"You have five minutes," the guard on the cell block said to Robbie as he nodded and walked down to the cell where the police were holding Rottenella.

"They said you wanted to see me," the former villain said to the android.

"I do. Seems as though they are not allowing me a trial by jury of my peers. I'm in limbo until the judge decides what to do with me," she told him.

"And this is my problem because…" he waited to hear why exactly he was down there.

"You caused this mess! And now you throw me away like garbage?" She asked.

"I did nothing of the sort. I shut you down. I've changed my life and I had every intention of changing yours but now… I can't do it. Legally the judge may decide for you to be terminated. Or he may turn the decision over to me. Either way, you'll find that the good people of LazyTown do not take kindly to people trying to kill the best Mayor this place has ever seen. You will pay for what you've done and I will make sure you can't come back from it," Robbie said. Rottenella looked at him and could tell he meant what he said.

"Then go. Leave me to rot," she told him. He said nothing and headed back up toward the guard station.

"You keep an eye on her ok? I have a bad feeling about the next time she's due for court," Robbie told the guard.

"You got it. You know I'm no lawyer but there really isn't a law about androids/robots attempting murder. I mean legally the judge may have to let her go," the guard said.

"A scary thought that I pray does not happen. Worst case scenario, she is my property and I will do what is necessary to end this," the former villain heaved a sigh and left.

The End

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