This is the story of Kathryn and the way her life got muddled up. BOLD=KATHRYN Normal=Mum


This is a diary of my life. I dont really want to do this but im going to do it but because Tam says I should i will. When i say diary, its ment to be mare like a autobiography. Anyway, here goes.

1/1/1996. Im born, into this. This world of nothing. My mother, Franny Kilmee (pronounced Kalm), My father...? I have currently 3 brothers, 2 sisteres and a step sister, I dont really remember much from a baby. But i do have photos too prove all of this. I grew, grew to 4. This is my first real memory of my Mums problem. her problem with me and Liz, (my sister) , Its because we have the same dad, the same dad who left her after Liz was born. so this memory is based around the new house we moved into, call the bus shelter.

"Mum, im cold"


"But Im really really cold, and so's Liz and Sammy and Eddie and..."



"If you dont shut up i will get this bottle and shove it down your..."

So thats my mother, lovely. :)