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~Chapter One~

All was calm on the Spanish coast. A lone ship passed by at precipitous speed, unsettling the water that churned beneath. The mighty Blackbeard, pirate all pirates fear stood at his post, with his rough seaworthy hands gripping the wheel tightly. His face was aged, lines littering his cheeks and jaw, a result of the inordinate amount of time at sea taking a toll on his appearance. His lips were chapped, his beard unkempt, his long locks kept hidden under his hat. His eyes were a shade of grey, haunting in nature, which was rumoured to pierce the soul. His muscular build and tall stature intimidating enough let alone his vile reputation. The crew quickly scampered away, eager to escape his piercing gaze. The "Queen Anne's Revenge" hastened towards the Spanish port, racing to reach land before the sunset.

The dusk fell silently, and as the light slowly started to fade, colour draining out of the orange tinted sky. A woman stood on the Spanish pier, Her long wavy hair blown around wildly by the strong sea breeze. Her mouth formed a smile, inhaling the sunset, the sea, and the salty taste on her lips, with eyes fixated upon the elegant ship speeding towards shore. Her hair framed her beautiful face, her chocolate eyes seductive to those unsuspecting to its charms. She stood alone on the pier, for the "Queen Anne's Revenge" was most certainly not a welcome arrival, though the woman saw through an entirely different viewpoint.

The ship docked, and the Captain stepped foot on land for the first time in months. He took note of his surroundings; the dock with its uneven wooden planks leading down the pier, the ocean gently lapping against the support posts. He saw her standing alone on the pier, her slight frame fitted into a small dress falling down to her ankles, exactly the way she existed in his memory.

Her heart pounded within her chest, irregularly skipping a beat when she laid eyes on him once more. He had a scruff appearance about him, clothes torn and his scraggly beard several inches longer, those piercing grey milky eyes delving deep into her soul. He gave her a smug expression, his arms inviting her forward, as she felt all uncertainty leave her body, which was swiftly replaced by an inexplicable happiness, bursting forth from within her.

She leapt forward, and with a few short steps, he enveloped her within his arms, his coarse hands harshly pulling her flush with his body. Her slight body melted into his muscular build, her head buried in the crook of his neck, enthralled by his salty scent. His neck was coarse against her soft features, just like she had remembered, as the held him tightly flush against her. It had been months, although the fire continued to burn within them in the most agonising way. His chapped lips hinted a smile as he inhaled her sweet scent, taking in her beauty. She moved her arms up to rest on his strong shoulders, supporting herself for fear of falling. She shook him slightly, as if to believe he was really here, instead of a figment of her imagination. She looked up at him in utter admiration, for his return and for keeping his promise. He moved his hand up to her face, wiping away a stray tear with his thumb, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand, as the joy surged from within her. "Edward…" she whispered, quietly as her voice was shaky, with all emotions threatening to spill overboard, as he cut her off quickly by moving his hand over her mouth.

He felt her lips move slightly beneath his hand, causing her to shudder in anticipation, as he forced himself to control his urge. He traced her upper lip with his finger cautiously, feeling the supple flesh. He felt her move against him, urging him on. He gave in, capturing her lips on his, pushing his desire over the edge. She took a moment to respond, passion and lust burning in that moment, cherishing that first contact, revelling at the feeling of his lips against hers, as he pushed hungrily against her. She kissed him back with equal passion, savouring the flavour of his lips; that salty taste, and sun-kissed texture. He deepened this kiss, as he moved his lips over hers, causing a surge of desire to shoot through her. His hands began threading through her hair, as she sighed in his mouth. Relief flooded through her, as she sought to satisfy her desires. Her soft lips were eager to enter inside his mouth, to tease his tongue with her own. She pulled back from the embrace, desperate to draw breath.

"It's been too long." His deep voice croaked, as she smiled against his forehead. She took his hand from her face, guiding into the small space between them, as she laid it to rest upon her stomach. He shivered at the heat emitted from the touch, as he felt the skin beneath her mere clothing. Desire shot through him instantly, as he reacted to her touch. He moved his hand around her stomach, and she closed the gap between them. He felt her skin, which he had caressed countless times before, as he felt her slight shape in his hand. She felt different to before, to how he remembered her feel, a little circular, perhaps somewhat more curved-

Then it hit him. He froze, the intimate contact made them both pause, as his mind frantically racing to catch up to speed with his touch. She pushed his hand down on her stomach, as if trying to prove a point, the heat of the touch searing through him. She read his facial expression, his lines on his face loosening as he came to terms with his discovery. "Si…" was all she could manage to say as she waited for his reaction. He knew it for sure now; her stomach was not flat, anything but. It was round, perfectly round, as he applied pressure, he could tell it was in fact her womb, and he knew instantly he had made a fatal mistake.

"I am with child." She announced suddenly, desperate to break the tension she felt, waiting anxiously for his response. "It belongs to you." Her thick Spanish accent was shaking in anticipation. He took a step back, as he let her hand go, looking down at her slight frame, at her stomach, her rounded stomach, at his child, at the one true good thing he had done in his life, but words failed him. He tilted his head back to her face, tears freely falling down her cheeks, tears of emotion, pure emotion. Her hair was tousled, hands cradling her stomach. He sought to memorise her features; he locked his eyes to hers; her lip trembled under his gaze, as the flow of emotion took hold of her.

Her face begged him for a response; only he remained rigid, as if barricading himself from the truth. He would not have some wench bear his child. In a moment of rash insanity, he unsheathed his sword from his belt, and thrust it deep into her lower right abdomen. She froze, sucking in breath. The woman stood in complete shock and disbelief; the man she loved, standing before her with such hostility that had only been rumoured, and had not believed him to be capable of such. All her fears for the child, all her worries for his return, for his reaction were answered in one single act, which simultaneously threatened not only her life, but also their child.

Blackbeard withdrew the blade; his eyes seemed to be transfixed upon her own. He knew she would not die, he only hoped to kill the child. Blood stained her clothes, her legs giving in and pulling her down to the ground. Blackbeard watched her go, having no inclination to break her fall. She could not move, the pain coursed through her body, as she clutched her wound. Blackbeard, with one last look towards his lover, not the least bit bothered by his actions, sheathed his sword and turned on his heel.

Her heart caught in her throat, absent of breath. Emotion swept through her veins, tears flowing nonstop down her cheeks, feeling utterly discarded. She cried out for him, begged him to return, straining her voice to the best of her ability. Her words cut through him deep, causing a hazard of anger start to brew within him. She cried out to him, in one last attempt, for her, for their child, though he would not turn.

She wished she had only been trapped in a terrible nightmare, so she could continue to believe a smokescreen of Blackbeard's nature, had his true capabilities not been revealed before her. She must not lose that child. She was determined to protect it; no matter the pain that endurance might consequence. Clutching her stomach, the blood stained her hands and clothes. She watched as Blackbeard marched back towards the Queen Anne's Revenge, fully aware it would be the last she would ever see of him.

Blackbeard knew he would not be returning to that port, nor to the woman he impregnated. There was no assurance that child would die, although it was almost certain.

~End of Chapter One~

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