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Chapter 9

Emotions were high in the airport terminal. Some students were squealing with excitement, anxious to board, others were more calm, mainly Puck and Blaine who spent the hour waiting talking about football, the mohawked teen trying to convince Blaine to join the team next year. Mr. Schuester spent his time trying to rehearse their songs and give encouraging tidbits, backed up by Ms. Pillsbury, but Rachel refused to let them go over anything. There could be spies ready to leak information, she explained, ignoring the way her club members rolled their eyes.

Kurt still wasn't too fond of the fact that they had to fly there. He'd never been on a plane before, and suddenly the nerves were riding high. What if they all crashed and burned before he had the opportunity to step foot in New York for the first time? What if everything he was working towards was never achieved because of a fiery death?

Thank goodness for his boyfriend who was there every step of the way; holding his hand as they sat in their seats after boarding, promising that they wouldn't crash and no birds would fly into the engine, asking on more than one occasion whether or not Kurt would like to join the 'mile high club' after a few minutes in the bathroom, and frowning at the repetitive no'she received.

Their friends would glance over to him ever so often and smile. Not only were they happy that Kurt had someone to love him and adore him, but they were happy their friend Blaine had that too.


The plane landed safely a couple hours later. Mr. Schuester dragged everybody to the hotel and stuck them in a room, giving orders not to leave, and to rehearse their songs and dance moves. The kids looked at him oddly as he turned and fled.

"Where the hell is he going?" Puck questioned, his eyebrow raised in suspicion, "and why does he get to leave but we don't?"

"And what's the point of being in New York if we can't seeNew York?" Santana chimed in. "C'mon! Berry made us practice this stuff a million and one times in the choir room. Let's get out of here."

"Mr. Schue said not to leave," Rachel responded, putting her foot down. "And a little more practice wouldn't kill anyone. From the top!"

A collective sound of groans filled the room as everyone stood to their feet to leave. Kurt smiled and patted his best friend on the shoulder, motioning out of the room. "Sorry, but I'm not missing New York because Mr. Schue wants us to beat a dead horse. He's probably out enjoying himself anyway."

Blaine took Kurt's hand and led him away, smiling softly at Rachel. She was left in the room with Finn who was looking down at his hands.

"You can go too." The brunette said softly. "I'm sure you want to."

"We should go out tonight," a nervous Finn answered, scratching at his chin. "I mean if you want to. I mean everyone else is—"

"I thought you weren't allowed to date?" replied a sarcastic Rachel, walking over to sit on one of the beds. "Which I'm sure was a lie because Kurt has yet to break up with Blaine."

Finn remained quiet. He felt bad for telling that lie, but he wasn't sure how to explain that he was ending their relationship because Rachel was slobbering all over his ex-girlfriend instead of him at that party. "So is that a no?"

Rachel rolled her eyes and stood to leave. Hopefully she'd be able to catch up with someone by now. "No, Finn."


Dudes I need help trying to serenade Rachel tonight. Can you help? –Finn

Sure! –Mike

If you come with me to the strip club on 44th afterwards –Puck

Totally! –Sam

Of course, bro –Artie

Can't. Sorry. –Kurt

No can do. Sex with your brother –Blaine


Kurt smiled softly as he settled closer to his fast asleep boyfriend, wrapping Blaine a little tighter in his arms. They'd spent the whole day walking through the city, Blaine remembering a little from the tour a guide gave him when he visited with his family a year ago. They stopped at 34th street and Blaine laughed as Kurt dragged him all throughout Macys, practically breaking his arm in the process. On their way to 42nd street and Broadway, they passed the EmpireStateBuilding and stopped to take pictures, Blaine cheesing as Kurt kissed his cheek.

Once they reached Broadway, things got interesting. Blaine almost got the both of them arrested after picking a lock to a theater, picking Kurt up over his shoulder to bring him inside after he refused, leading him over to the stage, and convincing Kurt to perform a song. Kurt almost died when he realized they were on the stage for one of his favorite musicals Wicked,but proved not to be all that hard to convince as he started belting out lyrics, smiling at a smiling Blaine who sat in the front row recording it. He looked over the empty theater, feeling as if one day this could be his, one day he could do it. Blaine hopped up on stage afterwards, pulling him closely into a soft kiss.

They smiled into it, melting into one another. Kurt couldn't fathom any of it, that he was happy, that he was on stage, in New York, on Broadway, kissing Blaine, who was slipping his hands around his waist and holding him closely, the both of them moving their lips in succession with the others.

Somehow Kurt ended up against the wall backstage, his legs wrapped around Blaine's waist and hands combing through his hair. He bit his lip as Blaine squeezed his ass tightly, and sighed when Blaine's lips bit down on his neck, eyes rolling back as his boyfriend sucked on his pulse point. But that was the furthest they got. A minute later they were both running for their lives as a guard chased them throughout the building, Blaine laughing hysterically as he pushed the double doors open and followed after apparent track and field star Kurt Hummel.

They went to lunch, and after about half an hour of Kurt not speaking to him, Blaine led the way to the Toys"R"Us in Times Square, getting on the huge ride there and grinning like a fool with the seven year old girl next to him. Kurt really couldn't stay upset when he had such a goober for a boyfriend.

Blaine ended up buying a bunch of DVDs for them to take back to the hotel with them. Kurt checked a text he got from Finn about serenading Rachel and rolled his eyes. There was no way he was getting involved with the two of them again. Blaine looked down at his phone and typed out a message as the two of them continued, walking towards where they stayed in midtown. On the way, they passed by Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, complimenting the first girl on her new random hair cut and ignoring Santana's 'let's go to a sex shop' shout.

After arriving back, ordering room service, and watching Toy Story 1 and most of 2, Blaine was fast asleep in the hotel room they'd share with the other guys. Kurt held him closely, watching Woody and Buzz argue on the screen as he played big spoon. His mind was swimming with hundreds of thoughts; Nationals the next day, the beautiful boy in his arms, how he broke and entered a freaking Broadway theater and got to sing on stage because of this insane but beautiful boy in his arms, and something he organized to make Blaine happy in turn.

There was a high chance that it would backfire though, and it made Kurt more than a little anxious.

But Blaine deserved a little happiness. Hopefully he'd like the surprise.

Kurt closed his eyes and snuggled closer into Blaine's body, resting his head atop Blaine's shoulder, trying not to think too hard. There were a million things Kurt could be doing to distract him from how bad things could blow up, like actually going over that set list like Mr. Schue wanted them to do, work on his dance moves, help out with operation: Serenade Berry, but lying in bed with Blaine seemed a lot more appealing. Kurt smiled at the comfort he found in his boyfriend, even when the teen was fast asleep in his arms, all before he heard a little grunt leaving his boyfriend's lips.

Kurt's eyes went wide at the noise and he frowned, hoping Blaine wasn't having a bad dream because of the stress with his parents and everything else he faced at home. Blaine explained nightmares he had from time to time, and it broke Kurt to pieces. He tightened his hold on him and kissed the boy at the nape of his neck, thankful for the small amount of gel Blaine opted for today, but when Blaine grinded against him and made that sound again, Kurt was convinced whatever this dream was, it couldn't be too bad.

It might've been fantastic.

Then it happened again. Blaine grinded back and Kurt bit his lip to stay quiet at how goodit felt; the wonderful friction of Blaine in his sweats rubbing against him in his briefs. He moved a smooth hand to the curve of Blaine's hip, trying to still him, not really wanting to get off by humping his sleeping boyfriend. That could probably be classified as wrong on more than a few levels. But in the midst of Kurt's inner thoughts, Blaine full out moaned this time.

"Ooooooh, nnnnhh."

Kurt felt himself getting excited from the breathy noises and feverish movements. He better be dreaming about me,he thought with a smirk, holding Blaine still in hopes that maybe he'd wake up. But Blaine only rolled over and out of Kurt's grasp so that he was on his belly, and began to rut against the hotel room's mattress.

Kurt peeled the covers off the both of them and watched with wide eyes. Blaine's hips snapped further into the bed, his deep voice groaning as he grinded into the mattress. Kurt gulped, wetting his lips as he watched, wondering if he should somehow help. He could help right? Blaine is his boyfriend, and this is his hotel bed Blaine's pounding into. He probably would feel better with a little relief—


And that was all the invitation he needed. Kurt exhaled heavily, anticipation working at his nerves. He sent a warning text to Puck to let him know not to come back anytime soon. Puck sent a winking emoticon in response making the coiffed teen roll his blue eyes.

He slid his underwear over his hips and down his long legs, his cock getting harder just from looking at Blaine's tightly closed eyes, parted lips, and the way his hips were gyrating. He got on his knees next to his boyfriend, trying to imagine just what was going on in the teen's dream before mounting Blaine's legs, leaning down to place wet kisses over his bare back.

Blaine was whining now, his movements less frantic but steady as Kurt massaged the boxer's tense shoulders, placing gentle kisses along his back. He could hear his dreaming boyfriend whispering his name, dragging out each letter, while rubbing against the mattress. Kurt smiled against the tanned skin, his lips brushing against soft hair as he moved his hands slowly down Blaine's muscles and hooked them in the waist band of his sweat pants.

Slowly, Kurt tugged them down Blaine's body. He could hear a slight gasp once the teen's cock was freed, and Blaine moaned as he started to rut a little harder. Kurt looked at the boy's perfect ass and began to knead the supple flesh with each hand, smiling when Blaine began to push back into his touch. Moving further down the bed and ignoring his own aching cock, Kurt lowered his lips to Blaine's ass and began to pepper kisses all over the soft skin.

Blaine found himself clutching the bed sheets when a tongue flicked over his hole. His eyes snapped open and he looked up so quickly he became dizzy—only met by the dark wood of the headboard, reminding him he was in a hotel in NYC, alone with his gorgeous boyfriend. And then it happened again— a flat, wet tongue was trailing between his cheeks painfully slow, circling the rim but not quite entering, and he could only throw his head into the pillows to muffle the moan leaving his lips.

Kurt placed playful bites and kisses along the flesh of his cheeks, darting his tongue out every so often. When he felt Blaine wake up and start to writhe a little less frantic but still hasty beneath him, Kurt smiled, giving him a friendly greeting.

How'd you sleep honey?"

"Fuck," was the response he got. Kurt smiled as he circled his entrance again, only quicker this time.

"Kurt, please," Blaine pleaded, lifting his hips into the air. He hugged the pillow tightly and moaned once he felt his boyfriend's tongue pressing into the tight ring of muscles, stretching him while running beautifully long fingers up and down his thighs.

Blaine couldn't take it. He'd just been dreaming about Kurt pounding into him over the librarian's desk at school, and now he'd woken up to Kurt rimming him with a long, wet tongue that drove him crazy. Blaine needed him now.

Kurt spread Blaine's legs wider as he worked his tongue in and out of his tight hole, reveling in each and every sound it emitted from his boyfriend. Blaine was cursing and arching his back higher, whining, pleading, and Kurt couldn't wait any longer. He'd been teasing himself long enough too.

"I need you inside me, Kurt…"

"Turn on your side," he instructed, crawling his way over to the opposite side of the bed. Blaine obeyed, facing the direction of Mike and Sam's beds as he waited patiently. The racket of Kurt digging through his bag for lubricant and a condom only made him more excited, but he didn't want to touch himself. It'd be over way too early.

Kurt gathered what he needed and began to coat his fingers in a generous amount of lube. He held Blaine steady along the hip with one hand and pushed a finger in slowly with the other. Blaine reached up and wrapped his hand around Kurt's neck, holding him closely as the blue eyed teen worked his finger deeper and deeper.

"I want you now," Blaine breathed out huskily. He worked his ass back, and Kurt kissed him on the cheek, pulling out and adding another finger.

"You're so tight baby," Kurt answered, licking along the shell of Blaine's ear and gently working his fingers deeper. The moan that Blaine let escape had somehow succeeded in making Kurt even harder, but he managed to control himself and focus on stretching Blaine. "Just a little more, okay?"

"Mmmm," Blaine's toes curled as he grasped for the edge of the bed. Kurt had slipped his fingers even further and snapped his wrist so that he made contact with Blaine's prostate, teasing it softly. His body shivered in response as he bucked back, but Kurt was careful to avoid that spot again as he scissored his fingers, watching intimately as they entered Blaine's curvy ass.

"I'm gonna add a third," Kurt whispered hotly into the elder's ear, licking his lips as Blaine nodded fervently.

He fucked Blaine with those three fingers with a fast pace, watching with dark eyes as his boyfriend worked himself onto them. Kurt reached for the condom as he continued to stretch Blaine, ripping it with his teeth and spitting the foil somewhere over his shoulders. After another minute or so, he pulled his fingers out and began to roll the latex over his erect dick, groaning at Blaine's encouraging chants of 'make me scream' and began to slick himself up.

Pausing only to run his hand along Blaine's hips and thighs, Kurt lined himself up at the hazel eyed teen's entrance and dug his nails into the tanned skin, pushing forward as slowly as he could stand. He had to close his eyes at how tight and perfect Blaine felt around him as he inched further and further in, nails digging into the muscled thighs until he was buried.

Blaine let out a long breath after feeling Kurt was finallydeep inside him. Kurt's chest was flush against his back, and his hand was trailing along his leg before settling at his hip, the other lacing into the bars of his headboard. He closed his eyes once Kurt's lips trailed along his neck, every hair on his body standing up when his teeth scraped along the sensitive skin there.

"You can m-move," Blaine told him anxiously. Kurt began to thrust slowly at first, carefully moving out, adoring the drag of Blaine's tightness around him, before leisurely moving forward. Once they were flush against one another again, and Blaine moaned his name, Kurt moved out slowly, allowing his boyfriend the opportunity to get used to the stretch.

His teeth dug into Blaine's shoulder the deeper he got. It was too much not to lose himself completely and rush this entire thing, fucking Blaine hard and fast just like he was begging for him to do. But he needed this to last a little while longer. Blaine needed to be taken care of for once.

The pace was quickened slightly. Kurt snapped his hips forward, grinding in and out of Blaine in a way that set his body on fire. He lifted one of Blaine's legs and held it in the air as he thrust forward, connecting with a spot that elicited a loud shout from the dark haired teen.

"Fuck!" Blaine cursed clutching the bed sheets, biting his lip into a grin, "Right there, Kurt-t, shit,"

"Where?" Kurt smiled into his ear as he pulled out and continued to thrust, missing where Blaine needed him to be completely. "Here?"

"Kurt, baby don't… please Kurt…"

"What am I d-doing?" Kurt moaned as he felt his stomach heating up and the chills lighting up his spine. He fucked Blaine's ass at a steady rhythm, trying to last as long as he could. "Doesn't it feel good babe?"

Blaine threw his head into the pillow, trying to move back but not able to because of the position Kurt had him in. His right leg was in the air as his boyfriend moved in and out of him, and all he could do was lie there and take it. His whimpering turned into a long drawn out song of Kurt's name, pleading for him to move deeper, and Blaine's hands flew into his sweaty curls once his boyfriend finally obliged.

"Oh? Is this… the spot you were… talking about?" Kurt teased in between breaths. He began panting as he neared his orgasm, smiling at Blaine's shouts. Once he slipped his hand between Blaine's legs and wrapped it around the boy's throbbing cock, Kurt had never been more thankful that he was in an empty hotel room and not at home. The words that left his boyfriend's mouth were not words for his family or friends to hear. He began to stroke up and down Blaine's hardness in time with his rhythm, squeezing at the head of Blaine's thick cock as he abused his pleasure spot again and again and—

Kurt felt Blaine clench around him and he tumbled over the edge, biting down against Blaine's shoulder once more and coming hard into the condom. Blaine's body was trembling as he came too, moaning Kurt's name into the pillows. They lay there silent for a moment, catching their breaths, relaxing into one another, smiling at their closeness. Eventually, Kurt sat up to pull out of Blaine, wincing at the oversensitivity. After tying off the condom and tossing it in the trash, Kurt lay back with a satisfied smile, staring at the ceiling. Blaine rolled over slowly and nestled into his boyfriend's side.

"I fucking love you."

Kurt laughed, pulling Blaine closer. "I love you too, silly. So… that must've been a nice dream, huh?"


"New Directions are up next!"

Mr. Schue nodded and turned to face his club, smiling in what he hoped to be a comforting way at their nervous faces. "Are we ready guys? This is what we've worked so hard for! Let's get out there and win this thing!"

"I feel sick," Brittany confessed, turning to look at her fellow glee clubbers. "What if we all get on stage and forget the lyrics and choreography?"

They all just looked at her in response, their faces turning pale at the thought. "Oh my god. We're screwed," Artie said aloud, shaking his head.

"Guys are you serious?" Rachel took her place in front of all of them with her usual overabundance of confidence. "We worked and worked for this. There is no way any of you will mess this up for me—"

"What she's trying to say guys," Mr. Schue cut in as Blaine rolled his eyes at the club's captain, "is that we'll do great." He patted Brittany on the back and the girl smiled, "You all are winners either way for taking this journey despite the hardships, and making it here!"

"Except for Anderson," Santana said with a smirk, "he didn't face any hardships. He only joined so that he could make out with Kurt in the back row while people sing their solos."

Kurt blushed as he turned back to the club's director. "We don't do that."

"Anyway," Mr. Schue resumed, not failing to notice the smirk on Blaine's face. There was no way those two would be sitting together for glee club next year. "You have two more minutes. Shake out the nerves and get behind that curtain. Show New York what you guys have and bring it all back to McKinley!"

The club formed a circle and hyped themselves up before taking the stage. This was it.


That was it.

Blaine shook his head as he glared at Finn and Rachel along with the rest of the New Directions. They were doing so well. The song was going great. Their outfits looked amazing. Kurt's ass looked fantastic, though that probably wasn't something the judges' decision would be based on. Nevertheless, it did, and they were all good.

Then Finchelhad to make out during their performance and ruin it all.

Oh well, there was always next year, Blaine thought. As long as he behaved how he promised both Burt and Kurt he would, and stayed out of trouble. His senior year could be magic.

Their senior year could be.

Blaine squeezed Kurt's hands tighter as they sat on the couch backstage, waiting for the results to be posted. Kurt seemed almost out of it, glancing around every few moments as if he was looking for someone. Blaine found it odd.


His boyfriend glanced over at him, blue eyes brighter than usual. "Yes, honey?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm great," Kurt smiled, turning back around and watching the other show choirs mingle. They stayed there a few more minutes, talking with the rest of the club, smiling here or there, glaring at Finn and Rachel, and nodding at Mr. Schue's encouraging words.

Blaine felt Kurt squeeze his hand a little tighter and turned to look at his boyfriend warily. Kurt was staring down the long hall and Blaine shook his head, demanding an explanation.

"Tell me what's bothering you, Kurt. And don't say it's nothing. I know something—"

"I invited someone to see you perform," Kurt interrupted, trying to smile but not quite succeeding. The look came out as an unsure grimace.

Blaine quirked an eyebrow at the words. "Who?"

"Hey little bro," Cooper said with a smile, patting Blaine on the shoulder. His younger brother looked up quickly and his face quickly turned into a frown.

"What are you doing here?"

Cooper looked to Kurt for help, but the coiffed teen wasn't sure how to assist in the matter.

"I came to see you and your friends perform in New York! You all were amazing, I mean that kiss was a little over the top but the songs—"

"I don't need you here." Blaine stood up, still clutching Kurt's hands as he tried to walk off. Where he was going, he wasn't sure, but it didn't matter because Kurt was stopping him.

"Can you two maybe talk, baby?"

"Talk about what?" Blaine questioned with the roll of his eyes, "If he wanted to talk he wouldn't have left the first chance he got, but he did. I didn't need him anyway."

Kurt pulled on Blaine's hand to stop his boyfriend from dragging him down the hall. "Listen, Blaine. Please?"

Blaine sighed in exasperation but stopped, turning around to look at the boy he loved.

"He wants to make things right. Now I don't know what he did but he's obviously sorry—"

"How can you say that when you don't know anything about this?"

"Easily," Kurt replied, moving his hand to either side of Blaine's face, holding him securely. "I didn't know anything about you when we met but I could tell by the look on your eyes you needed someone. And it was perfect because I did too." Blaine was quiet as Kurt continued, his voice cracking slightly, "You explained to me all that you had done and the reasons you did them, and I knew from a simple glance that you just needed a chance and you could redeem yourself. I think you've done a pretty good job of it, no matter how bumpy the road along the way." he lowered his hands into Blaine's as the hazel eyed teen looked at him with watery eyes. "You did it Blaine. You redeemed yourself. After all of the fighting and the hurt, you're at a place of content. Don't you think he deserves a chance?"

Blaine pulled Kurt closer into him as the blue eyed teen reciprocated a tight hug. "All I want is for you to be happy. Your brother misses you, and no matter what happened I'm sure you miss your older brother as well."

"He knew all about it. I told him everything," Blaine said softly, gripping Kurt tighter. "About the bullying, and why. I told him I needed him. He wasn't happy I was gay, and he said gay kids got bullied, there wasn't anything he could do."

Kurt frowned into his shoulder as he listened.

"And then he said I could always go to Dalton, but I didn't want to run. What was running going to solve? I needed help."

"And then…" Kurt trailed off, trying not to tear up.

"And then they jumped me."

Kurt winced at the confirmation.

"But Cooper was too cool to be bothered." Blaine continued, "All of his friends were straight and he is, so he didn't want to let anyone know his little brother wasn't. He'd be the laughing stock around town. By this time, our parents had begun fighting, and I had to transfer schools, and he went to college hours away just so he could maintain his cool guy reputation. Be the guy everyone loved."

"Why are you still holding this against him? He wants to fix this—" Kurt pulled away when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Just wanted to let you know we lost. Twelfth." Sam announced to them before walking away sadly. A few people were holding Santana back as she tried to take Rachel's head off, and both Blaine and Kurt could only shake their heads in response.

"I'm upset he gave up on me because of who I am, Kurt. Has anyone done that to you before?"

Kurt shook his head. "I may not have been in your exact situation, but I have had people let me down when I needed their support. But we grew past that. You can to."

Mr. Schue walked over with a blank face. "We need to get back to the hotel, guys, but Blaine," he turned to face the shorter junior, "I told your brother you could hang out with him for a while. Curfew's at 9, okay buddy? Early flight."

"Okay!" Kurt answered before Blaine could tell him otherwise, "I'll be over in a minute."

The glee club director walked off and Blaine sighed, looking at his boyfriend in an annoyed fashion.

Kurt kissed him softly on the lips. "Go have fun. I love you."

Blaine watched him walk away and go over to Cooper who smiled at him. They exchanged a few words and Kurt turned around to wave goodbye. Blaine did the same, though he wasn't pleased.

The New Directions left, rather unhappy with themselves. Cooper walked over to join his younger brother and smiled at him apprehensively.

"I got us tickets to Jones vs. Tate at MadisonSquareGarden. I figured on the way there, I could apologize for being such an asshole when you needed me the most. If you'd like to join me?"

Blaine looked up at his older brother, the guy he used to look up to more than anyone else in the world, and shook his head. "Why now?"

"Tomorrow's not promised today." Cooper answered, watching the remaining choirs who were celebrating and taking pictures finally begin to file out. "Kurt's a great guy, and he told me everything I knew about you. Everything I knew to be true, but was too scared of a punk kid to admit." He stopped to clasp his brother on the shoulder, "You're amazing Blaine, whether you believe it or not, and you were one of my best friends. I'd love it if we could go back to that, be the older brother you needed."

When Blaine didn't answer, Cooper ruffled his dark hair in defeat. "At least go to the fight with me. Give me this one last thing."


Four months later…

"Why is the fire on so low?" Kurt started adjusting the eyes on the stove before Blaine slapped his hand away.

"Why are you in here? I got this."

Kurt laughed, "Oh you got this, huh?"

"I don't take over your kitchen at Friday night dinner so don't take over mine at Tuesday night dinner, okay?"

Blaine pushed Kurt out of his kitchen, but Kurt laughed as Cooper pushed the both of them out.

"What are you doing?" Blaine frowned, still holding a spatula.

"I don't trust you. We just got this place and there is no way I'm letting you burn it to the ground, thank you very much," he took the spatula from his little brother and pointed into the living room where Burt and Carole were. "If Kurt isn't in here to watch you, there is no way you're staying in here alone."

"Ha," Kurt stuck his tongue out and traipsed into the living room with his parents. Blaine folded his arms and followed.

Things had changed so much, but for the better. Blaine now lived with Cooper in a comfortable two bedroom apartment about fifteen minutes away from Kurt's house. The two were getting along a lot better, often hanging out and doing things they missed out on. Cooper and Kurt were close too, though Blaine didn't like that his brother would take his boyfriend's side on everything.

At least he had Burt now.

The brothers' parents were still going through their motions, but at least Blaine wasn't as affected by it as he was when he lived there. Sure it hurt, but they were grown. Life went on. Blaine knew he'd be a better man than his father, and he and Kurt would end up happy throughout the years like his OTP Burt and Carole.

They sat at the dinner table conversing. Kurt was ecstatic that everything had turned out okay between Blaine and Cooper, and that his boyfriend had someone in his family to be there for him. Kurt was in love, and his parents were happy for him, as were his friends, and more importantly, they were happy.

Kurt and Blaine glanced over at each other over the spaghetti and meatballs Cooper had prepared. They smiled as Burt and Cooper talked about how expensive senior dues were and about senior trip, graduation, maybe another Nationals stint. Blaine smiled when Cooper volunteered his little brother's services at the shop after school to help pay, and Burt thought that was a wonderful idea. When Kurt started laughing and Burt said he'd be working there too, Blaine got the opportunity to stick his tongue out at his boyfriend.

Kurt's parents waited in the car for him as the two love birds kissed goodnight. Blaine promised to see him in the morning so they could enjoy their last few days of summer vacation together, and Kurt smiled at the thought alone. He was so happy he still couldn't understand.

Watching Kurt leave always hurt in a way that Blaine thought was unhealthy, but he smiled and waved goodnight anyway. Burt tipped his hat, and Carole blew a kiss, all before they pulled away.

Despite how crazy things were throughout his junior year, starting at one school and ending at another, Blaine knew one thing for sure.

Senior year would be amazing.


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