Only Steve McGarrett

"What...what are you doing?" Danny shrieked as Steve jumped him in the elevator.

"Kissing you. I kind of thought that was implied when my lips landed on yours" Steve said leaning in again

"Not on an elevator, your not" Danny said, ducking under Steve's arm and to the other side of the not too big elevator "it could stop anytime and people could get on. I assume you can contain yourself until we at least get to the car"

"Fine" and Steve literally pouted.

The elevator stopped and 3 people got on, so Steve sidled up to Danny creating more room. It stopped again and 2 more people got on not cramming it but pushing people close together. Steve backed up straight against Danny and grinned when Danny hissed in a breath and whispered "what are you doing?"

"just making some room Danno" Steve said, shit eating grin on his face.

"yeah sure." Danny said as 3 more people got on and Steve backed up more, standing on tiptoe then back down and on tiptoe again, effectively running his ass up and down Danny's leg. "Will you get off me you giant ape?" Danny winced when everyone turned to look at him.

"you ok Danno? Your face is a little red" Steve said biting back a smile.

Danny stood on his tip toes and whispered in Steve's ear "100% payback my friend. You just wait"

"do I have to? The truck is so close" Steve whispered back, his voice low and husky.

"yeah you do. Considering you just humped my leg like Reaper did to our neighbors poodle last week!" Danny said as the elevator doors opened and he walked out leaving Steve laughing in the elevator.