Lord of Hogwarts

Chapter One

Fourth year ended with the tragedy of Cedric's death, and Fudge claiming Harry was a liar and delusional. Fudge claimed that Cedric died as a result of the competition and accidental. Once again Harry was sent to his relatives and told not to correspond with his friends, Dumbledore confiscated Hedwig claiming it was too dangerous for Harry to use her as she would be recognized and could possibly be caught.

To say that Harry was not happy would be putting it mildly, he was furious with Dumbledore and after thinking about everything that happened since first year he no longer trusted Dumbledore. He was not about to let anyone know that yet though, he wasn't as dumb as he let people think, he learned early to hide ho smart he really was. His relatives never actually abused him but they were not happy when he did better than Dudley at school.

Two weeks after he got back to the Dursley's he was surprised when getting the mail there was a letter for him, opening it once he got to his room he laughed, Hermione had sent him a letter through the muggle mail.

Dear Harry,

Dumbledore said no owl post; he didn't say anything about muggle mail so I will be sending it to you this way. Harry, I know you trust him but I think maybe Dumbledore is up to something, I am beginning to not really trust him. I hope you are doing well and if you need to talk about things please write back and I will be here for you. I am really sorry you and Ron couldn't work things out this year but I don't really blame you, he should have known you would never put your name in that stupid goblet. I have a new owl my parents got me so I am writing to Neville, Luna and Ginny. They said they will send letters for you to me and I will add them to mine. We are not going to abandon you no matter what that old man says. Please write back, I miss you.


Harry lay back on his bed and grinned, he at least had friends good enough to ignore Dumbledore's instructions and keep in touch with him over the summer. He fell asleep making plans for the summer for ways to find out exactly what Dumbledore was up to, something just wasn't right. Why was it that he could force Harry to do what he said over the holidays, he was only the Headmaster after all.