The Kisser is Out

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: The Glee Girls force Sam into a bet with Finn.

Pairings: Sam/Finn, Kurt/Puck

Author's Note: Finn never slept with Santana.

The Kisser is Out


Finn chuckles as he and Sam step out in the parking lot. He twirls the crown in his fingers one last time before turning to Sam.

"I can't believe I got prom king. Especially after coming out."

Sam smirks. "Maybe this town isn't as bad as we thought. Especially since Santana got prom Queen. And we know that she wants to be with Brittany."

Finn nods in agreement. "But still-"

Sam pulls him into a light kiss. "You're a king. Maybe I should be your servant for the night." Finn moans as Sam's mouth moves to the taller boys jaw and his finger play along Finn's waistline. "Worshiping you at your feet." He nibbles Finn's ear. "Doing anything I can do to serve my king."

Finn grabs Sam's chin and pulls him into a kiss. "I love you so much."

Sam smiles into the kiss. "I love you too. Only you."

Finn pulls back and rests his forehead against Sam's. "I . . . am so . . . sorry. For everything. And don't say it's okay." He adds when Sam tries to speak. "I let my fear prevent me from being with you. And you have no idea . . . how hard it was to not go to you. To hug you. Kiss you. Apologize." Finn squeezes his eyes shut. "It hurt every time I saw you."

Sam reaches up and lets the pads of his thumbs barely graze Finn's eyelashes. Finn opens his eyes.

"It was hard for me to." Sam admits. "I was already so in love with you. And then you took it away. You tore away any and all hope." Sam grinds his teeth. "And it was so . . . so hard . . . to see you . . . touching her . . . holding her . . . when I knew that I was the one that should have been in her place."

"I am so sorry." Finn kisses him softly. "I never meant for you to suffer. I will do anything I can to make it up to you."

Sam slowly smiles. "Can I be your king tonight?"

Finn kisses him again. "You're always my king." Finn steps back and holds up the crown. "I don't deserve this. I am a coward. An idiot. A crown should go to someone brave. Strong." Finn lifts the crown and places it on Sam's head. He brushes the hair out of Sam's eyes. "To someone so beautiful."

Sam wraps his arms around Finn's neck and pulls him into a kiss.

"Aww. So romantic."

Puck playfully slaps Kurt in the shoulder. "You ruined it babe."

Sam and Finn pull back. "Hello boys." Sam smirks.

Kurt runs up to Sam and pulls him into a hug. "I told you'd we get you your man back."

Sam squeezes him tight. "I know."

Puck comes over and throws an arm around Finn's shoulders. "About time Nimrod. And this better not happen again."

"Never." Finn whispers as he keeps his eyes on Sam.

"Good. No one is gonna hurt my boy again." Puck adds.

Finn looks to Puck. "Thank you." He turns to Kurt. "Both of you. I don't think I would have came out if I didn't see you two."

Kurt steps up to Finn. "Don't screw this up. I will castrate you if you hurt Sam again. Got it."

"Bossy Kurt." Puck whispers. "Hot."

Finn quickly nods. "He's my number one priority.

"He better be." Puck adds with a smirk. "Or otherwise we would have gone through with Plan B."

Kurt wraps his arms around Puck's waist. "Let's go Noah. All that grinding made me horny."

Puck smirks as he starts walking Kurt away.

Sam looks after them with a confused look. "What was Plan B?"

Kurt stops and looks back at Sam. "Threesome."

The parking lot is filled with laughter.

Sam smirks and turns to Finn. "I guess you are lucky then. I might have accepted."

Finn wraps his arms around Sam protectively. "Never. You're mine. Forever and always."

So this is the end of this story. There will be a sequel. But since this is an epilogue, it is shorts, but only a little bit. I hope you're all satisfied by the ending. I hope I wrapped up all of the plot points for this story.