Just Your Typical Takari Tearjerker
by WSJ

*chuckles evilly* I'm sorry... I just had to write this...


Takeru died (he died)
So Hikari cried (she cried).

TK's ghost paid a little visit,
(I'm thinking 'Thank God, this fic's almost over, isn't it?')

TK comforted 'Kari about his own death,
Hikari fluffily promises to always love him, in sickness and in health.

Then Yama-chan will soon drop by with something Teek left behind,
A poem or a locket or a wedding ring to find.

Then Kari will repent and forgive whoever did it,
A drunk driver or mass murderer, or Davis (the dimwit).

Hikari will get teary-eyed as she stands beside his grave,
Thinking of the life he lived and all that he gave.

But I'll never get to that part because I will have died,
From drowning in fluff, or choking on mush, or running away to hide.

So there's your typical Takari fluffy fic.
And I guess I'd better start dodging tomatos... something-something lick.


Oi, I'm so sorry! ^_^;; I have this think for Takari tearjerkers (I love 'um and OD on 'um all the time) but sometimes it seems like they all have the same plotline.

I don't own Kari or TK or any tearjerkers (except for 'Protector', but it's Tamers, not Takari. Nyokay, I'll stop advertising now...)