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Today was exhausting.

Kurt didn't know where to start. Between his History teacher talking for 45 minutes straight, Finn accidentally getting ketchup on the sleeve of his Marc Jacobs cashmere polo, and having to spend most of seventh period helping Tina get ice and red dye # 7 off her face, it was just a very long day.

Lucky enough, the day was now coming to and end. Now Kurt was approaching his car, preparing to leave after a glee club meeting where Rachel and Mr. Schue argued over her allotment of solos. Kurt's hands dug around his over the shoulder bag about five different times in search of his car keys, checking and rechecking pockets, before finally looking through his overcoat and finding nothing.

Shit, Kurt thought, I left them in my gym locker. I was the first out of glee club for absolutely no reason.

Kurt lazily turned around with a huff, dragging his feet towards the school building once more. Then he thought of the idea that the locker room might be locked and picked up his pace a little. It was afterhours and Coach Beiste was more than likely gone for the day. He could leave his SUV in the parking lot to hitch a ride with Puck and Finn, sure, but he enjoyed having his intelligence level at the height it was. Who knew what would happen after fifteen minutes in a car with the two of them?

The halls were seemingly quiet which was expected. There was no football or hockey practice this afternoon, so thankfully he didn't have to worry about being pushed against a locker. That would just make this day even more splendid.

His boots sounded against the floor a couple more times before Kurt was gratefully pushing open the unlocked door to the boys' locker room. He was caught off guard by loud and repetitive sounds of impact, thuds so loud they had an echo, and groans from a muffled voice.

Kurt wondered who would be in the locker room this late, and why. He wanted nothing more than to leave when the school bell rang, not even a minute after, so someone willingly staying behind was a foreign concept to him.

He quietly made his way over to where the noise was sounding, doing a good job of silencing his usually obnoxiously loud Jimmy Choo's as he found the source.

Kurt found Blaine Anderson, McKinley's recent mid-year transfer and reputable bad boy tearing away at the old beat up punching bag. He honestly had never seen anybody using it before now, but he didn't mind this sight at all.

Blaine was dressed in a white wife beater and black sweats, a change from the usual leather jacket he'd wear over grey t-shirts and ripped jeans. His hair was curly and breaking free from its gel as trails of sweat ran down the sides of his tanned face.

Kurt didn't mean to watch. He was supposed to go to his gym locker and get his car keys, and from there just leave and go home. Though that was initially his plan, he somehow let himself become transfixed on the definition of Blaine's arms as they swung at the bag, and his heart broke looking at the hurt on Blaine's face as he fought. The boy would groan underneath his breath, and Kurt watched in silence, swearing he heard him say 'you can't hurt me' over and over again.

They'd never really spoken. In fact, Blaine didn't really speak to anyone. He was this mysterious, quiet kid that always stayed in detention for doing something beyond stupid.

Last week alone he had managed to get in trouble for smoking in class, marking up the desks, tagging up some jocks locker, and skateboarding through the hallways. How he wasn't expelled was a mystery to Kurt.

They had a class together and Blaine sat two rows over and one seat up from Kurt. He was oddly well behaved in that class, Kurt noticed, even though he didn't actually do any work. He found it strange that Blaine was controlled in that particular setting, which was why he didn't understand the bad boy's actions elsewhere.

There was one day Kurt was working on an essay in the library. Blaine came in on his skateboard making a racket, ignoring the librarians pleas for him to stop doing that before sitting across from Kurt and pulling a book out. Kurt would curiously look up through his lashes at the kid, waiting for him to do something horribly rude like every other kid at that school usually did when they were this close to him, but nothing happened. Blaine only read his book with his hood pulled far over his head, not paying much attention to the rest of the world. Kurt found out he was staring when Blaine glanced up, and he quickly averted his gaze back to his homework, an embarrassed shade of red.

Though Blaine could do really horrible things, Kurt noticed he did have a nice side. Blaine picked up Kurt's books after this asshole jock Azimio knocked them out his hands a couple weeks back. He glanced at Kurt as he handed them back, shrugging at the boy's blue eyes and gracious smile as Kurt thanked him, before skating away.

Thinking back to it… that was the same jock that had graffiti on his locker… Azimio had a huge drawing of a very intricate cock on his locker, under the letters 'U, R, and A', and signed 'Blaine' with very pretty penmanship, but Kurt didn't want to try and link the two. It was probably coincidence. Blaine probably felt like doing something rude and offensive and targeted a random locker.


He also showed up at the blood drive the school had this week. That had to be proof he had a heart. He was helping to save a life, and Kurt, who was volunteering to help, smiled when he saw him there.

Before Kurt could snap out of his thoughts and even look away from the hazel eyed boy, the constant sound of Blaine's glove against the bag had ceased and his heavy breathing could clearly be heard. Kurt realized Blaine was looking directly at him and his heart raced from the embarrassment of being caught like that.

Now it'd be all over the school that he's a creepy stalker that watched kids working out.

"I-I'm sorry," Kurt voiced quickly, evidently a stuttering mess. He took a few steps forward and went to his gym locker as Blaine watched him silently, "I wasn't expecting anyone to be here…"

He started putting in the combination as the sounds of punches entered the atmosphere again. Kurt was just happy that Blaine hadn't begun taking out those frustrations on him for standing there in what seemed to be a private moment.

All seemed to be forgiven, and Kurt was happy.

He got his locker opened and pushed the spare hairspray, facial cream, and cologne to the side, before digging under his gym uniform and finding what he was looking for. Opening the flap to his satchel, Kurt placed his keys safely on an inside pocket before closing the door and turning to leave.

The punching stopped again and Kurt, against his better judgment, chanced a glance to see why.

Blaine was staring at him intently, the punching bag still swaying back and forth from the beating. His chest was glistening from a sheen coat of sweat, rising and falling with each deep breath.

Kurt cleared his throat nervously under the gaze of the bad boy. He shifted back and forth on both feet before acknowledging the idea that Blaine more than likely wanted him to leave.

"U-Umm… I-I'm… bye."

He was about to leave when Blaine finally spoke. His voice was deep and firm as he posed the question.

"Hummel, right?"

Kurt swallowed, turning to face him again. "Kurt Hummel. Yes."

Blaine nodded, stilling the punching bag. "I'm Blaine."

He saw Kurt start to smile and Blaine looked down at the ground. It always did the same thing to him. His heart would start to speed up in a way he couldn't explain. That's why he convinced himself to stop stealing glances from Kurt when he was laughing with those losers he sang around the school with at random times of the day and that's why he told himself to stop looking now.

"Yeah," Kurt replied bashfully. "I know who you are. I'm pretty sure everyone in McKinley does."

Blaine let himself smirk as he went back to punching the bag. It was true. His reputation was a wild one. He heard a kid telling his friend he had to transfer to McKinley because he set his old teachers on fire, one by one. It had to be the stupidest rumor he ever heard in his life. But all the ignorant idiots were staying away so he let it rock.

Kurt thought about leaving now that Blaine went back to what he was doing, but now he wasn't in such a rush. Suddenly he wanted to know a little more about this kid. Maybe Blaine felt the same about him since he had actually initiated a conversation.

"Do you come here a lot?" Kurt questioned, apparently catching Blaine off guard. The boy gave him a sly smile as he turned to face him again.

"That's an original pick up line." Blaine answered, shaking his head and giving the bag two quick jabs.

Kurt blanched as he realized he sounded like a corny middle aged man in a bar perving on some unsuspecting college student. "N-No," he laughed nervously, "I'm not trying t-to pick you up, or anything… oh god I-I'm just going to go."

"Wait," Blaine smiled, grabbing the bag to stop it before facing Kurt's direction. "I'm always in here alone and I don't really know people at this school. It'd be cool if you gave me some company…"

Kurt stared at him in disbelief for a moment, finding it weird that Blaine Anderson was speaking and smiling, and it was directed at him of all people. He nodded before Blaine's face could change any more than it had begun to because of his hesitance.

"Sure. I mean I don't need to be anywhere or anything."

Blaine smiled softly. "Cool."

Kurt sat his bag down next to him on a changing bench as he leant against the lockers, watching Blaine throwing uppercuts into the punching bag. The back of his shirt was wet as his muscles flexed, arms driving hard into the leather as he grunted. Kurt found his eyes trailing to Blaine's waist and then lower over the curve in his black sweats, but then Blaine turned around and they snapped back up to his face with a guilty smile.

"We can talk if you want." Blaine voiced, "I don't want you to be bored just standing there watching me do this," he laughed a little, returning to the bag.

Kurt bit his lip. I don't mind watching you do that at all.

"When did you start boxing?" Kurt asked instead.

"A couple years ago," Blaine answered almost breathlessly. He slowed down his actions a little so that he could actively participate in a conversation. "I got beat up pretty bad my freshman year. It was horrible, actually. And I decided I wasn't going to be put through that again."

He rolled his shoulders and began stretching his neck a little before returning to his punching, "My parents made me transfer, and once I started going to my new school, I found someone I liked. He liked me too, so I asked him out. People didn't take that too kindly. Like I said," he stopped and turned to Kurt who was watching curiously, very much intrigued by the boy's back story. "I wasn't going to let it happen again. These guys approached me and they got their asses kicked. I got kicked out of school though."

Kurt smiled. "They had it coming, I guess."

"Exactly." Blaine rocketed a hook to the center of the bag with a grunt, swaying to the side and adding another combo. Kurt watched as it flew back and forth from the blows. "If McKinley doesn't work out I have to go to this private school my dad told me. Dalton, I think."

"I've heard of it." Kurt went to sit on a changing bench closest to Blaine. "The New Directions face their school's show choir at Regionals this year."

Blaine smirked, and Kurt frowned.

"Why are you smirking?"

"Nothing." he responded. "It's just that I don't find the fact that they have a show choir something that would make me happy to get banished there."

"I was just adding to the conversation," Kurt smiled as he spoke. "Besides, if you don't want to go there then stop behaving the way you do."

He watched Blaine continue his assault on the punching bag as the boy gave a few more blows before stopping completely.

"The New Directions is the name of the glee club?"

Kurt laughed. "God are we really that unknown? You've been here over a month and you don't know our name?"

Blaine shrugged. "It's nothing personal. I just didn't want to get too involved with this school. I'll probably be kicked out soon anyway."

Kurt hadn't answered, still watching the boy as he connected punches.

"Puck's the kid with the mohawk right?"

Kurt raised an eyebrow at the question but nodded anyway. "Yeah. Why?"

Blaine threw two quick jabs, avoiding Kurt's face. "You two seem close."

"Oh." Kurt answered shortly. "That's my brother's best friend so we're… I don't know… almost close? I guess…"

Blaine smiled at the answer. He guessed that meant they weren't a couple which was cool. "Your brother is the tall dude, right?"

"Yeah," Kurt shook his head with a grin at the descriptions Blaine was giving him, "that would be Finn. He's my step-brother but we're close."

Blaine looked over to Kurt with a nod. "That's cool."

He was happy Kurt could have a good relationship with his brother. He hadn't really had that with his.

Kurt watched how relaxed Blaine had become since bringing up Puck and smirked to himself. "If I knew better I'd think you were jealous."

Blaine only smiled as an answer, punching some more.

They were quiet for a few moments, Kurt taking in the reality of what was happening, and Blaine enjoying the reality. He'd always wanted to talk to Kurt but he saw how the boy took a lot of heat at school. He didn't really want him getting into anything because of him.

"About what you said earlier… about my behavior," Blaine began in between punches, "It isn't really that simple."

"No?" Kurt asked, almost confused.

"No. I don't act like this because I like for people to be scared of me or anything, but I don't know…" he trailed of, pushing at the punching bag lazily, "it keeps the assholes away. No one's really wanted to mess with me. All the rumors going around are helping. Not many are true but they are keeping away the homophobic assholes that I'd only end up beating the crap out of anyway, so I won't have to transfer you know? It's a beautiful complication. If I behave stupidly, I won't get expelled for fighting. If I don't, kids will mess with me, and I will." he pulled off his gloves and held them under his arms, walking over to sit next to his new friend.

"I know Dalton is probably this amazing school that is peaceful and harmonious, but there's something at McKinley that I really like."

Kurt smiled though his heart was racing from having the bad boy as close to him as Blaine was sitting right now.

"Dalton's a fancy private school. They probably have a slew of punching bags."

Blaine shrugged, watching how Kurt was looking down at his hands nervously. "That wasn't what I was referring to."

"I want to ask you something," Kurt said seriously. Blaine looked concerned but Kurt reassured him. "Nothing bad, I promise."

"Go ahead."

"Why did you tag Azimio's locker?"

Blaine started laughing. He wasn't expecting that question, but could understand why the beautiful boy had asked him it. "I love art. I want to make art. And his locker was the perfect surface."

"Seriously," Kurt nudged his side. "Was it just coincidence or did you have reason?"

"I had reason," Blaine admitted with a smile.


"Just like I had reason to stuff Karofsky's letterman jacket in the leftover chili the cafeteria ladies tried to serve. He put his hands on you and I don't think I was too fond of that." He stopped and thought, Kurt looking at him intently. "No. I really wasn't too fond of that."

"Why not?" The blue eyed boy questioned.

Blaine shrugged nonchalantly. "I don't know. I just don't want people putting their hands on you, Kurt."

They sat there a few moments longer before Kurt was shaking his head and clearing his throat. Trying to understand what was happening wasn't working too well. He just wanted to put it all behind him.

"Well it's good you have a release, you know?" Kurt changed the topic, "This looks like it's a great stress reliever."

The dark headed teen stood up, not failing to realize that Kurt changed the topic of their conversation completely from earlier with the 'slew of punching bags' thing, to where they were now.

"It's excellent stress relief actually. I get to release my anger here instead of doing it on people. I've lashed out at too many people in my life, believe it or not."

Kurt nodded. "Maybe I'll pick it up one day," he joked. Blaine smiled as well.

"Why not today?"

"I was kidding." the coiffed boy deadpanned. Blaine ignored him, grabbing his hand and dragging the boy over to the lone punching bag. Kurt looked down at his fingers laced with Blaine's and shook his head.

"No, no, no. I'm not about to do this."

"Yes you are."

Kurt folded his arms and put on his classic bitch face, shifting all his weight to the left. "I don't have the proper outfit for this and I refuse to get my clothes sweaty and gross. This is Marc by Marc Jacobs."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Change into your gym uniform."

"I don't like to sweat in that either thank you very much."

Kurt watched Blaine roll his eyes again and walk over to a black duffel bag by a row of lockers. "I have a spare tank top and some gym shorts. You can put them on," he dug in the bag and pulled out another white wife beater, "and I don't care how much you sweat. I've been thinking about making you sweat since I first saw you." he placed the clothes in Kurt's hands with a wink as the boy stared at him in disbelief. Had Blaine just casually admit something so sexual out loud? "So get changed and I'll show you a few things." he continued.

Kurt swallowed hard as the words finally hit him. That definitely sounded a lot like Blaine telling him he fantasized about him…. Never mind. The boy wasn't paying him much attention now though, so Kurt relaxed. Blaine began adjusting the gloves on his hands before taking a few more punches while waiting for Kurt to get dressed.

"You want me to undress and put on your clothing?"

Blaine turned around to face him. "Why are you still standing there? Hurry up."

Kurt stared at him oddly before walking over to his locker. He noticed it was in clear vision of Blaine and the punching bag but the boy was facing away from him. He placed his new friend's clothes down and began to undo his tie, putting in his combination and neatly placing it down in there before working on his button up. His mind went back to the polo he originally wore to school that morning and the ketchup on it and his anger for Finn grew quickly. Maybe boxing would do him some good.

After folding his button up and placing it alongside his other things, Kurt peeked back at Blaine to make sure he wasn't watching before pulling his t-shirt up and over his head. The cold air hit his body and he shivered, quickly grabbing Blaine's top and putting it on.

Blaine snuck a peek and smiled before returning focus to his boxing.

A few seconds after unbuckling his belt and undoing the buttons to his skin tight jeans, Kurt realized they would be fun to get out of in public. He began to shimmy, sliding the fabric over his hips as best he could as the sounds of the punching stopped completely.

At this point, his jeans were halfway off and he was pretty sure Blaine had a good look of him in his briefs.

"You need help?" the boy questioned sincerely, and Kurt could tell there was a big ass grin on his stupid face.

"I'm fine," Kurt answered, finally stepping out of them, "and I'd appreciate it," he looked at Blaine, "if you didn't watch me undress."

The bad boy smiled and turned away. "So much for trying to be considerate."

Kurt quickly placed his jeans inside and closed the locker, neatly putting his boots on the bench and bending over to pick up and put on the shorts. Blaine watched the whole time despite Kurt asking him not to and knew he'd never regretted. The boy's dark briefs showed off his ass perfectly and now Blaine found himself trying to fight off getting hard.

"Okay." Kurt approached him tightening the drawstring of Blaine's shorts. "What do I do?"

"Put these on first," Blaine said, pulling the gloves off once more and handing them over to his friend. He watched intently as Kurt fisted his way into them, staring at the boy's bare arms and chest, before continuing. "Then the rest is simple. You beat the shit out of that huge lug of leather."

Kurt laughed, getting used to the weight of the boxing gloves. "Sounds simple."

"Now I want you to think about whatever it is that gets you the most upset. Make the punching bag that thing."

Kurt nodded, placing both hands in front of his face as he looked at the bag.

"Since nothing will be hitting you back, you won't really need to stand defensively. I can show you all that another time. For now, it's all about offense, so you should stand in an upright stance like this,"

Blaine demonstrated, arms up and his legs shoulder-width apart, his back foot about a step behind the other. Kurt followed his lead and Blaine nodded, approaching him and adjusting his arms.

"You want to tuck your right elbow in and hold your fist by your chin. Your left fist should be about here," he pulled Kurt's arm out a little, "about six inches eye level."

"Okay." Kurt said quietly, taking everything in.

"Now when you start to punch, you want to keep your wrist slightly bent," he showed Kurt by demonstrating lightly on the punching bag, "so you don't damage those pretty hands of yours."

Kurt rolled his eyes but couldn't stop his cheek from tinting pink. "Just let me hit this thing, please."

"Relax," Blaine smiled. "There's a little more." He laughed at Kurt's pout before realizing he wanted to kiss it off his face, and then he cleared his throat and resumed. Kurt looked at him oddly because now Blaine was blushing, but Blaine was speaking again so he tried to pay attention.

"There are four basic punches in boxing. You have your jab, your straight right or straight left, your hook, and then my favorite, something I've used plenty times, your uppercut."

Kurt shook his head with a grin. "You're horrible."

"I figured you can start off simple so you don't over sweat."

"Do you want me to punch you?" Kurt asked seriously, waving his gloved fist in front of Blaine.

The bad boy smirked. "No."

"Then don't make fun of me."

Blaine held the punching bag as Kurt followed all of the boy's instructions, jabbing when told to and delivering straight punches to both sides because those were the only things Blaine would let him do for now.

Kurt found it strange that he enjoyed this. He hated watching boxing, or wrestling. (Unless Randy Orton was making an appearance, because thank you Lord) To him, seeing a bunch of guys beating each other senseless didn't really get his blood flowing. What was the appeal?

He was stupid to say that out loud because Blaine was going on and on, professing his love for the sports and how wonderful it was when a man hit the mat and couldn't get up. Of course Kurt looked at him like he was out of his mind, but he only continued punching, finding it extremely therapeutic.

He thought about all the people who put him down because of who he was, which was basically half of McKinley, and he thought of all the stress he was caused when the mall had to close an hour early due to that stupid bomb threat. He was really about to get that Elizabeth Taylor fragrance he wanted and then some stupid kids had to play a prank.

He thought about a lot of things, swinging and connecting with the bag over and over again, forgetting that he had company completely. Then Blaine's hands were on his hips shifting him back into the appropriate position, which only made him think of Blaine putting him in positions, and he had to chastise himself for that.

Blaine didn't need that. He really just needed a friend.

"Make sure you stay balanced. The bag could knock back into you and you'll hurt yourself."

"Sorry. I'm getting carried away." Kurt breathed out, stilling the bag. Blaine stood next to him.

"You're sweating and I know you'd probably have a heart attack if you saw how wild your hair was right now." he laughed, walking over to his duffel bag.

Kurt frowned. He knew there wasn't enough hairspray in his locker to help coif it back to perfection, and he'd have to go home looking like some wild hedgehog.

"Once my hair becomes a victim I am done. Please take these gloves off of me."

Blaine laughed. "Okay. But do you mind?" He waved a cigarette in the air before placing it to his lips, pulling out a lighter.

"I do mind actually," Kurt answered seriously. "You shouldn't do that."

Blaine shrugged, removing the cigarette from his lips. "No one else cares. Why should I?"

"I care, Blaine. I might not be anybody important but I don't want you doing that."

Kurt watched as the boy tossed the lighter and cigarette back into his bag before walking back over to him. "Sorry. And you are important. I mean it."

Kurt blushed looking down at the gloves. "Just get me out of these things."

Blaine moved closer to Kurt and pulled the gloves off of him one by one. He watched as Kurt flexed his red hands back and forth, shaking them and smiling.

"That was oddly exhilarating. I'll need to pay you back I suppose?"

Blaine considered it as he smiled at Kurt, hugging the punching bag tightly. "How would you go about that?"

"Well," Kurt put a finger to his chin as he thought, "You taught me a little about something you're good at. I can do the same for you. We can go shopping and get you out of those ripped jeans you refer to as clothes and in something with fewer holes."

Blaine bit his lip in a smile. "You don't like my outfits?"

"I think you're wearing them because you want to keep people at bay. They aren't who you really are. Soooo…" he dragged it out with a smile, eyes glancing up and down Blaine's body, "what I can do is give you a Kurt Hummel approved makeover. I bet you'd look great in a bowtie."

"Or," Blaine smiled, shaking his head at the thought of him in a bowtie. That's absurd. "You can give me a kiss and I'll consider your debt paid. Until the next time we have a lesson, of course."

Kurt licked his lips absently before blushing and looking away. His cheeks were hot at the thought and his stomach began to flutter. "A kiss, huh?"

"A kiss." Blaine repeated. He too wet his lips as Kurt considered it.

"I guess that could work."

Blaine brushed past the punching bag and stood as close to Kurt as he could, the feeling of Kurt's breath on his lips making him lick them subconsciously. He looked into the boy's blue eyes and leant forward, placing a soft kiss there and relaxing into it. Kurt quickly kissed back, closing his eyes and breathing in. His hands moved up to touch the bad boy's cheek, landing on his stubble as Blaine placed a hand on his hip.

Their lips moved languidly, the slow kiss turning into small, sensual ones where Blaine would feel Kurt paying a good amount of attention to his upper lip. The action made him suck on Kurt's lower before his hands were locking around the boy's waist, moving him even closer. A humming sound of approval left Kurt's mouth before he was pulling away, and Blaine slowly opened his eyes at the absence.

"Now I am debt free." he smiled. "Debt free and sweaty. I think I'm going to get in the shower." Blaine didn't let him go right away, but eventually he did with a nod.

"Okay. Me too… but I could wait… Do you want me to look away or just… I don't—" Blaine stuttered over his thoughts but nothing was coming out correctly.

"There's more than one shower you know." Kurt smiled. "Unless you're uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm not." Blaine answered quickly. "I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable."

"I'm fine."


Blaine went to his locker and undressed and Kurt did the same, both making sure not to look at the other.

By the time Blaine had his towel wrapped around his waist and his body wash in hand, Kurt was already by the shower turning his water on.

Kurt looked to his right as Blaine stepped in the shower next to him humming a tune and turning on the hot water as it showered over him. He smirked as actual words came out now, and Blaine sounded really good.


Blaine smiled, rubbing at the nape of his neck tiredly as water cascaded over him. He wanted so bad to look over at Kurt in the shower next to him but he was pretty sure he'd hop over the barrier and bam there goes his only friendship at this school.

"Don't invite me to glee club."

"Why not? You sound pretty good over there and voices like these shouldn't be reserved for the shower."

"Your glee friends hate me and I think I hate them too."

Kurt frowned. "They don't. And you hate everyone. Don't pin this on them."

"I don't hate you."

Kurt looked over at Blaine through the steam with a smile and Blaine returned it wholeheartedly.

"You're not so bad, I guess." Kurt replied. Blaine smirked and turned to face front, his hand reaching over to his body wash.

"Can I point out that we're having a conversation wet and naked?"

Kurt burst out laughing as the hot water pelted his skin. He grabbed at his shampoo and worked some into his hair. "Way to make this extremely awkward, Anderson."

"No," Blaine shook his head, "Awkward would be if I started jerking off like I usually do at this time."

Kurt's face turned extremely red as he rolled his eyes. "I can't with you."

He heard a moan a couple seconds later and he whipped his head around finding something he didn't think he was ready to see.

Blaine's eyes were closed and his lips were parted as he threw his head back, right arm moving in a steady forward motion.



Kurt blushed. This was not happening. "Blaine, stop that!"

"No, baby," Blaine breathed out, his eyes still closed, "you're doing this all wrong. You're supposed to beg me not to stop."

Kurt knew he was probably the color of a ripe tomato as he faced forward, scrubbing at his hair so he could hurry up and finish there. Blaine was too much for him at the moment. He felt himself getting a little excited at the way the bad boy licked his lips as his hand gripped the wall of the shower for support.


"Yes?" he asked, still not looking.


"Oh my fucking goodness."

Blaine opened his eyes and laughed, looking to his left and seeing a red Kurt working shampoo through his chestnut brown hair.

"Fuck you, Blaine."

Blaine laughed harder and shrugged. "Come over here and we can make that happen."

Just then, Kurt's shower went ice cold and he jumped back with a yelp.

"What the hell? I just got in here," Kurt whined. He tried moving against the wall out of the spray of the water to adjust the heat but it didn't change. "Stupid school and their stupid showers."

Blaine smirked. "The water is nice and hot over here."

Kurt pouted as he turned the cold water off and stood there looking into the third and last shower. "Oh my… there's so many pubes oh my god that's gross."

"My shower is nice and clean."

"Shut up."

"I'm just saying."

"You think it's a good idea to shower together?"

"Yes. I think it's a great idea." Blaine said, "I'm still hard and I'm sure your hand would feel better than mine."

Kurt dropped his head, trying once more to see if his water would heat up again.

No luck.

Blaine started singing again.

"Fine. Make room."

Blaine smiled as Kurt made his way over, sliding next to Blaine. "Eyes to yourself, big guy."

"How would you know how big I am unless you looked at mine?"

Kurt smirked and didn't answer, stepping in front of Blaine and washing the shampoo from his hair.

"I probably would mind that you were hogging all the water right now if I didn't have such a perfect view of your ass."

"I won't be long."

Blaine hadn't heard what he said because he had a perfect view of Kurt's ass.

"I probably should have asked if you were involved with someone before I hopped in the shower with you… and kissed you…" Kurt's hands were at the nape of his neck as he rinsed his hair as best he could.

"Is that your way of asking if I'm single baby?"

He could tell Kurt was blushing at the pet name by the boy's voice when he responded.

"I guess it is. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble or anything."

Blaine laughed behind him as little droplets of water sprinkled his body. "I'm not with anyone, no. You?"


Blaine hummed his understanding. "So there'd be no big bad boyfriend coming after me if I started rimming you right now?"

Kurt's hands stopped what they were doing as he froze, wondering if he heard that correctly. He turned around to face Blaine and pretty much got a confirmation when Blaine's eyes had darkened into a lusty gold.

"Turn back around," he whispered, staring directly at Kurt's lips. The blue eyed boy obeyed, turning to face the front wall again as Blaine got on his knees behind him. He bit his lip at the feeling of Blaine spreading his cheeks, his dick twitching with anticipation. The water was still hot and steam was rising once he felt a single kiss pressed against his hole.

Kurt's eyes rolled back as he grasped both walls of the shower for support. He felt Blaine's warm tongue flickering around his entrance before pressing in slowly and he couldn't help the moan that left his lips.

Blaine kneaded Kurt's ass cheeks firmly as he spread them, kissing softly over his crack before licking from top to bottom with his flattened tongue. He began kissing his hole over and over gently, reveling in the beautiful noises Kurt was making as a result.

Once he felt the boy pushing back against him, Blaine began to stretch Kurt with his tongue, fucking him with slow teasing thrusts.

"Shit… Blaine…"

Kurt looked down once he felt a hand pumping him slowly and bit his lip at the sight of Blaine's rough hand dragging along his cock. The feeling of his tongue fucking him and the water running down his body, topped off with Blaine's calloused hands stoking him lazily was enough to make Kurt beg for more.

Before he knew it, Blaine was back on his feet and pushing him against the side of the wall. He hoisted him in the air and Kurt automatically wrapped his legs around Blaine's waist as the bad boy reached between them to continue pumping Kurt's growing cock.

"If we went further would I be your first?"

Kurt's eyes were closed as he whimpered at the feel of Blaine's thumb caressing his head. "Yes."

Blaine was placing small bites from Kurt's jaw down to his chest, biting down and sucking hard a couple inches above his right nipple. Kurt pulled on Blaine's hair as the boy's tongue traipsed up the length of his neck before kissing and sucking hungrily. His hand was still pumping Kurt, sliding over the pre come and squeezing playfully at the tip of his cock.


The bad boy pulled back. "I don't want to take this from you."

"I want to give it to you." Kurt moaned out as he thrust up into Blaine's fist. His legs clenched tighter around Blaine's slender waist making him shudder at the contact of Kurt's ass rubbing against him. "Something is telling me I can trust you. Am I foolish to believe that?"

Blaine shook his head. "I wouldn't hurt you. You're very smart to believe that. This is why I'm not taking your virginity. Not like this."

Kurt leant forward and kissed him, their tongues quickly meeting as Blaine caressed his ass softly. He pulled back with a slow smile as he considered something. "If you were to somehow decide you wanted to date me then I wouldn't feel bad about one day being your first. I'd actually enjoy it a lot."

Kurt smiled. "Anderson, are you asking me out as you press me into a wall naked with water running over our bodies? Oh yeah and your hand on my cock?"

Blaine laughed as he placed a kiss to Kurt's chin. "I think that's what's happening right now."

"How am I supposed to say no to that?"

Blaine smirked. "I think I should pay you back for this, huh?"

"I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to. I mean a debt is a debt."

Kurt watched as Blaine placed him back down and for the second time dropped to his knees. The way Blaine smiled up at him with dark eyes drove him crazy, and then Blaine let his lips touch the head of his dick and Kurt was dying to be inside his mouth.

"I sometimes dream about what you taste like."

The bad boy kissed the underside of his cock before allowing his tongue to trail down it, licking his lips in a way that was absolutely pornographic. When he licked the slit of Kurt's head to taste the pre come, Kurt was a whimpering mess, begging Blaine to do something, anything.

"I had a fantasy that I was doing this to you in Ms. Johnson's class, right on her desk."

He sunk his head down over Kurt's hardened cock, taking the boy in completely until he felt him hit the back of his throat.

Kurt's hands were in Blaine's hair and his head was thrown back, crying out as the boy moved his head up and down, sucking him hard.

"Fuck, Blaine… oh god please don't stop…"

Blaine pulled away with a smile and Kurt looked down at him like he was crazy. "Blaine please."

"Fuck my mouth." he demanded. Kurt looked at him with wide eyes at what he had just been ordered to do all until Blaine was sucking him again, his hands at Kurt's hips gripping down hard enough to bruise as he urged the boy forward, hungrily accepting Kurt's cock into his mouth.

Kurt got the message. He fisted Blaine's hair with one hand and let the other grip the shower wall as he thrust forward over and over again, watching Blaine taking his dick like he wanted it more that anything. Blaine's lips were wrapped tightly around him as he hummed heavily on everyone of Kurt's thrust, sending pleasurable vibrations throughout the boy's body. Kurt cried out, closing his eyes and continuing his assault, plunging forward into the wet heat Blaine's mouth was providing.

The bad boy started stroking himself to the rhythm that Kurt was entering his mouth. He found that he was extremely close as the water was less hot and more warm now, Kurt shaking above him. The broken whines Kurt was crying let him know that he was close too.

"Ahh… shit… so fucking good Blaine… oh nnghh…"

Blaine removed the hand he had on Kurt's hip and started to play with Kurt's hole, rubbing at it gingerly while he stroked himself and sucked the boy hard and fast. Kurt's grip in his hair tightened as he warned he was close, and Blaine came right then at the noise Kurt made once he was releasing into the bad boy's mouth.

The water was cooler as Kurt rode out his orgasm, feeling his body unclench and slowly pulling out of Blaine's mouth. He watched as the dark head boy leant his head onto Kurt's hip and stroked himself through his own orgasm, moaning Kurt's name until he was finished.

Kurt just stayed there against the wall, still trying to process the fact that he was seeing someone now and said someone just sucked him off in the boy's locker room.

Blaine stood to his feet quickly and grabbed his body wash. "Hurry up, the water is getting cold."

Kurt smiled, not really moving and reveling in his post orgasmic haze. "That's not really my fault now is it?"

He saw Blaine smirk as he started to wash himself and handed the bottle to Kurt. "Use mine."

Kurt didn't fight him on it, thinking he'd like very much to smell like Blaine Anderson. It'd be fun when he was in bed alone that night having some pretty nice dreams.

They both washed quickly and got rinsed off before the water could go cold. Blaine shut the shower off and kissed Kurt as he toweled him dry, laughing at the way he'd blush even after they had just done some pretty dirty things in the shower.

After they both were dry and dressed, they exchanged numbers with the intent to talk that night. Blaine shouldered his duffel bag and grabbed Kurt's hand, leading him out of the school building. They passed the evening janitor who looked at them suspiciously and Blaine just said 'yepp, we did' before continuing out the door.

They reached Kurt's car and the taller junior smiled, giggling as Blaine pushed him against the car and caught him in a searing kiss. Blaine smiled against his lips as he softly kissed him, grabbing around the boy's waist tightly.

"So you should forget your keys more often."

Kurt laughed, tinting red. "I agree. When can I get another boxing lesson? Although I think I'm pretty good already…"

Blaine smiled at him. "We'll talk about it over dinner tomorrow night. I heard Breadsticks was pretty good. This Latina chick—"

Kurt laughed. "Santana."

"Yeah," Blaine smiled, "I heard her raving about it."

Kurt leant forward and kissed Blaine once more. "So it's a date, Anderson."

"Pick you up tomorrow." he smiled and let Kurt go, watching as the boy turned to get in his car. Kurt smiled back at him as he strapped in.

"Get home safely."

"You too, beautiful."

Blaine backpedaled to his bike, watching Kurt pull out and exit the lot.

I really love boxing.

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