Tempus Vernumn

"I need you? Why would I need you?" Eurydite felt challenged and it bothered her greatly that he assumed she needed him. He, Ares the God of War and Violence, thought she needed his help. She was taken aback by this and as he got closer she stood her ground. God or not, she would not show weakness or fear.

"You just need me. You know what is coming Eurydite. How are you going to find an island that cant be found without the help of a god who is willing to help." Ares had gotten close enough to touch her and he did. He moved a stray lock of her hair out of her tired eyes. "All I ask in return is to spend a few moments with you once a month." He said with a coy smile on his lips and she had no other choice. He could see the debate in her eyes along with the calculation and deep thought that caused her silence.

"If I were to allow you a few moments, will you ask more of me?" She silently asked, realizing that he was a God and that he really didnt have to ask anything of her, he could demand it, but he wasnt demanding. Of course, there was fair payment, but he was asking and what he was asking for was very simple. He wasnt asking for her servitude or for her very life, he was asking to be in her company for moments at a time. This very concept both frightened her and confused her to the point she didnt know how to answer. Worst of all she felt she couldn't answer him without thinking about it for a while.

"No, this is all I ask." Ares could see the conflict in her eyes and he was never this merciful or compassionate towards anyone, he was normally volatile and dangerous, like a spoiled child. He supposed it was just her presence that had made him see reason, unlike with Aphrodite who spiked a lust so great in him he found himself wanting the Goddess like she was a drug. He had become addicted to the Goddess of Love and when Eurydite was born she spiked an interest in more than just himself. Apollo had taken up interest and so did Zeus to a point, but it was mainly because she was the result of Hades' curiosity, something that Zeus had never imagined. "You do not have to decide now. I can see you like to do things on your own, but you are still human. You will need help and I am offering it to you." He traced her jaw with his fingers, feeling her smooth skin and she closed her eyes feeling that odd desire once again. "When you decide all you need to do is pray to me and I will hear you." She felt his lips get closer to her ear. "Be wary of the Prince." He whispered before gently kissing her on the cheek.

When she opened her eyes he was no longer before her, but his scent lingered letting her know that it was no figment of her imagination. It was the smell of spice and leather, something she had imagined he would smell like, but she shook it all away. She could not allow herself to fall for a God, especially one that was always at odds with Hades.

Eurydite couldn't think anymore, she was exhausted and soon she would be in Argos. She was glad that she had been given time to think about Ares' offer, but soon she would have to either refuse or accept and she didnt know what he would do if she refused him. She was cursed already, what was the worst he could do? She would wait until after she got her ship before deciding on his offer, but for now she would just retire.

Artemis was not happy with her brother. He had acted stupidly over a woman and lost to Ares. Although she adored her twin, she had often been at wits end with his behavior. She had no children, the creatures of the forest were her children, but her brother had several and it caused tension between the twins. Ares was no better, but it was all Aphrodite's fault for letting Ares discover sexual lust and for that her older brother had changed. He was no longer driven by bloodlust, but desire and his children were part of his drive. Apollo had many consorts that he loved and left, most were women, a handful were men. This disgusted her. Her twin was more like her father than Ares and because of this she had a bond with her older brother that most of her sisters couldn't understand. She and Athena were both capable and wise, but they did not get along. Athena would go to war with Ares, but they would always disagree with strategies and then become against each other.

Apollo would always stand back and watch, even scheme against Ares, sometimes siding with Athena to get what he wanted. Most of the time Apollo would try to win Artemis over, but she would stick Ares. Right now, was one of those times. He had barged into her home, scaring her animals and causing a ruckus all because Ares had gone down to Eurydite.

"Must you come in like this? I am trying to get some peace from you and your stupid fight with Ares." Apollo sat down in the chair opposite of her, his dark head of hair disheveled from being with his current lover. "You claim to love the poor girl yet you have me shoot her because she killed your Oracle and then you fight over her with Ares who wants nothing to do with you. Who's winning this fight?" The Goddess ran a hand through her dark hair, sighing. He would never give it a rest and she knew why. He was always in Ares' shadow.

"Eurydite was promised to me when she was born. Father said she was, yet Ares has the upper hand." Apollo said, but he had forgotten the agreement that was made in full. Artemis hadn't and she knew better. Eurydite had been a source of debate for a long time amongst the Olympians and unknown to Hades, who was assumed to not show any care to his daughter. They didnt know whether to take her or kill her and now it was to late to carry out the sentence on her life.

"Brother, you know her fate is no longer yours to control, not since Hades has claimed her. That is a battle you will not win." Artemis sighed standing up to gaze at her beloved Moon, feeling so lonely. Once long ago, she had loved a man so deeply, but Apollo tricked her into killing him because of his jealousy. She did not love her brother like that. Her immortal heart had only belonged to one person and he ws dead. "I can not side with you Apollo. This contest you have with Ares will get Eurydite killed and I will not stand for it. I am not cruel like you want me to be, not since Orion. You are my brother and I love you, but Ares is my brother too." She turned to face him, sadness in her eyes as Orion's face lingered in her mind and the terrible feeling of when she realized she had killed him.

"Artemis...I.." Apollo stood up, reaching out to her but she narrowed her eyes at him before pointing at the door.

"Get out." She said with sadness filing her voice. She couldn't allow another person to die because of Apollo's jealousy, even if it meant giving Eurydite a fighting chance. She needed to speak with Ares so she could know what he felt about the woman. He clearly seemed to truly care for Eurydite to the point where he would visit her at night when she slept. This was different for him, he had no lust for her and that spoke to Artemis.

"Athena will side with me, so will Father." Apollo said before leaving but Artemis was to caught up in her thoughts to care. She knew Apollo would have the family in disarray in no time and it was foolish. He would cause more hatred between Hades and Zeus. There was only one way to stop this.

"Melinoe!" The Goddess of the Hunt called upon the ghoulish daughter of Hades and Persephone, only to warn Hades of this plot. The terrifying Goddess came instantly, hearing the desperation in Artemis' voice.

"Artemis?" Melinoe asked with her white hair flowing down her shoulders and seeing the plight in Artemis' eyes, she instantly knew exactly what this concerned.

"You must go to the Underworld and tell Hades exactly what I am about to tell you." Artemis began to speak and Melinoe listened as the older Goddess explained what was going on with her family. "You must tell him."

"He will listen to me Artemis, he has never ignored me." Melinoe said before traveling to the Underworld to deliver the message to her father. No doubt he would listen to her words, especially when it concerned Eurydite.

Upon entering the Underworld, Melinoe was greeted by Cerberus, who was not pleased to see her. The three headed dog was as large as a horse and he guarded the entrance to her father's favorite level of Tartarus. Sometimes he would make his way to the upper layers to seek out Hades, but that was only if something had happened that required the Gods attention.

Cerberus barked, causing Melinoe to hiss at the demon dog, like her sacred animal the cat. She had never liked the demon and probably never would since they had never been in good standings with one another. She left it alone though, pressing forward into her former home to find Hades. The screams of the damned ecoed through the caverns, almost enhancing them. She enjoyed the sounds of mortals when they were alive and afraid, but these were just that, souls. They probably had no idea where they were.

"Father?" She called out when she entered the large room that he could normally be found in, but he was not there. She couldn't possibly go search through the entire Underworld to him, it was just to great, so she waited. She didnt have to wait long before she saw him come up from the first layer, pitchfork in hand and melancholy as usual.

"Melinoe." He greeted her and she kneeled before him, something he had never taught her, but it was habit for her. Persephone had been strict on her, only because it was Zagreus that the wife of Hades favored over her daughter.

"I bring you news from Artemis. There is war brewing between the Olympians over Eurydite's fate. Apollo is stirring discord between himself and Ares over her and Artemis is afraid that Zeus will try to resolve he matter should it get out of hand." Melinoe relayed the information to Hades, who strode to his throne and sat upon it. He looked down to his eldest daughter, seeing her change as the sun rose. Her white hair began to change to its normal color and her eyes became grey instead of dark.

"Interesting." Was the only word Hades spoke and Melinoe instantly knew what he was thinking of. Eurydite was not only his daughter, but a tool, one that he had never thought to have. Nonetheless, she was a easily guided tool that was also trouble to his brother.

Eurydite sat eating an Apple while watching Draco try to fight. No one was teaching him, so she took it upon herself to give him a lesson and it would help to pass the time as they neared Argos. The boy had his right foot forward which made him lunge awkwardly with the sword that was not gripped properly either. In truth, Draco needed a lot of refining and she was no expert with the sword.

"Left foot forward, boy!" A soldier that everyone called the Beast called out to Draco. The man was battle hardened, buff and built to withstand, but he was getting older. "Grip your sword! Now Lunge!" Beast yelled with enthusiasm as Draco did what he was told and he did it better, but still clumsily. Eurydite couldn't help but laugh at Draco's clumsiness and in a way she found him quite valiant. "Good Boy! The Lady and I may make a soldier out of you yet." Beast went up to Draco and put a hand on the boy's shoulder and preceded to teach him further. "Now Boy, the sword is an extension of your arm, you must be like water with it. Fluid." Draco nodded and swung the blunt sword around causing the Demi-goddess to feel a little joy as Beast walked over to her.

"He will be a fine soldier before long. He is very brave and honorable." She said to the tall man as he came up to stand next to her. She handed him an Apple, a fruit she loved and he took it eagerly.

"I have never seen a coward win a war, My Lady. He certainly has potential, if anything he has a brave heart." Beast said with a gruff voice as Draco kept swinging his sword and working on strengthening his arms. In the background rocky cliffs lined the shores as they approached Argos, a city of protection. Eurydite doubted she would be excepted there knowing that Argos was known for its rebellion against the Gods. She brushed the worry away and began to look forward to sailing the seas to find Kano. "Ah, home. Welcome to Argos, My Lady." Eurydite had never been to Argos before and found herself impressed with its beauty, but somewhat still wary of its people. She could only wait and see what the city had to offer and with its King being elderly, it was sure to fall in the hands of Acrisius soon.

Eurydite looked at Draco, who had put away his sword before docking in the harbor. She expected a fair amount of people to be gathered there to praise Acrisius in his victory, but she would most likely be unnoticed. It didnt matter to her, she would rather stay unnoticed.

Once docked, Eurydite found she was wrong when none of the people were eager to see them. Instead of joyous faces, there were faces of starving women and children lining the streets as she was led to the palace with Draco at her side. Beast was behind her, making sure no one would touch her, but it didnt matter. Her heart ached for the little girl that clung to her mothers dress with dirt and sweat on her face. How could this happen? What kind of king ruled like this?

"Give me an Apple." She said to Beast, who didnt ask what for, but did as he was told. "I will follow, there is something I need to do." She said to Beast and motioned for Draco to follow her and he did as she walked out of the crowd she was with.

Eurydite walked through the markets, finding nothing but rotting food and miserable people that should be taken care of. She picked up a pear from a vendor and bit into it, tasting the rotten filth before spitting it out. She looked at the people who were hiding behind their wares and goods, afraid that she may yell at them. Argos was supposed to be a great city with nobility, but here she was seeing its true state. It was beyond poor.

"Rotten food does not make happy citizens. No doubt the King refuses to feed his people and even the Gods would frown upon this." She said as an old man stepped out from behind a pillar, a staff in hand with worn down clothes. He was a beggar, one she knew had stories to tell.

"We pray to the Gods for help, but it is the King who rebels against them. They punish us because of his pride, Lady." He said walking up to her, his white beard full of grime and his smell was that of human waste. She had to keep her resolve so she would not offend him, or the others. Draco stood back a little ways as to not disrupt Eurydite's business. "He sends soldiers to fight a war he will not win and because of this his people are dying, more and more of us every day. I can see your justness in your eyes and I pray to whatever God sent you to save us." The man began to get on his knees, causing Eurydite's eyes to widen. "You are a Demi-goddess, I have seen your eyes before and I know which they belong to, so I beg of you." The old man looked up at her, his eyes desperate and pleading as the others came out from their hiding spots, doing the same. "Save us."

Eurydite looked all around her, seeing men, women, and children looking at her with hope in their eyes. Why was she their savior when she was the daughter of Hades, the daughter of the Underworld? How could she save them when they knew not who she was? Glancing around she saw a shadow in the crowd, grey eyes like her own, lonely and cold. Grey eyes that were also calculating and full of pride, the eyes of Hades.

Interesting turn of events right? Sorry this chapter may be a little short but I am writing this on a cell phone. Its kinda hard to do that.

Thanks to my reviewers! Love you guys and I just want to say that Eurydite is only the beginning of this series, there are several characters that will continue her story long after she is gone.

Fact: Apollo was not just into women, he had a few male lovers as well. He had twice as many children as Ares and possibly Zeus. He also had a desire for his twin Artemis who remained a virgin Goddess even after he tricked her into killing Orion by challenging her to an archery match. He was not the whimsical God that he looks like, but a jealous one that also has no problem with killing innocent children.

And I thought Ares was messed up.