The bundle of letters was unexpected but not unpleasant. They were held together with a thick elastic band that popped smoothly off the pile with one tug from his hand. He looked up and met her eyes; it had been twenty-one years, what had happened in twenty-one years? They were about to find out.

He handed her the first letter off the top of the pile. It was written in red crayon and had Disney Princess stickers dancing across the bottom. The page had yellowed slightly but was still perfectly readable; she met his eyes again, took a breath and started to read aloud.

Dear Other Daddy and Mommy,

I turned 8 today! Mommy made me a birthday cake in the shape of a Princess Crown and I got to wear my prettiest dress for the party. It was exciting. Daddy says that I'm the prettiest princess that he ever saw after Mommy. They gave me a puppy! He is brown and tiny and barks a lot and he tried to chew on one my dolls but Daddy stopped him. I named him Patches cause he's got a big white patch on his belly. He likes it when I rub his belly. He licks my nose.

Daddy and Mommy sat me down after the party today when all my friends went home. They said they have something important to tell me. I have another Daddy and Mommy. Daddy and Mommy said it means that I'm adopted. They looked sad and asked if I was ok. They said that they love me and my other Daddy and Mommy love me. Daddy and Mommy said that you only gave me away because you thought I would be happier with Daddy and Mommy.

So I want to tell you that I am happy! Daddy and Mommy are the bestest parents ever and I love them a lot. I love Patches too. And all my friends. I even like school, lots of my friends don't like school which is silly because it makes you smarter. Daddy says I'm already too smart for my own good. He's silly.

I asked Mommy if I could meet you but they said that they didn't know who you are. That made me sad. But Daddy said that Other Daddy told him that I could find them when I turned 21, if I wanted. That's a long time away from 8. I'll be all grown up so I'm going to write you letters okay? So that you can know me when I'm 8 and 9 and 10 too, not just when I'm all grown up and serious.

My best friend at school doesn't have a Mommy or a Daddy, she lives with her Grandma. I feel sad for her. It's not fair that I get two Daddys and two Mommys, maybe we could share. I will ask Mommy.


Sarah Kaitlyn Donnell

P.S. Mommy says that Other Daddy picked the name Sarah – good choice, it's pretty