Chapter Twenty Five

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With the chief dead and the rebels free, Randy was quick to take over the island and drove out every ounce of bad for good to take its place. It was a slow process but just six months after killing the Chief, Randy found himself at home on the island that was once his nightmare. Cody at his side and the rebels his trusted council the island was flourishing. What was once a town plagued with starvation and terror was now a town full of hope and renewed dedication. Everyone wanted to pitch in to make a change for the better and the entire island underwent a complete transformation seemingly overnight. The homes burned during Randy's rage were demolished and rebuilt. The land was restored and with the attention of the towns-people, was lush and green with life.

The army had long since abandoned the island, fearing their horrible secrete would get out and tarnish their already disgusting reputation that simply could not take another hit. If spreading the word would do any good, Randy would have shouted it from the mountain tops. Only it wouldn't do them any good and in fact would cause them to gain unwanted attention from outsiders looking to come ashore and taint their beautiful new town. It was decided. No one needed to know their story and the army would be safe from the truth just so long as they kept their distance, or as Randy often put it, if they kept their distance. Always keeping an eye out for their ships on the horizon, Randy could only wait for what he knew would come next. One day the army would be back and when that day came, Randy would be ready.

As for the others, Dustin had chosen to stay in the rebels village on the other side of the mountain only with a new path that the rebels had blown out of the massive rock, Cody was able to see his brother any time his heart desired. Adam and Jake were still reconciling but otherwise in a good place with one another. Justin and Wade had moved in together somewhere on the edge town. Randy and Cody had yet to see it but knowing Wade the house was beautiful, and well-built. Chris and Michael had taken their spot on the other side of the castle, sharing the grounds. It wasn't an easy feat but, after much talk and a lot of bruised egos, Chris finally accepted Randy as the chief and soon, the rest of the rebels did too.

Months later, the tension was long forgotten and Chris and Randy were happy to share the responsibilities of being chief. Not that there was much to do in the now quiet and newly named town of New Haven. The town was self-serving and independent, living on the land and its bountiful offerings of full crops and hearty game. The electricity had been an issue but a few trips into the trade route solved that and provided a steady, untainted stream of fuel and generators for the entire town. All bought legally and made possible by Zak's ill-gotten gains they'd found tucked away within the cellars of the castle.

Standing outside on the wide balcony of their room, Randy stared intently into the distance, scanning the horizon with each flash of lightening. The storm had woken him. The loud thunder shook the castles insides as the beast made landfall. Awake and not wanting to toss and turn in bed, Randy took his spot on the balcony leaning over the banister, naked as the day he was born. It was invigorating. The feel of the wind against his skin, the smell of the fresh rain permeating his nostrils as the sky lit up with one mesmerizing strike of lightening after another. He couldn't look away. It amazed him. The strength of Mothernature's fury. The destruction she could cause in the blink of an eye, and without mercy. But he knew, just as she takes, she gives. From Randy she took a life he hated, casting him onto the "gayest island ever" and gave him a whole new life he was proud of. A life where he was finally free in every possible way. His gratitude was endless. She had done for him what he could not do for himself and he would spend the rest of his days savoring every moment of his second chance. He would not let her down. Even if it meant fighting with everything he had to keep it.

"Randy?" Came his lovers voice and Randy turned away from the storm just as Cody emerged onto the balcony with the same promiscuity as Randy, completely naked. They hardly wore clothes at night, even if they stepped outside for some fresh air. Why should they? Clothes just got in the way. "What are you doing out here?" Cody rubbed the sleep away from his eyes as he slowed to a stop before Randy. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay." Nodding, Randy's hand came up and gently squeezed the nape of Cody's neck as he smiled to reassure him where his words failed to do so. "Go back to sleep, baby. I'll be there in a couple of minutes." Leaning in for a kiss Randy got what he was after, pulling Cody into a hug. "Sorry if I woke you."

"Are you sure everything is okay?"

"Yes. I'm just out here watching the storm roll in for a little while. That's all."

"Good." Cody murmured and they kissed again as they swayed gentle in the breeze. "When I woke up and saw you were gone I figured you would be out here." Gliding his hands down Randy's strong back, squeezing Randy's warm flesh, Cody gave his lovers lip a hungry nip and made his intentions clear. Cody wasn't out there just to check on Randy. He was out there to seduce him. It wouldn't take much. They were melted into their touch, their hearts beating with desire that flushed their bodies in a healthy shade of want as their cocks stiffened against their stomachs. Randy had a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. "You want to go inside?"

"Nope I want to stay right here."



Dropping down to his knees, Cody kept Randy's gaze, his hands coming to rest on Randy's hips and stuck his tongue out, blindly searching for his cock. Randy pushed it towards him and once it brushed against Cody's cheek his lover turned and drew the tip into his mouth with a soft groan.

"You always know just what to do." Randy's hand curled around the nape of Cody's neck, squeezing his lover into taking more of him down his throat. "That feels so good." Keeping their eyes locked and his mouth on Randy's cock, Cody slipped a hand down to Randy's balls, cupping the generous mound of tensing flesh against his palm. As much as he wanted to ravish his cock with a hellacious blow-job, Cody took his time pleasing his lover. Teasing him just right with his skillful tongue that flicked across the tip of his dick each time he took him out to pump his shaft.

Randy hovered over Cody, trapped helpless between his legs. He praised him. Cursed him. Thrusting fast with his hands curled tightly around Cody's head, his cock alive in his mouth as he fucked Cody's tight throat until just when Cody thinks he can take no more, Randy stopped. "Good boy."

"Fuck." Cody drew back, his lips swollen and gleaming with abuse in the lights of the storm behind them. "I love it when you do that. I feel your cock for days."

"Hmm. I know you do." Randy rubbed the tip of himself against Cody's lips, dipping between them as Cody's tongue flicked against his throbbing flesh. "We may not make it before the storm hits. Let's take this inside."

"Is that an order, Chief Orton?" Cody's toyed with his lover, his tone mischievous. Addressing Randy as Chief was something he didn't do often. Not because he wanted to disrespect Randy or that he had an issue with his superiority. Oh no. That wasn't it at all. Cody saved it for the right moment. A sultry whisper it into Randy's ear just before bed. A pause to look up from between his lover's legs and drive him wild with need. It worked every time.

The bed welcomed them as Randy guide Cody onto his back, gathering his legs and pushed them against Cody's chest. The storm reached the castle as Randy buried his cock into Cody's tight channel, his mouth open in a deep groan. "Fuck." He couldn't wait. Ramming Cody with his dick, his lover's body opened just enough to take him. Thunder shook the room. Lightening flashed through the billowing curtains of the balcony. The door left open, forgotten.

Cody's body forced Randy out but not for long. Randy flipped Cody onto his stomach, yanking his ass into the air. Grasping his cock mid-shaft Randy positioned the tip at Cody's entrance. Carefully, he flexed his hips, breaching the tight opening and pushing inside, inch- by torturously slow inch.

Cody let out a cry, loud and raw as his channel clamped down on Randy's cock, so tight his lover could hardly move. That didn't stop him. Randy continued to ease his way in, his blood thrumming in his veins as Cody groaned, dropping his head.

Randy stilled, neither thrusting nor pulling, just letting his cock rest inside of Cody, though he couldn't stop thinking about the next thrust, the next cock-squeezing contraction of Cody's unbelievably snug passage.

With a hard moan Randy tightened his grip on Justin's hips. "Fuuuuck." The boys channel was a perfect fit, and it's tightness was making his head spin, sending fiery bolts of incredible pleasure through his entire body. He resisted the urge to pull his hips back and slam them against Justin's ass, finishing the deed in a few deep, primal thrusts. It would have been so easy – too easy. Instead, he withdrew halfway and rocked into him slowly, stretching his tight passage.

After a few more strokes, Randy reached around and grasped his cock.

Cody swore and moaned, flexing his hips. The motion send his shaft spearing hard through Randy's fist, then cause his ass to slam back against Randy's grain, burying Randy's cock to the root.

Randy groaned, profanities whirling threw his mind and dancing on the tip of his tongue as liquid heat began to pool at the base of his spine. "I'm going to." He managed to warn before he spilled, filling his lover's ass with his thick seed as waves of ecstasy washed over his body. "Fuck."

Not too far behind him, Cody's cock erupted and he collapsed against the bed. Breathless. Coated in sweat and his lover. Content. "Fuck."

Rolling off of him, Randy scooped Cody up and curled around his lover with a deep sigh as he pressed his face into Cody's neck. Cody quivered as Randy kissed his still throbbing pulse. "You're so good at distracting me with your dick. But don't think I've forgotten anything. That's the third time I've found you out there this week. Is everything okay?"

Lifting his head, Randy searched for Cody's hand, finding it and squeezed it within his own. "Everything is fine, baby. I'm just having some trouble sleeping. You're helping though. Definitely."

"Yeah I bet. But it's not enough. I can tell. You've got something on your mind. Are you worried about the army coming back?" When he was met with silence he turned slightly, catching Randy's gaze just above his shoulder. His face softened. Randy's eyes were gleaming with uncertainty, his mask quickly crumbling. Randy was scared. "All the time." He whispered. "Every second of every day."

"Is it even worth it to tell you not to worry?"

"Probably not."

Cody squeezed Randy's hand this time. He hated that Randy was always so stressed out. It pained him to see his lover like this. Or perhaps worse, seeing him that way and not being able to do a damn thing about it. Sure they could talk about it but that didn't do them any good when they were up against the unstoppable force of the army. All they could do was hope, and pray, that they were strong enough to stand up against the army. They'd made their defense plans and escape routes. They'd armed themselves to the hilt. What more could they do but wait, and hope?

Bringing Randy's hand to his lips, Cody kissed his knuckles, stroking his thumb across them with a soft sigh. "What can I do to make this better for you?"

"You already do. Just knowing that I have you to come home to makes this all worth it. And tolerable." He smiled, his eyes growing heavy. Finally. He was tired. His trouble could wait till morning. "And very, very sexy."

"Ha." Cody chuckled, sleep tugging at his voice. "You child, are a mess." He pushed back against Randy as he turned and drew Randy's arm with him so he could hold him. "Now don't you let go." He told him firmly. "Be a good boy and when we wake up I'll give you the early bird special."

Closing his eyes and smiling, Randy nodded as he fell into the sweet abyss of sleep. He didn't know what Cody meant by that but, he definitely liked the sound of it.