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So this idea came to me...it is a completely different look at Hades and many of the myths about him. I think the Clash of the Titans version of him is so much better than most of the others. I didnt really like the Percy Jackson version, nor did I really like the Xena version either. I just feel that the Hades I chose is more closely fitted to the myths. If you for whatever reason disagree with me, then you really need to brush up on your mythology.


Our tale begins with the weakening of Hades, the God of the Underworld.

It had begun when Orpheus, the demi-god son of Apollo, had gone to the underworld to save his wife's soul. Orpheus used his talent for music to soften the heart of Hades and his wife Persephone in order to leave the underworld with Eurydice. Hades, who had wanted to understand the bond between mortals, had agreed to this. Though, Hades being a cruel god, had given one condition to this.

Orpheus must trust that Eurydice is following him until both reach the upper-world.

As Orpheus reached the upper-world, the seeds of doubt had already blossomed into fear and so he turned to look behind him, seeing his wife. Eurydice, shocked by this, stood still as she felt the power of Hades drag her back into Tartarus. Orpheus, alone and heartbroken, continued life singing his sorrows before many. As he did this, he slandered the God, creating more prayers to the Olympians.

In doing this, Hades became weaker. Persephone saw this and began to disdain the underworld even more, rebelling against Hades, who in turn imprisoned her in Tararus. Still, in his curiosity, Hades ascended to the upper-world to observe the mortal bond. In this he tasted the flesh of a mortal woman, but after he felt no different, just disgust.

Unknown to Hades the women bore a daughter and upon learning this Apollo named the child Eurydite, in honor of the wife of his son as well as a stark reminder to Hades of his trickery.


She awoke in the night to her mother's screams of agony as Melinoe had come again to torment her. It had happened every night since her grandmother died. Eurydite was sure that her half sister was tormenting her mother under Persephone's jealousy, after all, she was a reminder of many thing.

Sitting up, the young girl pulled her knees to her chest and listened. Her mothers screams did not bother her, not if she knew Aesa deserved her punishment. Although, it was only a matter of time before Melinoe came to torture her, but Eurydite know that the underworld Goddess would not harm a child. She sat there, listening as her wretched mother was dealt what she deserved for laying with Hades. Apollo had come to her in a dream, telling her of her true purpose as a weakness to Hades. She knew she was leverage against the God, but he never cared. Hades was cruel, dark, and adamant about taking back what was rightfully his. She had no real desire to know Hades, even if by some small chance he cared. He had yet to show his face to her, she had no fear of him or his servants, not when others said she was born without fear.

Although deep inside, there was fear of being caged, she loved her freedom as much as a child could love it. Her mother was a concubine at one point, a whore and her time with Hades had made her hated by several in the small fishing village. Eurydite, however was treated with more tolerance, because of her birth. Many of the villagers were afraid of her, some were afraid enough to provoke her, which she never paid any attention to.

Most of the time she would sit on the cliff side over looking the sea, daydreaming like any normal child would. Other times, she would wonder away from the village gathering stones to throw into the sea, or to throw them at the children who were tormenting her because she was a strange child.

When morning came, Eurydite sat on the cliff, playing with her long brunette hair. She sighed, wanting to leave the horrid place she resided, where she was the pariah. Although she was very quiet and melancholic. She also wanted to have fun sometimes, but mostly she wanted to leave the village and sometimes, she wanted to throw herself off of the cliff to be free of her wretched unbelieving mother.

Eurydite's steel grey eyes narrowed at the thought of her mother. Even at nineteen years old, she felt no love for her mother, not in the least. The woman was cruel and heartless because of Persephone's jealousy, so the Goddess cursed her mother with heartlessness.

Eurydite sighed again as a crow landed beside her, poking her gently with its beak as if asking her what was on her mind.

"Oh, hello Apollus." She told the bird, petting it on the head. It cawed in response before flying off in fright. "Apollus?" She questioned before hearing the mad screams of her insane mother and got to her feet before running in the direction they came from. As she got closer, Eurydite could see the villagers crowding around her mother, who was shouting at them.

"We must sacrifice! We must sacrifice...to her...the Goddess! She will save us!" Her mother shouted, parting the crowd as she walked through it and stopping when she saw Eurydite. The blond woman rushed forward suddenly and grabbed the young girl by her hair, then pulled her to the cliff. "Her blood will save us from the Gods! She will save us!" The mad woman yelled before pushing her daughter closer to the edge. Eurydite, feeling no fear of death or the fall, felt suddenly free when she saw Apollus flying off in the distance. "Goddess! I offer you my child! Spare us from the wrath of your kind!" The woman said as her daughter struggled to get free of her grasp as she was being pushed closer to the edge. Eurydite refused to let her mother get away with this before she was finally free and so she grabbed the dagger she had hidden in her dress, cutting herself free from the woman who bore her. Long strands of dark hair fell from the blonds hand as Eurydite threw herself over the cliff.

Upon doing this, Eurydite fell into the water, into bliss and freedom. However, she had forgotten about the waves that would surely crash her into the rocks, but the calling of Apollus had brought her back to the surface where she took sweet air into her body. The crow had landed on an outcropping near the water on the side of the rocky cliff, just above the entrance to a cave. Surely it was the entrance to the Underworld, but she knew it could also lead to a way back up to land, so she swam to it.

Once inside, she found the waters calm, but the cave was very dark and mysterious. It was a place she felt somewhat comfortable in, although she had no clue why. There was no light except for the mouth of the cave, but she decided to go deeper into the darkness, strangely knowing what was in front of her. She thought on this as she waded through the waters of the cave, squeezing by stalagmites and other rock formations.

As she got deeper into the cave, she started to notice the temperature getting warmer and the air getting thicker with mist, like many tales of the Underworld stated. This didn't spark any fear, wariness, but not fear. She felt somewhat euphoric at the sense of her entering the Underworld alive, but also she heeded the punishment for doing so. Hades would not be pleased with her. It never bothered her; she wanted to let him know just how miserable he had made her life, or rather just how miserable Persephone made her life. Apollo had made her life miserable by telling her of her origins as well.

Part of her said to keep going as she got to a large underground lake where surprisingly, torches were lit and faint shadows of dead men waited for Charon who would never come to them because they had no coin for passage. These men were doomed to wonder the upper world endlessly with Melinoe to guide them. Eurydite thought of her half sister and how the Goddess took delight in torturing mortals for enjoyment, like her mother, who had no idea of what she had done.

Eurydite shook her head, continuing on to wait for Charon, but she had no coin. Why would she? She was yet to be deceased and probably wouldn't be unless Hades thought otherwise. Would he drag her to the Underworld to erase a mistake? She did not know, but she knew she would fight him every step of the way. It was her lack of fear and new found pride that made her feel this way about him.

As she made her way out of the water and onto the rocky path lit with torches, she felt like she was being watched, as though a shadow walked next to her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a hooded figure sitting on a bolder, its arms crossed and head down. As she passed the figure it looked out from under its hood at her with red eyes.

"Come here Child." The hoarse voice of the figure had called out to her, reaching out a pale soot covered hand to her. Who was this? Was it Thanatos? Was it one of Hades' servants? She did not know, but instead curiosity compelled her to go to the figure.

"Who are you, Shade?" Eurydite asked the figure as she got closer, almost holding out her hand to place it in the figure's, as if she felt she was being lead to her death. Somehow she had felt rather amused by this, just as much as the Shade in front of her was with her.

She felt daring, so she placed her hand in the Shade's, feeling a strange connection. It wasn't fear that she felt, but adornment and at the same time, raw power. In an instant, she knew who sat in front of her.

"You know who I am." The Shade's red eyes faded to steel grey as he removed the hood about his head. This only made Eurydite apprehensive. She was not pleased, but allowed him to gently touch her cheek with his other hand. "Such fearlessness and coldness." He smiled slightly, as though he were pleased with her. She took a moment to take in his appearance, to which she was expecting more ghoulishness to his nature. He looked like a God of the Underworld should, dark and uncaring, but he also looked…human. Long graying hair, pale skin, and sleepless eyes is how she would really describe him.

"Only fearless because of you, Father." She said with malice in her voice, causing Hades to frown. "Cold, because of my mother and your wife." Eurydite took her hand from his and stepped away, feeling the need to rebel. Hades wouldn't have it and stood, but instead of anger, he used his cunning mind to evade her anger.

"I am not responsible for her jealousy, when I am the one who should be angry with her and her multiple consorts. Melinoe, who is jealous, is turning against me." Eurydite could only be taken aback by his words and for a moment believed that he did somewhat care about her. Hades saw this in her face and chose the moment to completely capture her. "You do not belong here, not when I would loose you forever in the mass of godless souls so wretched and foul. The gates to the Underworld will remain closed to you and Thanatos will never seek you, so I curse you with agelessness so that you may not know the world I rule." He pushed her away and set his winged servants upon her, taking her away to the Upper-world.

Hades, pleased with himself, now had a new ally in the form of his cursed half mortal daughter, who he was sure would do as he asked without question. Eurydite, however, was not at all pleased with this turn of events. Her father, had cursed her to wonder the Earth forever and never be released into the care of Thanatos when she died. How could he do this to her?

Once she was back in the Upper-world, she began to wonder for eighty years across Greece and Macedonia. Until one day, on the road to Delphi, she came across an old beggar. He was shrouded in a brown cloak so she couldn't see his face.

"My Lady, please spare me a coin so that I may feast on bread for the night." The old man sounded to her, making her pity the aging fool. "I lost everything to the Gods, my wife and Children claimed by another. Please take pity on this old fool." Eurydite, who at this point cared not for the Gods, did find it in her cold heart to give this one act of kindness. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a gold coin and placed it into the man's hand.

"Take this so that you may feast on bread for the next week, do not spend it on anything else, for I will know when I return to this spot in a week and you are not here. You will pay dearly for my misused kindness." She bid farewell to the beggar, continuing to Delphi. Unbeknownst to her, the beggar had transformed into the God of War soon after she left, his eyes set on her with interest.

Ares who did not know why he had such a strange curiosity about the cursed daughter of Hades, found himself in need to know more about her.

And so the first part of Eurydite's journey begins…

I want to take into account that this story may be posted in two places, Clash of the Titans and in the Greek Mythology sections because I'm not totally following the Clash of the Titans storyline because it lacks a little bit of foundation.

Fact: Melinoe is indeed said to be the daughter of Hades and Persephone, but in some tales she is said to be the daughter of Persephone by Zeus. Melinoe is a horrid Goddess who takes extreme delight in torturing the minds of mortals who have lost loved ones and causing them to go insane from guilt. She would often appear as a dead loved one and destroy the mind of the mortal connected to that loved one. It is also a case that Melinoe rebelled against Hades and Persephone, joining Zeus' side because she was jealous that her parents did not have an interest in her.