"Ariel!" Eric yelled as he dove forward for her.

"Did you really think it would be so simple?" Ursula cackled as she hooked both of Ariel's arms and held her in place.

"What do you want?" Eric demanded.

She looked at him sideways with an evil grin, "The daughter of the great sea king is a very precious commodity."

"We did what you told us!" Ariel protested.

Jerking her forward the sea witch yelled, "Don't fool with me you little brat! Contract or no I'll-"She was cut off when Eric tackled her. "Oh why you little fool."

"Let her go!"

The grip on Ariel's arms tightened, "Not a chance boy she's mine now. We made a deal."

Desperately she tried to break free and run back to him, but it was useless. "Eric I'm sorry I, I- I didn't mean to! I didn't know!"

A sharp tug backwards brought her crashing down into the surf. Looking up with frightened eyes Ariel watched as Ursula prepared to turn her back into a mermaid. She took a deep breath, trying to prepare for the pain. Feeling around in the water in a last attempt to get away her fingers sliced on a seashell. She grasped it quickly and plunged it into the tentacle that held her prisoner.

The sea witch gave an outraged cry and released her for a moment but it was long enough for her to slip out of her grasp. Eric yanked her up and pulled her away, jerking her behind him.

Ursula glared at her and spat, "Poor little princess." Pressing her face into Eric's shoulder Ariel returned the glare for all she was worth. "Honestly, you thought I would let you go?"

"The deal was if we broke the curse she would stay with me." Eric's voice was dark with anger.

"A technicality," The sea witch brushed him off. "Now come along Ariel. Say goodbye to your sweet heart."

Flotsam and Jetsam attempted to pull the two apart. Ariel stomped down with her heal while Eric threw a punch. Each eel cried out indignantly and swam away again. She gripped his arm and begged, "Eric you gotta get away from here!"

Pulling her to him he insisted, "No, I won't leave you!"

"How touching," Ursula mocked again. "Can't survive without your precious mermaid?"

"I lost her once," He said warning, "I'm not gonna lose her again."

When the sea witch waved her hand a yellow light wrapped around Ariel and pulled her down.

"No!" The Prince protested.

When he tried to take her out his hand was shocked by the pulsing glow. Several more attempts had the same result. The cruel laughter filled him with rage as he turned to face Ursula again. Lightening crackled between her fingers as she prepared to send a killing jolt at him.

"So long lover boy," Her tone dripped sarcasm as she waved her arm one last time.

Ariel had suffered unimaginable pain to be with Eric. The transformation worse than any pain she thought she could survive. As she watched the bolt leave Ursula's hand she shoved her hands through the electric field surrounding her and knocked him out of the way. The lightening hit the swirling yellow prison and bounced back, hitting the sea witch instead.

Her eyes widened in pain, but it only lasted a moment. With one last cry she burned to ash, with nothing but pieces left floating on the waves.