A/N: Hello, my dear readers!

I'm sure I owe you an apology and an explanation for the unforgivably long delay, which is very unusual for me. The thing is that during my long business trip I've lost the USB flash drive where I stored most of my art and fanfiction (I guess it's somewhere in Norway right now, in the little, black leather bag that also contained my work DVDs and one more USB flash, nothing important, thank goodness). The worst thing about it is that this particular story had been almost done. And now it turns out that the entire progress I'd made since posting the last chapter has been lost.

I know it was entirely my fault, because I stored everything in one place, but it was pretty discouraging, anyway.

What I'm trying to say is that this story is definitely not abandoned, but I'm going to need time to come back to writing it, because mentally I was already prepared to write the other story (the long already written parts of which have also been lost, by the way), so there's a terrible mess in my head right now.

For now I'm going to start posting the other story, the only one sketched out and stored in my PC. It won't take too long to finish it. And after finishing posting that new story, I will come back to this one, because there will be more space in my head for it and I'll be able to remember at least most of those things that had been written and lost.

I'm truly sorry. Bad things happen...