door.


Extremely short I know. *ducks* I wanted to put this second part of the last chapter up at least, in case I don't get around to posting the larger portion I'm working on soon. (Sorry, I work weekends :'()

Hopefully, there'll be more soon :)