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Sephiroth watched carefully as the auburn-haired man introduced himself to Ms. Cole and asked to see Tom. No one ever asked to see his best friend! He raced up the stairs, taking them two at a time, bursting into the room he shared with Tom.

"There's a man down there asking for you... He said something about a special school. Maybe he's talking about the you-know-what?" Clear cobalt eyes widened at the thought.

"Really? Where is he now?"

"Talking to Ms. Cole in her 'official' office. I don't trust him, so be careful." A knock sounded after he hissed his warning.

"My name is Professor Dumbledore. May I come in?" Tom opened the door and sat on the bed, Sephiroth pretending to be engrossed in his tattered paperback book. "Your young friend here has to leave, Tom."

"I tell everything to Seph Professor. What you have to say to me, you can say to him." Sephiroth smiled behind his book; trust Tom to sound like an adult or at least try in front of this man. They'd overheard one of the older boys say that a while ago and had never had the chance to try it out.

"Very well. Tom, you're a Wizard."

"A what? Are you barking mad, sir?" Tom harrumphed, crossing his arms.

"Any strange incidences while you were here at the orphanage and you were angry or scared?" Bright blue narrowed in thought as several incidences in Sephiroth's memory popping up.

"I can talk to snakes... When I get mad, the other kids do what I want... Seph's seen me fly." Those were only a few of the many things that had happened over the last three years. "Stuff like that... Does it make me a freak?"

"My dear boy, no! You are special and the school I work for can teach you how to harness that power. Your young friend here cannot go with you. The school's name is Hogwarts."

"Why can't Seph come?"

"Well... He has no magic. That's what you're doing when you're mad."

"Seph can fly too." Trust Tom to out his secret to the man; he was never overly fond of the spotlight.

"Really?" Sephiroth sighed as he put down his book, shook off the overly large trench-coat and spread his wings. "A Lir'ar'adia?" the man breathed softly, shock on the not-so-omnipotent face now.

"A what?" Sephiroth asked, looking at Tom with a raised eyebrow. "Bloody hell, this is getting weird even by our standards, Tombs..."

"Yeah, really weird Icarus."

"Language, boys. I thought your names were Tom and Sephiroth?"

"Nicknames." Sephiroth waved it off, not wanting to tell the creep that those were their super-hero names, the names that no one else knew about. "What's a Lir'ar'adia?"

"A Magical Creature so rare that they are only born every thousand years. They are highly revered in the Wizarding World... Such a discovery has not been made since Hogwarts was founded."


"I told you, Seph. I told you that you were special..."

"So are you. So, up to saving any citizens?" he teased. It was an inside joke that they were super-heroes like Superman and Captain America.

"I think I need to go to Hogwarts for that. So... Seph can come with?"

"Yes. We'll need to get your supplies."

"...But I don't have any money." That point stung often at the orphanage.

"Nonsense, my boy. The bank has tests to see if you do."


"Ms. Cole said I could take you now. However, no more of this bullying I heard about from the Matron.

That behavior is not tolerated at Hogwarts."

"Yessir." they both chirruped innocently, exchanging a sly glance. They just wouldn't get caught again pranking the jerks who bullied Tom...


Tom looked around him in awe, grabbing Sephiroth's hand when the stares got to be too much. He didn't like being stared at; it reminded him too much of the staring adults who looked at Sephiroth first before sliding their gaze over to him. Sephiroth had almost been adopted twice before the other boy had started pulling tantrums once taken away from him. Seph was his only friend; he wouldn't have anyone else if the younger boy was adopted.

"Hey, you're killing my hand, Tombs. Ease up. They're staring at Dumbledore, not us." The Professor had cast what he called a Glamoure on Seph's hair making it black like Tom's and concealing the slit-pupil. He missed the silver as well as the familiar gaze, cursing the need for it. "He's a Professor and its summer."


"Wow! Hey, Tombs look!" Sephiroth whispered excitedly, pointing to the glorious white building at the end of the Alley. "He says that's the bank and its run by Goblins..."

"That's swell!" Tom whispered back, smiling at his best friend.

"I know; he's been pretty good so far. Didn't even comment on your snake-speaking... Which is really neat."

"You think so, but what about the other kids? The other Wizard kids?" he managed as they followed Dumbledore to the bank.

"I'm coming with, silly. I still think it's wicked."


"I would like to request an Inheritance test for two?" The older Wizard asked a Goblin teller.

"Their names?" Tom almost giggled at the harsh voice coming from the ugly creature.

"Tom Riddle and Sephiroth..."

"Crescent." Sephiroth included quietly, his wings flexing under the trench-coat in a fit of nervousness.

"Yes, Sephiroth Crescent."

"Separate or together?" it questioned, peering down pince-nez glasses and the desk right at them.


"Together." Tom blurted, fear suddenly a sharp twist in his gut.

"Yeah." Sephiroth didn't let it show, but Tom felt the hand around his own tighten slightly. "Together's good."

"Very well, Messrs. Riddle and Crescent. Right this way. My name is Griphook." Dumbledore made to follow them and the Goblin shot the taller male a dark look. "The clients only, Messr. Dumbledore."

"Thank you, Mr. Griphook." he breathed softly after they had left the man in the lobby.

"That Wizard is too nosy for his own good. We've been trying to get him for years." With a wave of his gnarled hand, Sephiroth was back to normal, silver hair and slit-pupils back in an instant. "A Lir'ar'adia... Welcome back to the Wizarding World. You and your friend are sorely needed."


"Hmph. It has been passed down the Goblin Lines that one day a Lir'ar'adia would return to right Creature wrongs done at the hand of the Wizarding Ministry. Your tests require three drops of blood on this parchment. Who will go first?"

"I will, Mr. Griphook." Tom volunteered, letting go of Sephiroth's hand for the first time today. A tiny pricking of his forefinger later and the Goblin gasped. It read:

His Grace Tom Marvalo Riddle; Bonded to His Majesty Sephiroth Artemis Crescent-Valentine the Third

-Head of-

House Slytherin

House Ravenclaw

House Mathwy

-Hier to-

House Ravenclaw (1st)

House Malfoy (5th)

-Magical Weapons-

Dagger of Discord (Slytherin)

Staff of Mathwy

Diadem of Ravenclaw

Bow of Cerennos

Tom looked at Sephiroth and giggled.

"Your Majesty."

"Pfffft, Your Grace. Geez, who comes up with these titles anyway?"

"It's your turn now." The parchment turned silver instead of red as it had with him. It read:

His Majesty Sephiroth Artemis Crescent-Valentine the Third; Bonded to His Grace Tom Marvalo Riddle

-Head of-

House Crescent

House Gainsborough

House Morrigain

-Hier to-

House Valentine (1st)

House Rhapsodos

House Hewley

House Strife

-Magical Weapons-

Masamune (Royal Blade)

Cerberus (Royal Gun)

Staff of Morrigain

Cerridwen's Cauldron

They glanced at each other and sighed.

"We're not telling Dumbledore any of this." Sephiroth said with conviction. "Nope. My wings are already tingling around the man..." Wing tingles were bad for the person who caused them; Sephiroth had learnt the hard way to trust his wings after a man had adopted him and tried to do something with him. Thankfully, Tom had thrown the man with his abilities & he had troubled them no more.

"How do we know what money we have?" Tom asked the Goblin.

"The names listed have at least six to ten vaults attached to them. I suggest you take at least one pouch and fill it with equal amounts of the coins you find. Ask the meddling one to explain the system to you." Sephiroth looked at him and they nodded once. "That and be wary of the Wizard, Messr. Crescent-Valentine."

Happily finished with the tests, they found Dumbledore pacing in the lobby, Sephiroth's Glamoure back in place once more and money in their pouches.

"Umm, Griphook said you could explain the money here." They had decided to keep up the 'I'm an innocent kid' act for Dumbledore now and drop it once they reached the school.

"The golden coins are called Galleons..." The man continued to explain as they shopped for various supplies, trying on robes and finally for their wands. "Now, Ollivander's is the best place for a wand." They entered the dusty old shoppe, looking around at all the boxes on the shelves. An odd old man seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Ah, Mr. Riddle and Mr. Crescent. I was expecting the two of you to show up last."

"Why?" Tom asked, curious.

"Hmm, Mr. Crescent is uncomfortable. Albus, would you be so kind as to block my windows, please? Drop the Glamoure while you're at it." The disguise fell away to reveal Sephiroth again. "My, my a Lir'ar'adia in my shoppe. May I see your wings?" It was the first time someone had politely asked Sephiroth. His best friend grinned hugely and shrugged off the coat, spreading his wings out to their fullest extent, the wingtips almost brushing the walls. Each pair of wings shifted subtly as Ollivander looked them over carefully. "A gift, young Lir'ar'adia." Sephiroth mantled them, but not before a feather drifted out of his wings.

"Here." He offered the primary feather, a large beautiful blue-black one, to the man.

"I couldn't possibly-"

"Please?" Oh, no one could resist the puppy-dog look; especially one from Seph. "I want you to have it."

"As you wish."

"You're going to need it for someone." Sephiroth answered with a shrug.

"How far?"

"Another thirty years or so, I think. It's not an exact art." Dumbledore looked between wand-maker and his best friend with confusion. Tom giggled as it clicked. "A striking boy all in black. He is shy and sweet."

"Of course; the wood?"

"Ebony, fourteen inches with a sapphire in the stripped wood. Give it to no one else." Sephiroth finished with his indirect conversation. Not a lot of folk would understand that his friend had the power of Prophecy that struck when it was practical and nothing more.

"As for your wands, I would like you to try the custom-made." Tom tried what felt like hundreds before the last made his heart pound and his hand feel warm. "Ah, yew and phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches. I see you doing great things with this wand." Sephiroth took even longer before Ollivander handed him the wand in the display case. "Black bog wood, Earth phoenix feather and cinnamon accents, a full cubit in length. It is the last of my grandfather's designs. Young Riddle holds the second-to-last." Sephiroth gave the wand a wave, brilliant rainbow sparks shooting out of its end. "Yes, yes all quite well."

"How much?"

"For the two of you? Seven Sickles for yours, Mr. Riddle and ten for Mr. Crescent's."

"They have to be more than that..." he protested slightly.

"Mr. Crescent's feather is actually worth more than both of them combined. Be glad I am charging you at all, young man." Tom blushed sheepishly and dug out seven Galleons. Sephiroth merely hummed as he placed the ten for his wand onto the counter.


The summer flew by after that and before they knew it, they were on the Hogwarts Express headed for the school. The Glamoure on him only held until they reached a compartment. After that, Sephiroth could make his own or leave it be. He chose to leave it be and played cards with Tom. About halfway through the journey, a blond boy opened their compartment.

"I heard there was a Lir'ar'adia onboard this year-Oh."

"Yes?" Sephiroth drawled, placing his cards with care. Tom was destroying him at the moment. "You were saying?"

"What are you doing sitting with the obvious Muggle-born?"

"Shows what you know. Tom, care to inform the snoot?"

"I'm a Half-blood. Now go away, you're interrupting my concentration." Tom's tone indicated he was more than happy to punch the idiot.

"My name's Abraxas Malfoy."

"Sephiroth Crescent and he's Tom Riddle. Really, we did mean go away." With that he closed the door with his foot, leaving an astonished Malfoy on the other side, though he didn't know it at the time.

The boats were huge and they had to share with two other students, the blond from earlier and another dark-haired boy, who introduced himself cheerfully as Orion Black.

"So... What House do you think you'll be in?"

"I personally don't care, so long as I end up in the same House as Tom." he answered absently as the castle came into view. "Oh, Tombs... Look!" Tom smiled at his eagerness and looked at the castle with him.

"Please. It's just a castle." Malfoy drawled, arms crossed.

"Shut it, Malfoy. I've never seen a castle either and my parents own four." Orion defended, sighing as the castle loomed overhead. Sephiroth sniggered along with Tom as they landed in front of the castle doors.

"I am Professor Dumbledore. Welcome, one and all, to this fine institution." He tuned the man out, figuring Tom would fill him in later. They were herded into the Entrance Hall. He accidentally bumped into a girl and apologized.

"Oh, sorry. This place is huge... Never knew this was what Tom would have to face alone."

"I'm Augusta Prewitt and my best friend is Minerva McGonagall. Minnie, come here. You are?"

"Forgive me. Sephiroth Crescent and my best mate is Tom Riddle." Tom turned at his name, rolling cobalt eyes as they shuffled into the Great Hall. "Wow. Is it true that the ceiling's enchanted to show what it's like outside?"

"Minnie and I read Hogwarts; a History. It does say that there is an Impentitrible Charm below it so that the rain and wax don't fall down. You look like I should know you..."

"Hmm, should you?"

"Icarus... Play nice."

"Shut it, Tombs. I was being 'nice,' as you so eloquently put it."

"It sounds like a pair of Slytherins to me." the arrogant blond was back, annoying Sephiroth.

"Didn't you take the hint the first time around? Leave Tom and I alone."

"Please form a line in front of the Hat." Sephiroth cocked his head to the side at the ragged hat in front of them. Then a rip opened up and the hat actually sang. Magic was certainly a wonderful thing, Sephiroth mused.

"Oh, I'm the Sorting Hat

Four Houses you see

It's my job to put you

In the place you're meant to be

I may look like an over-grown bat

Yet I can Sort you true

In Gryffindor reside the brave

Like lions they are

Always lending a hand to save

No matter the brat

If your favorite color is blue

Then in Ravenclaw you'll find

Noses in a book down to the bar

A closely analytical mind

Black as a cat

The cunning have a clue

A true Slytherin comes to the fore

Like the snake they are

Always evening up the score

Finally, where loyalty is at

Hogwarts' version of glue

Comes the Hufflepuff steadfast

No matter how bizarre

An excellent friend to the last

Oh, I'm the Sorting Hat

Four Houses you see

It's my job to put you

In the place you're meant to be!"

The entire school clapped for the song, even most of the first years, Sephiroth amongst them. It wasn't long before his name was called.

"Crescent, Sephiroth!" The Hat slipped over his eyes, leaving him in the dark.

Hello, I haven't had the pleasure of Sorting a Lir'ar'adia in a while.

Umm, can we get on with this? he asked, his wings tightening as he couldn't see Tom.

"SLYTHERIN!" Putting the Hat on the stool, he made his way to the table and sat next to Orion Black. Waiting for Tom's name to be called, he was gripping his seat when Dumbledore called his name.

"Riddle, Tom!"

The Hat barely even brushed Tom's wavy hair before screaming, "SLYTHERIN!"

"Heya, Tombs, what took you so long?" he teased, slipping his hand back into Tom's.

"Please, Icarus. The Hat wasn't on for much longer with you..." Tom huffed, squeezing his hand softly as he watched the last of the students get Sorted.

"Boys don't hold hands." the girl across from them informed them sharply. She was like the older teens in the orphanage, always poking and prodding at their relationship. Sephiroth graced her with a sneer he had perfected years ago. "Especially not in Slytherin."

"I don't know you. Why would I listen to your... advice?" he shot back, carrying on eating as the witch spluttered for several moments.

"You little brat!" she hissed, her hands clenching into fists. He ignored her until she pointed her wand at Tom. Narrowing his eyes, he smacked the wand out of her hand with his right top wing, not even blinking when he heard a crack. Mantling his wing took but the work of seconds and she was still staring at her broken hand.

"Do not ever try and harm what is mine." he calmly stated before returning to his roast and potatoes. The other Slytherins were staring at his back, the wings not very clear, what with the traditional robes being black and all. The Feast ended with the Hogwarts song. Sephiroth hummed along to the music (as did Tom) but stopped as soon as they finished. The older girl from across the table sent him a glare that promised pain. He merely rose an eyebrow as well as his wings, his own reminder that he was not as he seemed.


Bedtime didn't seem to come fast enough. The girl Sephiroth had hit was one of those Slytherin prefects; but to be fair, Seph had warned her.

"Crescent, Slughorn and the Headmaster want to see you. Bring that other boy with you." she spat, malice glittering in her eyes. Tom was resigned to making enemies in his own House. They trudged up to Headmaster Dippet's office riding the spiral staircase as both he and Sephiroth were tired, not to mention homesick. "Here they are, sir. Violent little buggers." she snapped forcing them to sit in front of the Headmaster.

"What was this all about?"

"She told us not to hold hands." Seph really didn't see it as a problem and neither did he; they'd been doing it since they'd met each other that fateful night three years earlier. "We've always done it."

"Mr. Crescent, you do realize that by breaking Ms. Bulstrode's hand, you have been physically violent."

"She aimed her wand at Tom. If she was aiming at me, I wouldn't have cared less." Sephiroth answered with a shrug. "No one hurts Tom."

"Ah. Ms. Bulstrode, your tale was not entirely accurate."

"That freak hit me with a wing! What more do you want?" she screeched, pointing her now repaired hand at Seph's wings.

"A wing? Then you are our new Lir'ar'adia, yes?" Dippet asked kindly, turning a blind eye to the fuming prefect.

"He's what?" the prefect was suddenly very pale.

"Seph... Just take off your robes already." he rolled his eyes as he leaned into his squashy armchair. Once shrugged off, the three sets of wings were clearly visible on the grey jumper. "Dumbledore and a lot of other people seem to revere Seph but I don't get it..."

"They are the essence of all that is good and Light in this World. When one appears, things are in dire straits Mr. Riddle. Your friend is reputed to be extremely possessive of things he sees as his to protect and you seem to fall under it. Thus, when Ms. Bulstrode aimed her wand at you, he went into a protective mode. Had anyone else tried that particular trick again, I suppose the treatment would be the same. Detention, Ms. Bulstrode, for a month with Filch. You are dismissed as well, Horace. No contact-making tonight."

"Oh." he and Sephiroth shared a look that they would be discussing it in bed. "That actually explains a lot of the things he's done over the years."

"There is also the rumoured ability to be a practical Prophet."

"He does do that but not very often. Seph and I share a lot, sir."

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