Eurydite had run away from the market in such haste Draco had lost her somewhere in between the well and the square. She had not expected it, but she had seen her father there amongst the people and it frightened her that he had some pride in his eyes. She did not know what he wanted from her, aside from his own plans or what he needed her to do for his own gain, but it was genuine. She ran until she was lost and she didnt care if Acrisius had come looking for her or anyone else for that matter, she ran. Her life had been nothing but questions or commands of go here and go there, sometimes it was do this. Never had she been in control of her own life and suddenly, she wanted answers.

Eurydite had never asked.

It wasnt that he wouldn't answer her, he would if she did ask, but she had always fought him. As troublesome as she was, she would always end up doing what he asked and that gave her power. Whether she knew it or not, she grew in power by her own actions in doing as she was asked to do. Everything he asked of her, it was for his benefit, at least that's what he led her to believe. In truth, he was biding his time for his own way, but he had to make his daughters strong. Melinoe had finally learned her path, even if he had sometimes been cold to her, but his daughters were his weapons.

It was time he had a long talk with his youngest child and so he waited for her to find him in an abandoned home above Argos. He had baited her in the market, showing his face in disguise and he knew she would come here, after all he knew her. It wasnt long before she had come running in out of breath and with tears rolling down her face, the look of unfairness in her eyes. Yet he sat there in the shadows as she broke down into sobs. His wife had done a horrible thing to Eurydite and she would pay for it.

"What do you want from me?" She cried out sinking to her knees. She had yet to know he was there, but she didnt care, she was in a complete mess. She had curled up with her elbows resting on the floor and her hands covering her head. She didnt realize how good it felt to let it all go until gentle hands grabbed her forearms, prying them away from her head. This had caused her to look up.

"Gods are selfish beings, Eurydite. We can be cruel, unjust, and uncaring, but we are also compassionate." Hades slowly pulled her up, making her stand on her feet and as she looked up at him, he was able to wipe away her tears. "It is time we spoke with one another so that you may understand." Hades said as he released her from his grasp. She hadnt expected him to be so gentle towards her and this confused her, he could see it in her eyes. She didnt say anything as he guided her to sit out of sight from prying eyes, away from the city's numerous beings.

"You remind me of a time long ago when I did what was right and when I was powerful because I was compassionate and wise." There was a wise tone to his voice laced with something she could not identify, but it was the look in his eyes that made her realize that he wasnt the God that most feared. He wanted what other Gods had, but knew it wasnt worth having and this was a side of him no one saw. "You are me when I was everything I am not now." It was then she understood. Everything had come together in that one sentence, as complex as it was, she was able to understand it and her eyes lit up as if she finally found an answer.

"You didnt care, you're not supposed to care. Why do you?" She asked him, trying to answer the riddles of her life. She was full of questions and always had been; her life had been that confusing, but she wasnt ashamed of it. No, he thought, she is to strong to be ashamed and he made her this way. Now she would be strong enough to lead armies against he foes and possibly the Olympians.

"I do not regret any decision I make, Eurydite. You are possibly one of the few good things that have happened and I am not afraid to admit it." Hades was uncharacteristic in this moment and it almost scared her that he admitted that. It was strange to hear the words come from his mouth, as if he had grown two more heads like Cerberus, but he spoke the truth to her.

"To hear you of all Gods speak those words, is almost like a trick of the mind that a man could not even comprehend. Yet, it is not for us mortals to comprehend anything a God says. We only do as we are told." She said in a tone of defiance, yet she backed off, feeling that he was indeed honest. She would know, she was part of him and if that wasnt an indication, the fact that he was standing before her holding a conversation was. "I do not like the Olympians, they do not understand mortals and think that we should devote ourselves to them." She said shifting in the chair and looking down at her hands. Hades walked up to her and placed a finger under her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his.

"You are not mortal, Eurydite. You are my daughter and you will never be mortal, but you and I understand them more." He dropped his hand and she kept her gaze on him, seeing the wise side of him that were myths to the ears of men. She respected him more with this knowledge and knew then that he would always be on her side, even when she would cause trouble. "You see the city suffering and so they will turn against the king. It hurts you doesn't it?" She closed her eyes in a silent answer to his question. He wasnt Zeus, He couldn't just appear to these foolish mortals and command that they feed their own, it did not work like that. He was hated and feared, looked upon as dark and impure, evil. In the long run, he knew this would cause a rebellion against the Olympians so big that it would be the beginning of his rise to power.

Eurydite had nothing to say to her father's words and rightly so, even if she could voice them. It was just as it was. All she could do is sit there in his presence and think about what he had told her, even though it was deep down inside hat she felt her fighting was all for nothing. Hades spoke the truth, she was him, at least a version of him that he could never be and this made her act all the more on her decision.

"What is it that Hephaestus has for me?" She asked Hades, seeing as though she needed an answer he told her.

"A weapon." He said with the corner of his mouth turning slightly upwards at this in amusement before he turned away from her. "It should be very useful to you with your skill." Hades didnt turn to look back at her with a smirk on his face before disappearing entirely, going back to his domain. She sat there a moment longer before Draco came running in, panting and with his hands on his knees.

"Eurydite! Are you alright?" The boy asked catching his breath as Eurydite stood from the chair and walked past him with an empty look on her face. "Eurydite?" She didnt say anything at his plea, just kept walking towards the palace where Acrisius was no doubt pleading his case of victory to his father.

"Draco, take me to the king. There is something wish to discus with him alone." She said coldly, oddly the talk with her father gave her strength and a will to make things right, even if it meant going up against Zeus. Draco didnt need to ask to know something had changed in her and he knew she was cold, but this was a different coldness.

Acrisius stood before the King of Argos, Abas the Great. He was great, but also ailing and greedy, a fact that his son greatly despised. Before he could rightly say his subjects adored him, but now they slandered his name in disgust because he had no respect for the Gods and was trying to become a god himself. He had spent most of his life sending great warriors after legends and rumors of immortality, none of them ever coming back. He had sent off his youngest son after Ambrosia, the so called food of the Gods, but the brave man had never returned and Abas had not wanted to lose another son.

Abas sat on his throne, hunched over and feeble looking as his son explained to him of his journey to the base of Mt. Olympus. A journey of wasted time, for the Gods had defeated him in one hour, killing most of his men. This fact had greatly angered Abas and the ailing King stewed in his anger as his council stood beside their prince. The white haired man was ashamed of his son.

"You mean to tell me that you went to Mt. Olympus with nearly a thousand soldiers and only three hundred have returned! Have you lost your dim-witted mind upon the battlefield?" Abas stood, yelling at his son with a hoarse voice, years of anger behind it. "You were supposed to weaken them! How could you return?" The king in his golden armor took his sword from his hip and swung it at the Prince who was not but five feet in front of him, catching the man across the face with the tip of the sword. Acrisius threw himself back upon feeling the sting of his fathers blade, reaching up with his hand to feel the blood dripping down from the top of his forehead above his left eye down to below his right eye. It was shallow and it didnt affect his vision, but it was still a cut. It would heal.

"Father, it wasnt my fault. Zeus and Athena laid waste to us, we couldn't win against the Gods!" Acrisius shouted as Abas' face became rigid. The king didnt give his son any warning before hitting the price with the hilt of his sword on the head, knocking the man down to his knees.

"You are a disgrace!" Abas yelled loudly at Acrisius as the prince cradled his head between his hands. "I ask one thing, bring me the flesh of a God! I send you with a legion and you come back with nothing!" Abas yelled once more, but stopped when he became weak, falling against his throne and dropping his sword. Acrisius was able to gather himself and looked up at his father.

"I did bring you what you asked for, just not what you would expect, Father." The prince said angrily as a woman appeared from out of nowhere coming to stand beside Abas. She was dressed in black, her hair and eyes as dark as a ravens feathers. She wore a black stone around her neck, with white pearls from the sea that seemed to be the only color on her.

"Calm yourself my prince. The Gods are strong now, but soon you will have your chance. Your quest was not in vain for you did indeed bring back the flesh and blood of a God." She smiled with an evil intent in her eyes. She put a hand on Abas' shoulder and he instantly felt at ease, not feeling as weak as he did before. "Leave us." She spoke to the others in the room and they bowed their heads, leaving with respect.

"Lady Marcaria, as pleasant as it is to see you, why are you here?" Acrisius asked the woman, his voice trembling because she was very intimidating and dark like the night. Behind him he could hear the doors to the throne room open and light footsteps coming in. He turned his head to see Eurydite with a cold look on her face.

"Eurydite, the slayer of Oracles! Daughter of the dark one!" Marcaria said loudly causing Abas to look up at the Demi-Goddess with surprise in his eyes as well as fear upon mentioning the Dark God. "Our savior." Eurydite knew the woman from somewhere and felt uneasy about her, so much so as to draw her bow and aim an arrow at the woman.

"Who are you witch?" The daughter of Hades aimed, ready to fire as she asked the woman. She was so disturbed by the woman she felt she had to kill her.

"Come now, you wouldn't kill your sister now would you?" Eurydite's eyes widened when the woman made her claim, making her almost drop her bow. How was this possible? Both Abas and Acrisius looked towards Marcaria in shock as she descended down the steps. "It is no surprise that we have been kept apart since birth or should I say I was ripped from our mother's arms as you came from her womb." She said getting closer to Eurydite, who was still trying to make sense of this. Nothing made sense. Her father would know of this and in that she used her judgment to decide if it was the truth. Somewhere inside, Hades was speaking to her, the part of him that was wise.

"Prove it." Eurydite said, her eyes giving off a slight red glow as Marcaria got even closer. "If we are sisters, then you would be like me." The other woman said nothing as she kept getting closer. If it were true then Marcaria wasnt cursed, she would have died long ago, Demi-Goddess or not. To prove a point, Eurydite Drew back the string on her bow and let her arrow loose, sending it at the woman's shoulder. She wanted to see which God would come to her aid and if she was right, then she had nothing to fear.

"You fool!" Marcaria said as the arrow hit her in the shoulder, Abas standing in shock as the dark woman was thrown back by the impact. "How could you?" No God had come and Marcaria did not even call for one.

"Does it hurt?" Eurydite said coming up to the woman who had no tears in her eyes, not even from pain, which proved her point. "You see, if you were my sister, pain would be intolerable. Since you aren't screaming in pain right now, you are either a servant of Hecate's or you serve Persephone. So which is it?" Eurydite asked bending over to pull her arrow out of Marcaria's shoulder.

"Eurydite, that was most uncalled for." Acrisius said coming up to her as she threw the arrow into the nearest fire pit. The Demi-Goddess didnt care as the prince helped up the witch who scowled at her.

"I dont like her." Was all Eurydite said as they approached Abas with Marcaria following while holding her injured shoulder. "She is lucky I didnt use my poisoned arrows."

"Bow before your King." The old man said, but Eurydite refused. She gave him a hard look, her grey eyes stern and cold, feeling that she should take her fathers words to heart. This king was unjust and unwise, why should she bow to a man who wanted power, but could not feed his people?

"I do not bow to unjust Kings, just as I do not serve them either." She did not flinch as he frowned. It was because he was so feeble minded and focused on greed that he did not see what his people went through day to day. "Your people are starving. I have every right to gut you here and now, only because you deserve it. It is not my place to take your life." Eurydite stepped backwards, pulling out her dagger and handing it to Acrisius. "This dagger was given to me by Poseidon, it has the poison from the liver of a lionfish on the blade. One tiny cut can kill a man in five minutes." She turned to Marcaria as Acrisius examined the blade, offering a hand to the woman and smiling.

"What?" Marcaria said looking at Eurydite's outstretched hand with caution, thinking the brunette would hurt her again. Eurydite sighed and shook her head.

"Just because you are a servant of Persephone does not mean we can not be civil to each other." The grey eyed woman said to the other as Marcaria slowly grabbed Eurydite's hand and shook it as a peace treaty. "Let us leave, I have a crew to gather."

After a few minutes, Acrisus stood alone with his father, the dagger that Eurydite gave him was clenched in his hand. She had looked at him with hope in her eyes before she had left with Marcaria, a hope that said honor your people and they will honor you. He felt that the dagger was also her way of choosing a side and by giving it to him she had chose to go against the Olympians. He looked at his father, who slumped on his throne, his eyes wide with fear.

"Never did I think that Hades would come for your mother when I slandered him and now my own son brings his half God daughter here. She will lead us to victory, my son. She will weaken the Olympians." Abas said with pride in his voice, leading Acrisius to speak up against his fathers wishes to become a god. It was a poor idea to go against them now, when they were united. In a few years Eurydite's presence in Argos will rally its people to fight against the Gods and that was the grand design of Acrisius's rule. Eurydite had given him the key, now he had to open the door. "I will become a god and all will bow down to me. She will rule beside me and we will crush all who go against us." The king said in mild excitement, causing Acrisius to grip the dagger tighter.

"No father, you will not be a god." The prince said before lunging at his father and planting the dagger in the kings chest, causing the old man to cough when he felt the thin metal pierce his armor. Acrisius stood up strait and watched as his clung to life and removed the dagger with the last of his strength. "My people suffer and I will ease it. When I do, I will be called a greater king." The prince said turning from his dying father as the old king dropped the dagger. Acrisius would be king and Eurydite would be his queen.

Abas found himself in the Underworld days later, not long after he had crossed the Acheron, he had been sent to Hades himself. He stood alone in the dark chambers where Hades dwelled, the God nowhere to be found, but Charon stood behind him with a dark scowl on his face.

He wasnt sure how much time went by as the Lord of the Underworld appeared in front of him, looking very pleased that he would be able to punish Abas justly for the crimes he committed. The former king of Argos knew he wasnt going to the Fields, not since he committed a crime against Hades.

"My Lord, where is my wife?" Abas said kneeling in the God's presence, almost begging for mercy, but Hades would show no mercy. However, Hades was prepared to make a deal, a negotiation of sorts.

"She takes your place, boiling in the Phlegethon." Abas nearly cried when the words parted from Hades lips and the God could understand, but no bad deed could go unpunished. "You may join her if you wish or she can stay there and you can go to Asphodel."

"I wish to join her." He said and Hades smirked before motioning to the Boatman to take the man to the blood river. Abas didnt protest as he was dragged away, but his eyes widened as he saw his wife come to stand next to Hades, alive.

"My Lord, I have done what you asked, may I go back to my son?" The middle aged woman asked Hades, who turned to her and spoke gently to her.

"I have saved you a fate you did not deserve, but you can not leave, Alges." As much as he would have liked her to return to her son, it was the primordial laws of the Underworld that no one leave, dead or not. He turned to walk away and bade her to follow him.

Okay again, maybe a short chapter and its starting to really progress. Next stop the insane Hephaestus! Then a run in with the Goddess Circe.

Fact: Marcaria is said to be a daughter of Hades, but it isnt quite sure who her mother is, instead she is more known to be the counterpart to Thanatos. Her name means Blessed Death. She was a gentler side of Thanatos and had an affair with him at one point.

In this story Marcaria is a servant of Persephone and could possibly be Eurydite's sister but I leave that up to you to figure out.