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Okay, so I decided to visit Irene at the hospital today because I have realized I haven't in the last week. That officially makes me an awful best friend because she was in that dreaded place because of me, so technically: it's my fault.

Stupid me.

Stupid Warren.

Gosh, I hate him so much...

I walked down the white halls, ignoring any doctors (or it seems they're ignoring me, losers) that were in my path as I headed straight towards Irene's room. I stopped at room 416 and took in a deep breath before entering inside; there she was, her red hair all over the white pillow. She stared at the ceiling in boredom, not that I blame her, until her eyes landed on me.

"Ramona!" She screamed, and I laughed, running to her side. "Are those for me?"

I look down at the flowers my mom forced me to buy and nodded. "Thank my mom. She was the one who bought them." I quickly handed them to her and Irene smiled, sniffing at them.

"Well tell her I said thank you, these are really nice," she spoke before gently placing them on her drawer. "How are holding up? Did they find you know...him?"

I shook my head no before taking a seat that was near her bed. "My dad said they're doing the best that they can. Also," I gave her a depressed expression. "Mr. McGennius died on Thursday."

"I heard over Facebook," Irene sadly sighed, her eyes becoming sad. "He was such a good teacher, Ramona."

"Yeah," I quietly agreed with her. "He made the class more fun and all; I'm not sure who will replace him though, but for now: there are just random substitutes. It's not the same."

It really wasn't the same though. Normally substitute teachers made class more epic, but Mr. McGennius was different. He was someone who couldn't be compared to because he was that awesome. I'm not sure if the new photography teacher would live up his standards.

That man raised them pretty high.

"So do you know when you're getting out?"

Irene nodded. "Doctors said that my mom and I would leave around Wednesday." Soon, a nurse came inside the room, her bright red lips curved into a light smile.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to observe Miss Hamilton's condition. Do you mind leave?" She asked politely and I shook my head. Waving goodbye at Irene, I stepped out of the room and into the hallway; I decided to visit Rebecca, but I don't know what room she was in. Plus, I'm sure the person at the reception's desk would give me it.

Probably give some excuse saying she doesn't need visitors yet or something like that.

Hospitals: freaking confusing since the 14th century.

I think.

I'm not good with history...

"I'm going grocery shopping," I heard my mom yell from behind me. "Call me if something happens okay?"

"Sure, love you," I holler from where I sat; currently I was pigging out on a bowl of fruit while watching my favorite show: The Big Bang Theory.

Gosh, I love this show so freaking much that it makes me proud to be a nerd.

A few minutes pass by and I decided to go to the kitchen to grab myself a drink; opening the fridge, I rummage my head inside as I searched for my can Coke. I'm sorry Pepsi, but I love me some Coke. Something about the taste is better, so yeah.

Coke one, Pepsi zero.

"Ramona?" A voice spoke from behind and I banged my head inside the fridge from being startled like that. I hate being scared or surprised because in the end: I hurt myself. As I cursed loudly, I pulled away from the fridge, closing the door shut and glare at the idiot who was in my kitchen.

What a surprise: it was Tommy.

I rubbed my head, giving him an annoyed look. "That's it! I'm buying you a damn bell to go around your freaking neck," I growled at him; Tommy couldn't help but chuckled at my pain and I rolled my eyes. Really? You laugh when I'm hurt?

Some uncle I have...

"What are you doing here?" I asked him and Tommy leaned against the kitchen counter.

"Just to see how you're doing, you know with Dale still out there," he answered truthfully and I smiled.

He cared for my safety.

"Yay," I cheered. "I have my own personal guardian angel!" Putting a fist in the air, I quickly dropped it on my side as I shuffled around the kitchen. "But you still caused me to bump my head."

"That was a bonus," he smirked and I stared at him with a bored expression.

"Yup, you're getting a bell, ninja man," I snorted as I grabbed a glass of orange juice; walking out of the room, I headed straight to the couch and plop down. Tommy sat beside me, but I didn't mind; ever since that night at the hospital, we have this bond. It was comforting, but I still wonder how Rebecca would handle this.

"So Dale killed my teacher," I spoke up and from the corner of my eye, I saw his head turn towards me. "I saw the piece of chocolate inside his mouth if you're wondering."

"Interesting," Tommy murmured and I sat cross legged on the couch.

"Do you have any idea on why he would do it? Did he have some sort of connection with my teacher or something? Any motive?"

Tommy shook his head, his blue eyes staring at me. "Not that I know of," I groaned into my hands as he continued. "Dale was a quiet man, Ramona."

"Yeah, I knew that," my voice was muffled from my hands and I lifted my face up. Blowing away a piece of my hair, I look at him. "But I just don't get why he killed him! Why him? And the freaking chocolate piece inside his mouth," I reminded him and then I snapped my fingers at him. "I remembered Lucy say he placed chocolates inside his sister's murderers."


"What if," I paused in my thought, "what if my teacher reminded Dale of one of the murderers?" I stood from my seat and grabbed my phone from the table. "I need to contact Soto about this. It seems like the only plausible thing as of right now."

"I guess it makes sense," Tommy agreed with me and I sent a quick text to Soto; putting the phone down, I stared at him to see his eyes wide.


"How do you manage to do that?" He pointed his finger at my phone. "Type so quickly on that small screen?" I laughed since I realized that Tommy was from the past; he might have the body of a twenty-eight year old man, but his mind is exactly like an eighty year old.

"Just practice," I smirked at him. "Besides, most phones are touch screen. Actually: most things are becoming touch screen now. From computers to tables: technology is becoming big."

Tommy nodded, his mind in awe. "It's just amazing how so much changed though."

"Yeah," I sighed, leaning back on the couch. "Schools in this country are trying to use more technology like laptops instead of pen and paper. They're trying to teach the class without any waste."

"I wish I had that growing up," Tommy shared. "It would have made my high school assignments easier."

"How were you during high school?" I was interested as a small grin was on my face; I really wanted to know how teenage Tommy was like and hey: maybe he had some funny stories to share.

Tommy's eyes shined in joy. "I guess I was normal during high school. I wasn't a nerd nor was I a lazy person. I guess I was average and just loved making friends," he smiled as he looked down at his hands. "It was also where I met Agatha."

"Your wife," I stated and he nodded with a full blown smile.

"We were high school sweethearts and after we graduated: I propose to her."

Wish that's how things went today, but no: it's worse.

"At least your relationship went well," I commented. "Today's relationship: people date for just two weeks, say I love you all over Facebook and then break up in less than a month." I shook my head. "It's pathetic really. They say 'I love you' when they just met! Just met!"

Tommy frowned. "Those words should be said with meaning."

"I know!" I yelled, raising my hands in the air. "But no: they say it when they first go out and don't get me started on how many girls my age are moms," I ranted, taking in a deep breath. "Just don't. It's bad enough there's a show about it..."

I faced at Tommy who had an open mouth in shock; I couldn't help but laugh at it since he looked funny to hear such a news. I mean, he's from the sixties: teens back then aren't mothers at fifteen. Well, not that many like now.

You get my point.

Tommy shook his head, placing a hand on his forehead. "That's quite disappointing," he stated, narrowing his eyes at me. "I hope you don't turn into that."

Damn, he was serious. "Promise," I said as I held my hands up. "Besides, it would never happen since my dad is very intimidating around guys," I pouted a bit. "Even my friends! I swear, this is why I need a gay best friend because it would at least calm him down. Freaking old man," I cross my arms over my chest. "He's the reason why I'm going to live with a gazillion cats when I'm older."

It's a fact.

Today was Saturday.

Instead of hanging out with my friends: going to the mall or park, I'm going to the woods.

Normal teenager here...

Soto responded to my text the other day and decided to bring me to Hauser and Lucy who were at the New Alcatraz; it would be my, let's see, second time going down there. It would be interesting to see the other 63 prisoners. Not that I like them behind bars, they are people too, but it's not every day a teenager goes to a private or hidden prison.

Except me!

It's because I'm special and because my family is the reason that this shit ever happened so yeah; I can come whenever I want!

Not really: Hauser is a meanie.

Stupid Grinch.

The elevators ding and I step outside; the white large room lined up with cells still held the men inside. Their heads turns towards my direction, trying to see who came in and I squirm once again. I don't do good under the spotlight. In fact: I'm the complete opposite.

I panic and make a damn fool of myself.

I made eye contact with Jack since he was the closest to me, but before I could wave, Hauser marched outside; his cold gaze froze the air and I stare at him instead. Lucy quietly followed behind as her black heels clicked the tiled floor. The Grinch stood in front of me, his height easily over towering me and I pouted.

Why must I be so short?

"Good, you're here," he grunted and I shrugged. Hauser gazed at Soto, his hand sliding inside his pockets. "How is Rebecca's condition?"

Soto cleared his throat. "Doctors said she'll wake up no later than the end of the week." Hauser nodded, muttering something under his breath. "Anyways, Ramona told me she might have a motive on why Robert McGennius was murdered by Warren."

Hauser's eyes landed on me and I sheepishly waved at him; he snorted and I glared. "Hey! He said might!"

"Well I don't need might," he sneered at my face. "I need a solid motive."

I need a solid motive...bullshit. "Well we really don't have that right now!" I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. "Can you just at least hear me out? He is threatening my life you know?"

Hauser did speak, but motioned his hand to follow him. I sent a cheekily grin at Soto, proud that I have won the battle; maybe I do have some power to stand up to Hauser, but he just a real pain in the ass.

Wonder how Lucy deals with this jerk.

That's chapter twenty-three! Hope you guys enjoy it ^_^ Until next time...