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Rottenella's Revenge



Chapter 1

Another typical sunny day appeared in LazyTown with the birds waking everyone up. Sportacus, who had been staying at the former Mayor's house, jumped out of bed with his usual vigor but quickly found himself on the floor as he had removed his legs the night before.

"Ouch" was followed by some swear words in his native tongue.

"I heard that," Stephanie said from her bed which was on the opposite side of the room. Milford and Bessie converted the guest room where Stephanie had been staying into more of a hotel setup with two beds. They shared a closet and a couple of dressers and the two had made things work.

"Good morning," he plastered a smile on his face while he reached for his legs and went about putting them on.

"It was until you made the air blue. You forget that I know what those words mean," the pink one teased.

"I didn't forget I taught you, it was just a bad lapse in judgment. After being in this condition for six months you would think I would learn," the hero smirked. In their months together of inactivity the blue suited elf had taught her the language of his people and now they used it like code.

"Well sometimes people forget things. Makes us human or in your case super human," she smiled and exited bed to find him standing up on his newest set of feet.

"Above average human," he corrected.

"I think super fits here. You save the day and do it with two feet not your own," Stephanie said.

"I haven't saved the day in six months, longer if you count the fact that I was unable to save poor Mrs. McDonnell," the hero's mood soured quickly and the pink one grabbed his hand.

"You did all you could as you always do. I love you for it and so does this town," she pulled him down to her level and placed a kiss on his lips.

"I needed that," he smiled.

"Well if it was up to me, we'd spend all day inside but I think your therapist would have a problem with that," the pink one teased.

"I'd miss my appointment and we'd get caught by your Uncle. I know it was a big decision to move back in here but now…" he winked.

"I know, I know but when he and Bessie go on their honeymoon, we'll have the house to ourselves," she reminded him.

"And we can lock the doors," he chuckled before scooping her up in his still very muscular arms and kissing her soundly. Despite his lack of legs the hero constantly worked out in order to make himself stronger to compensate for his missing appendages. Robbie promised to have the best ones yet within the next week and needless to say all three of them were anxious to see how they'd work.

"Ding Dong," went the front doorbell and the two immediately came up for air.

"Who is that do you wonder?" Stephanie asked as he set her down.

"Why don't we let your Uncle get it while we get dressed? I have an hour before my appointment," he reminded her.

"Right," she nodded and the two quickly went off to fight over the shower. Meanwhile, Milford went to the front door to find that a package had been delivered. He thought it odd someone would leave an unaddressed package but he shrugged and brought it inside.

To Be Continued…