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Chapter Six – Boom-Boom

"Well, this was fun."

He chuckled and despite her aggravation from before, she had to crack a smile at the ridiculousness of it all. She clutched her folder close to her chest, happy and relieved she had it back with all of her pictures still in there and none of them damaged or torn or ruined. This day had been quite eventful indeed, from having found out that Soul was fluent in French, to having gotten to second base with him, which had totally been not planned, to remembering that it had been him all those years ago on that fateful night, to admitting their feelings for each other and so on.

It had been a long day. Usually long and eventful days made her very tired but now...she watched Soul intensely as he stretched his arms complaining about the "stupid Gopher guy" and how he really could have saved himself such a dreadful experience of constant cock-blocking and his nude pictures being somewhere out there, lost or "in the dirty clutches of sick pervs."

"But at least we've gotten in it back, right? And...I'm sorry, Soul, you know...for causing so much trouble."

"Nah, don't sweat it. The bastard stole it from you. Besides, it was really awesome how you tackled him and showed him who's boss with that book of yours." He snickered lightly and she felt her heart flutter at his gentle eyes prodding her for a reaction. She smiled widely, putting her folder onto the table in the living room.

After all the excitement, it was odd going back to normal again.

Well, almost normal. They were more than friends now, weren't they?

She gave him a timid smile, their eye contact was briefly interrupted when he looked down, a wry grin on his face, his hand at the back of his neck. When he looked up and their gazes met again, there were no words spoken. Breathing out nervously, she slowly walked towards his bedroom, her knees wobbly and weak. She could hear him following her and wondered why he didn't just take her and kiss her as he did the first time, free of any hesitation and just confident she would reciprocate. Hell, why didn't she do it? She didn't turn around when she stood in front of his large bed and with bated breath, gripped the skirt of her dress, staring at the pink of the fabric for a moment, feeling his eyes on her body with every fibre and muscle and bone. And in a mere second she discarded the dress, leaving her only in her plain white underwear.

A sharp intake of breath, and she turned around, rubbing her hands over her arms in attempt to get rid of the goose bumps on her skin. He stared her unabashedly up and down, his gaze slipping from her face down to narrows shoulders, to her small chest, to her taut stomach and lithe waist, to the curve of her hips and her smooth, long legs.

She gulped as he walked over to her, a hand touching her upper arm and all intention to abate goose bumps was promptly ignored because it was in the realms of Not Possible as his touch made just more rise. His eyes were wondrous and wide as he pulled her closer, his fingers splaying on the soft skin of her lower back, so close to the elastic of her panties. He whispered something too quiet for her to hear but all noise was blocked out anyway the moment his lips descended and captured hers.

The familiarity of this action and the sensation of the texture of his lips, the way his mouth moved against hers, stilled her nervousness and had her blood pumping and her mind reeling at the prospect of what was to come. It wasn't long before the tender lip lock transformed into something more passionate and sultry. Hands roamed, tongues clashed and danced, feet made the proper way closer to bed, him losing his shirt in the process.

It was only when they fell onto the soft mattress, her feet still touching the ground as her knees dangled over the edge of the bed and him hovering awkwardly above her, the seriousness of the situation was brought back to the forefront of their minds with a painful clarity. Or...to Soul's at least as he interrupted their heated kiss and she was far too busy to marvel at how firm his ass was again.

"Maka..." he panted and she just couldn't help herself, she just squeezed his butt, no trace of shame or embarrassment in her demeanour. He gasped. "M-maka? Is this really okay?"

She frowned heavily. Why would it not be okay, was she doing something wrong? God, maybe her constant butt-fondling was pissing him off. "What? Why?"

"I mean...since our first time was...we, uh...m-maybe we should get it rightthis time. You know do this after real dates, with, uh, candles in the room and stuff."

She bit back a laugh, close to gushing at the sheer adorableness of his words and the cute blush on his face. She smiled. "For someone who was complaining about cock-blocking, you really like to self-inflict it often." She giggled but seeing his face that spelled mortification, she quickly added to amend, "Do you want to wait? If so, I'm okay with it. But you don't have to worry about me because this feels right to me."

She loosened her grip around him, waiting for his answer with guarded eyes.. His consideration did funny things to her body; on one hand she had a hard time calming her heart and on the other hand her body screamed in hope of not stopping this because she was hot and bothered and annoyingly wet without even having done much and something needed to be done about it. Nevertheless, she waited and thankfully he didn't ponder about it for a long time. His lips curved into that silly yet sexy grin she had come to love over the course of time.

"I got you in my bed almost naked. I'm totally cool with that."

Her laugh transformed into a terrible squeak when he playfully bit into her neck, not hard enough to really hurt her. She lightly smacked his side in retaliation, earning herself a startled grunt. It didn't take long for them to reinstate the mood, a few kisses, gropes and licks here and there and they were back to action.

His mouth worked a hot path of kisses down her body, making her shiver as his lips lingered longer between her breasts. She tensed up when he reached her panties, never once stopping, only hesitating before he pressed a lingering kiss to her aching core. She tried to keep her panting at a minimum but it was becoming increasingly difficult to do so what with him showering the skin of her inner thighs with open-mouthed kisses and teasing bites, having already gotten on his knees in front of the bed.

She put more weight on her arms to lift her legs a little when he worked on pulling her panties down. She was shaking all over, arms feeling like jelly and her chest fluttering with everything he did, no matter how trivial it seemed. As he slowly pulled her panties down in a torturously slow manner, she couldn't fight back her gasps, more and more of her skin exposed to his greedy eyes. They seemed to glint when he threw the boring fabric away, only focused on her and his newly discovered prize. He pressed his lips against her knee and made his way up, again spending more time on her thighs before he finally, finally parted her legs and pressed his mouth against her wet folds.

She hissed sharply, the image of him between her legs with his tongue darting out to taste her would forever be ingrained in her mind. Oh, oh! Also, the feeling of his tongue lapping at her sensitive skin would remain unforgettable. She threw her head back with a mewl, eliciting a content hum from Soul, which only heightened her pleasure, her mouth becoming a fountain of shuddery moans.

He was at the perfect position, he didn't even need to move her to have better access, and when he spread her folds to take all of her in, Maka didn't bother anymore with trying not to be too loud. She bit her lip, the stalled air in her lungs was exhaled through her nose. He found her clit and made sure to focus on it, her heady voice encouraging him, his mouth sucking harder on the nub before he changed its course, looking for new ways to please her, always searching for new spots that made her twitch and her voice more needy.

She dug her nails into the mattress below, her quivering arms threatening to give out, only her messed up wish to observe Soul as he ate her out prevented her from plummeting gracelessly down. Had she been this loud the last time as well? Was she that sensitive or was it because her body was somewhat familiar territory for him this time and-

Huh? What was he doing? Oh! Nice!

A squeaky moan tore from her throat as he carefully thrust a finger inside her, twisting and turning it, testing what he could do, what felt good to her and what he shouldn't do. For now, everything he did felt heavenly and she doubted he was capable of making her feel not good. Especially when he boldly added a second and third finger shortly, setting a steady pace, caressing her walls as he simultaneously paid keen attention to her clit.

There was no way she could last any longer! Maybe he was so amazing at this because he played the piano on a regular basis, maybe there was no chance for him to be bad at this when he constantly had to put his fingers to use or maybe he really was just a natural talent. Whatever the cause might be she was immensely grateful for it. For the first time she felt a certain kind of heat gather in the pit of her stomach, the pressure rising to unbearable levels and she could only moan his name as he relentlessly continued to make her sob with his nimble fingers, not allowing her a break. If she thought about it, she would probably hit him if he stopped right now and-

She came with a loud cry, her hips flexing to meet his fingers to heighten the sensation, her toes curling and her back arching. Her arms gave out and she let herself drop onto the bed without a care in the world, body still tingling, her muscles lax and her skin slick with sweat...and other fluids.

She barely registered his hands on her body. She watched him with heavy-lidded eyes as he pulled her to the center of the bed, making them lay down more comfortably. She winced a little, the backs of her knees hurting slightly from the hard wood of the frame of the bed. Was he...was he licking his fingers? The fingers that had been inside of her, was he...oh, damn. Oh, he just didn't want her to rest, did he? His sinfully skilled fingers travelled behind her back, finding the clasp of her bra, struggled with it a bit, cursing and complaining, before she fidgeted and lifted her back up to give him more space, which only seemed to help him slightly because he was still fiddling with it when she finally recovered from her high, her chest still heaving and her breathing ragged.

"Urgh...how do I. I hate bras."

She giggled softly, her throat feeling sore and her voice hoarse. "Let me."

The bra immediately fell away and he seemed to be torn between wanting to stare at her breasts and avoid looking at her altogether because he totally failed at taking a simple piece of "stupid, unnecessary garment" off. Instead of merely staring, he went for outright touching, his large hands cupping her breasts that fit perfectly into them. She sighed softly as he took his time to explore, fingers stroking the underside of one before he twisted and grazed her nipples. She was starting to feel a little bad because he was doing all the work and she was just lying there lazily, enjoying his attention. Admittedly, it was quite the difficult feat not to relish in it and before she had the chance to show him the same pleasure he had shown her, his hot mouth was on her breast, suckling avidly and fondling the other with deft pianist fingers. She didn't know when she had laid down again, she only took note of this when she turned her head with a gasp and found her cheek pressed against a soft pillow.

Along the way, her hands gained a life on their own and she tugged at a belt-loop of his jeans with a playful frown. He released her breast with a loud, naughty, wet noise but she was too busy to savour the way his Adam's apple bobbed with his heavy gulp to dwell on that. She unbuckled his belt, grinning wickedly; there was nothing stopping her now. Not after he had perfectly displayed of what he was capable. She wanted him so much and couldn't wait to have him inside of her and to please him in return because he deserved it so much.

He took his pants and boxers off in record time, and even though she had seen him naked very often, she was still a bit nervous since he had never been erect and since his nudity had never been the pre-stage to sex. She licked her lips, her gaze basically glued to his dick and not aware of the way he was watching her self-consciously. She tentatively reached forward, brushing against him with the tip of her fingers before casually gripping him, causing him to groan and his eyes to clench shut. She liked that. Her body agreed heartily, the slippery wetness between her thighs uncomfortably hot. Soon she'd be ready to be touched again, and she could barely contain her excitement. She coated his shaft with his arousal, making it easier to move for her, making her grip firmer as she stroked him up and down.

She gasped when he smacked his head against her shoulder accidentally. It hurt but she was far too distracted by the noises he made, by the way his breath hit her bare skin, making the fine hairs on her arms stand. This was no comparison to their first time - their very awkward first time that hadn't been exactly pleasurable for her. Despite that, she was glad she still remembered, as the few things she recalled helped a lot to deal with this; there were things he had responded to very enthusiastically back then she recollected with a clarity that was surprising, considering how she had always aimed to keep those memories in the dark. But now she couldn't have enough of them as she wanted to look back on everything that had made him feel good: like how he had been especially loud when she touched him just below the head, or how he twitched and jerked when she ran a finger on the underside of his shaft.

Was it possible to get off by just watching him getting off? Her lips parted as she panted lightly, his groans against her ear and his hand stroking her hip feeling marvelous.

His hand stilling the movement of hers was something he had done back then too. This time she knew why he was doing it though, and she couldn't keep the mishmash of nervousness, apprehension and excitement down. She smiled timidly and she wasn't sure if it was making her feel better or more self-conscious that he looked nervous like she did. They kissed again, and slowly eased back onto the mattress with him in top of her, their chests rubbing together pleasantly. When the tip of his erection pressed against her, she froze, nails pressing against the skin of his shoulders.

"Soul, I'm not on any birth control. Do you have a condom somewhere?"

He swore lightly as he leaned over to open the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed, making her fear the worst. What if he didn't have any? She didn't know if she could survive the night in this painfully horny state. She didn't know if his fingers would be enough. She ached to feel all of him. Damn it, they should have paid a visit to the pharmacy or supermarket or...hell, there even was a condom machine somewhere here on campus. Would it be okay if she touched herself now because the lack of attention was seriously making her needlessly fretful.

"Ah, I have some!"

She released a sigh of relief as Soul showed her the rectangular package victoriously. She had never been this happy in her life but what was he doing now? Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. Why was he looking at the small box as if he expected it to do something on its own. For a moment, she believed he was reading the instructions on how to put a condom on but that was ridiculous. Last time he seemed to know how to do it relatively well.


He looked up, a grin threatening to split his face. "Just checking the expiration date, I'd had these for a while but never used them 'cause I never had a girl over here and...and..."

He stopped talking when he saw her blank stare. "Can we use them or not?"

His grin fell a little. "Eh, we can. They're not expired yet."


"Yeah, good."

With the mood between them threatening to vanish completely, Maka took the initiative and pressed her lips firmly against his, let her hands roam his body and rubbed herself against him provocatively. Suffice to say, it didn't take them long to reignite their passion for each other and for Soul to finally roll the condom on, getting her even more excited, which she hadn't thought was possible.

She took a deep breath as he positioned himself and entwined his left hand with her right hand, squeezing it lightly. It was kind of reassuring and a nice gesture and she appreciated it by squeezing back, smiling up at him as her other hand remained at his shoulder, drawing lazy circles on his skin there. His tip pressed against her folds, he rubbed himself against her, making sure to hit her clit with every little stroke, eliciting gasps and mewls from her. She wanted to bash him for teasing her, scold him for not getting on with it already but she couldn't. There was no way her mouth could form words when her nerves were flooded with fire, her skin prickling with the need to be touched again and her legs quivering with the urge to align their bodies right so he could thrust into her and sent her into ecstasy.

He angled her to his wishes and carefully and slowly slid himself inside. They gasped in unison and his grip on her hand tightened.

Oh God, he hadn't moved but the sensation of having him inside her was enough to frazzle her nerves. He hadn't felt this good the first time. Being sober had lots of merits. She held her breath when he finally pulled out to thrust back in, the friction causing her to release soft noises, her breaths sharp and shallow. She...she had to kiss him because he was so amazing and she couldn't ever hope to be with anyone else. She doubted this would have felt the same way if it was another person.

She acted on her wish, kissing him hard and long on the mouth, parting his lips eagerly with her tongue to push against his challengingly. She broke away when he got used to the feeling of being inside her and the pace of his thrusts became more rhythmic and faster, a particularly hard shove made her vision go momentarily blank.

Keeping her voice down hadn't been an option for a long time during their tryst, so she called out his name, encouraging him to please and satisfy her. This felt way better than his fingers. Her blood was roaring, her body flaring with heat as he steadily pounded into her. His low moans spurred her on to do more than to lie there and just accept what he was giving her, even though the onslaught of pleasure was making it very difficult to make that decision with her brain all foggy and hazy and filled with nothing but Soul. She touched his earlobe with the tip of her tongue before she threw caution out of the window and took it between her teeth, nibbling on it lightly.

The effect was immediate, a growl that made her mind reel and teeter over the edge of reason and sanity because...damn, that was the hottest thing she had ever heard. The familiar feeling of pressure and heat building inside her stomach returned, increasing with his every thrust. She didn't want it to end. But she craved release at the same time, needing to have her body engulfed in this heat that gave her a pleasure so intense she was sure she was seeing literal stars behind her eyelids. They were so loud! She couldn't care less, and moved her hips readily to meet him, his fingers nearly crushing her tiny hand with his forceful strokes.

She was almost there, she just needed a little bit more before she could let go. Seeming to sense this, Soul's hand moved from her hip between her legs, his fingers finding her clit and wasting no time to rub her there.

Fuck. She couldn't handle this. This was too much. She gasped throatily, her back arching, her limbs quivering as if they were just unsteady, boneless mass. She never thought such noises could ever come out of her mouth. Shouts to urge him to go faster and harder, telling him to never stop, to fuck her. And fucking her, he certainly did, making her words unnecessary.

Her orgasm shook her to the core, throwing her head back involuntarily and her eyes squeezing shut because she couldn't handle this much. This sudden release of so much tension at once made her lose all control over her vocal cords and muscles, heat and pleasure radiating to every part of her body, her heart racing wildly. She felt him pulse inside her, long, hard and smooth. His shoulders shook and he came with a husky cry, managing a few thrusts after before he collapsed on top of her, exhausted and spent. He took care not to squash her with his weight and caught himself on his elbows.

When she finally opened her eyes, she was drowning in red. She grinned stupidly, feeling tired and all energy depleted but oh so good. She felt like she could sleep for an entire week, but sleep was not an option and far from something she wished to succumb to regardless how much her body called for it.

This...had to repeated, most definitely. She leaned up and kissed him softly, hoping to convey things she wasn't sure she could with words. She didn't know how much time they spent in each other's arms like that, kissing and cuddling and just basking in the afterglow of sex. She whimpered pitifully when he pulled out of her, diligently getting rid of the condom and throwing it into the small trash bin in his bathroom. He returned quickly and the slight chill she had been feeling because of his absence was vanquished the moment he was beside her and wrapped his arms around her small body, pulling her close to his chest and burying his head in her soft hair as he pushed a few bangs that had been sticking to her forehead away.

She smiled contently, eyes drifting shut as his rhythmic heartbeat lulled her into a state of drowsiness. She gently petted the expanse of his chest, played with his hair and pressed a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth and then another against his jaw and neck before she put her head back to its designated place against his chest, her ear over his heart. Both placidly enjoying their bodies cradling each other and their silent company before both eventually fell asleep arm in arm.

The silence was very comfortable and the soft noises of charcoal scraping against paper comfortable and soothing. His eyes were a smouldering red as he held her gaze, his pose not as much melancholy composer having literally stripped himself at his instrument but more of a sensual, eccentric and reclusive one. She didn't mind even if she had something else in mind for the theme of her picture.
She had gotten so used to drawing him and only him that she had struggled a lot more with the piano than his anatomy. She knew his body all over by now, having spent enough time in his bed being equally nude and having such mind-blowing and amazing sex that walking normally became something difficult to do on occasion.

She squirmed in her seat and bit her lip. She suspected him being some sort of mind reader because his lips curved into a teasing smile. Was she that obvious with her insatiable lust for him?

She added the last few touches to the drawing, smiling happily to herself when she raised it in front of her to examine it more closely, content with the results.

"You done?"

She nodded, eyes straying from her drawing to Soul, who was still seated on the piano bench with such casualness he might have been sitting on bench in the park, enjoying the relaxing feeling of sunlight warming his skin. "Yes, I am, and it turned out really good!"

"Heh, you never say that. What happened? You're always so hard on yourself. Whenever I compliment your pictures you always tell me how you could've done better."

"Yeah but in those cases I really could have!" She pouted. "Not to say I didn't like how they turned out, but-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know you're a perfectionist." He waved his hand lazily at her direction.

"Oh, hush, you idiot." The way she said it had nothing scathing about it, her voice was soft and fond and loving.

"You still want me to do some poses for you?"

"Nah, I think we're done for today."

"Okay." He cocked his head to the side, studying her every movement as she placed her newest drawing into a folder, paying meticulous attention to do it right in order to avoid having it crinkled later. "Hey, come here."

"Huh?" She curiously looked up. "What is it, Soul?" Even though he didn't give her an answer, she still walked over to him. He patted the free space next to him on the bench and following his instructions, she seated herself, all the while trying not to stare too obviously at his dick.

"I never got to play for you, thought I might do it now since we're already here."

"Aw really?" She smiled widely, eyes wide and impossibly bright with her happiness.

He nodded, grinning. "Yeah and since I am already naked, we won't have to waste so much time with taking clothes off when we do it on the piano-hey! Ouch!"

"You really had to ruin the moment." She huffed indignantly, cheeks a rosy tint since the thought of getting down and dirty on the piano wasn't something she would be adverse to at all even though it had previously never crossed her thoughts. They had usually always kept the sex to more traditional settings, the bed being used the most often, then the couch and...and...

She shook her head feverishly. She shouldn't be thinking about sex right after she had scolded him being such a pervert. She was such a hypocrite.

"Is there something particular you want me to play?"

She thought a bit about it but nothing came to her mind. "No, just surprise me."

He chuckled softly, affectionately petting her hair before he turned around so that he was facing the piano. He had her enthralled with the very first note he played, the symphony of his soul capturing every fibre of her being and making her gasp for breath. He looked so pleased and content and it made her heart clench in her chest to see him like this as he had always looked so uncomfortable whenever his music was brought up. It flattered her to know he felt that at ease around her, trusted her this much to confide his insecurities and troubles in her. And she was totally okay with the fact that the same worked in reverse. She had probably spilled everything about herself to him. In the end, she had only been slightly bothered with how little she cared that he knew her in and out and probably better than she knew herself.

As his song came to an end and he waited for her reaction anxiously, she didn't even an ounce of fear at the prospect of how much she had bared herself to him. She clapped for him, gushing how much she enjoyed it and teasing him when he blushed like a little kid, unable to deal with so much praise. She had never believed in love stories with happy endings and she still didn't if she wanted to be honest because life was too complex and filled with many conflicts to allow simple, fairytale happy endings. But Maka liked to think she was pretty damn close to it with having Soul at her side.

"Heh, you really have no idea about music."

"You really don't know when to keep your mouth shut."