There is one thing for sure when you have a group of talented entertainers together in one place; rumors are easy to get started.

The other night Jade and Beck had come to Tori's house, uninvited and got involved in an argument that resulted in Jade leaving alone. Trina Vega immediately moved in, sitting almost on top of Beck for the rest of the evening, staring and him and coyly touching his arm.

This morning, Jade and Beck's slap page bio listed them both as single, for the first time in 1 year and 11 months, and that gave Trina an idea.

Trina's love life had not been the greatest at Hollywood Arts. True, she was a striking brunette with long shapely legs, a pretty face and very large breasts, but she also had an ego that was bigger than she was. Trina had spent so much time trying to convince everyone that she was a great actress and singer that almost no one paid any attention to her, well except for Sinjin, and let's face it if it was female and had a pulse that nerd loser was into it.

Trina's idea was to spread the rumor that Beck was interested in her and asked her out. In her twisted little mind, if it seemed to the other boys that Beck, the hottest stud in school was into her, then they would want to see what they missed out on and come running.

In theory it was an interesting idea; in practice it would be difficult to pull off because Beck had, in fact, never asked her out, nor had he intended to.

Beck was searching wildly for Trina today; he wanted to confront her about the rumor and discover the source of it and try to stop it. Beck finally ran into Trina in the hallway.

Beck: Trina, have you been telling anyone that I asked you out?

Trina: No..oo, I have been telling everyone the you asked me out.

Beck: Why would you say that?

Trina: Because, if the other boys think you asked me out, then they will start asking me and soon I will be so popular that boys will be fighting over me!

Beck: You are a maniac!

Two hot guys come walking towards them and Trina grabs Beck and violently kisses him full on the lips, holding him there until they pass.

Beck: You bit my lip!

Trina: I was trying to bite both of them!

Trina walked off to her dance practice and Beck went off to think.

Beck was upset, first he had not really gotten over losing Jade the other night, and now this rumor from Trina was too much for him. He met with Andre and Robbie and the three of them came up with a plan to teach Trina a lesson about lying. Basically all three of them would come onto Trina, even getting into a big fight over her. Then when she was thoroughly upset and confused, they would tell her the truth and hopefully teach her the folly of lying. That was the plan, anyway.

Beck walked into Trina's dance class just as it was ending, and stood in the corner watching. Trina was dressed for class in a colorful silk top, and purple shorts that gave maximum exposure to her beautiful legs. Her hair flew wildly about during the dance number and Beck could also detect substantial movement under her blouse. Trina Vega may be a terrible dancer and have an awful singing voice, but Beck had to admit that her body was pretty incredible.

Beck, continued watching, as the dance finished, with Trina botching the final sequence. He almost chuckled, until Trina bent over to pick up her bag and her shorts tightened across her amazing ass. Now Beck was a little distracted, first by the sight of this girl who apparently was pretty sexy after all, and second, by a certain feeling below his waist that was starting to be stimulated by her.

The plan now called for Beck to pretend to seduce her and then get her to invite him over for dinner. Then he would close the deal with a passionate kiss. That was the plan, something different was about to happen.

Trina turned to go, and spotted Beck.

Trina: Beck what are you doing here.

Beck moved close to her: I came here for you Trina.

Trina: For me?

Beck: When you kissed me this morning, it affected me. (he took her hand).

Trina: (getting flustered): Oh, I had a burrito for breakfast, maybe it was the onions?

Beck: I like you Trina.

Trina: Whaaat?

Beck: Can I come over to your house tonight.

Trina: Oh, yes, yes, OMG yes… (Beck now was holding both of her hands, Trina was sinking fast!)

Trina: Do you want me to make you some dinner? (she emphasized dinner by shaking her hips).

Beck: Would you make me a chicken?

Trina: Oh, yes, yes I'll make you a chicken.

This was supposed to be the part where Beck kissed her and then walked away, but Beck kissed her, then pulled her tightly against him. Her lips were soft and delicious, her mouth was slightly open with surprise and Beck could not resist exploring it with his tongue. Trina began to respond, and as she wriggled closer to Beck, he felt her large soft breasts pressing against his chest. The plan did not call for Beck pulling Trina's blouse up and over her head and tossing it on the floor, nor did it call for him releasing the catch on her bra and discarding it, leaving her massive breasts free and loose, nipples hard and erect.

Beck pushed Trina up against the wall and began to kiss down her neck and nibble at it in places. He brought his hands up and began to play with Trina's breasts catching her nipples between his fingers and rolling them around.

Trina began softly moaning, and could feel herself starting to get very wet. Beck began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples, which inflamed her passion even more. Trina's breath was coming in gulps now, and her tight stomach muscles were flexing and relaxing to accommodate it. Beck left her now hyper sensitive breasts and licked a straight line from her breasts down to her shorts, his tongue tickling her stomach as it went.

Trina was losing control rapidly, and did not even try to stop Beck as he unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor. Trina was a tiny piece of nylon from being totally exposed to Beck, and in a second her panties were gone and Beck's tongue had found its way inside her. Beck was devouring Trina like a starving wolf attacking a steak, his tongue lapping up her juices and probing her insides, consistently stimulating her clitoris and bring her to the very edge, and then Trina let go, her body was racked with spasms and she found herself in the throes of a massive orgasm..

Trina's knees became weak and Beck had to hold her up, until she finished. She fell forward exhausted and Beck caught her and laid her gently down stroking her hair tenderly. Trina could have stayed there forever, basking in the afterglow and feeling Beck playing with her hair.

The sound of a door opening and voices snapped them out of their trance. The next class was coming! Trina got a surge of adrenaline and quickly gathered her clothes and threw them on, and then she and Beck made their way out the side door and off to their next classes.

Beck could not concentrate the rest of the day, nor could Trina. The end of the day came before either one of them knew it, and soon Trina was on her way home and so was Beck.

Trina began to scramble to get to prepare dinner for Beck. Trina's domestic skill were as lacking as her singing and dancing, however and three hours later she was still stuck with a partially frozen turkey and no the chicken she had promised.

Beck on the other hand was getting ready in his RV when he realized that he had actually made love to Trina, and to be honest, he had kind of liked it. He was ready to throw his prior plan out the window and enjoy an evening of a home cooked meal with a beautiful girl, (and maybe continue where they left off).

Damn! Beck though, Andre and Robbie were not aware of the change in plans and were going to go ahead with the original idea and make a fool out of Trina. Beck tried to call Andre and Robbie, but there was no answer! It was getting late now and Beck had to get moving. His only hope was that he could get to Andre and Robbie before they got to Trina and call them off.

Trina had failed at cooking the turkey and popped it into the microwave, hoping that it would be ready on time. She had just taken it out and put it on the table when the doorbell rang.

That must be Beck, she thought. Trina ran to the door throwing off her apron as she went.

One last attempt to straighten her dress and Trina opened the door. Instead of Beck, though, Andre Harris was standing there! Andre was familiar with the Vega household, having been there many a time with Tori and with Trina when they rehearsed for the Showcase so he thought nothing of walking right in.

Trina: Andre hi, uh, Tori is not home!

Andre: I know, I am not here for Tori.

Trina: Well, I have a date tonight and…

Andre: I Know, with Beck!

Trina: Well…

Andre: Is there something wrong with me?

Trina: (confused) I, what….I don't understand.

Andre: Am I not handsome? Do I not have a happy-go-skippy personality?

Trina: Yes, of course, but

Andre reaches out and hugs Trina closely, Let me show you the joys of Andre…..

Andre dips Trina, bending her over backwards as he sings, Let me love you….

Suddenly Beck is standing at the open door.

Beck: What is going on here?

Trina, bent backward, has a perfect view, although upside down of Beck at the door. Andre lets her up and faces Beck

Andre: What's going on is that you were just leaving!

Beck: I have a date with Trina, we are having chicken.

Trina: Actually it might be more of a turkey now…..

Andre: Puts his hand over his heart, dramatically: Turkey is my favorite!.

Beck: Yo, Trina likes me!

Andre: Maybe I'm about to change old Trina's mind.

Beck: Dude, go!

Andre: Don't tell me what to do, you.. Canadian…..

Trina: Ok Boys this isn't very nice….

Beck: I always felt you were anti-Canadian

Andre: Yeah, well what are you going to do aboot it? Hit me with a hockey stick?

Hey scuffle for a moment then Andre and Trina sit down and Beck is still pacing:

Beck: Will you tell this punk nut that you like me?

Trina: Well..

Andre: Punk nut!

Beck: Trina made a chicken for me!

Andre: Don't you listen to her? Trina made a turkey. Why would you want to date a Canadian that doesn't know one food bird from another?

Trina: I have an idea, why don't all three of us eat the turkey?

Beck: No, you pick me, or you pick him!

Andre: (Grabs Beck's shirt) Well maybe I'll just pick you up and throw you out the door!

BeckL (Grabbing Andre's shirt now) Oh I would love to see you try.

Trina: Boys, Boys….

Robbie: Standing at the door with flowers: Trina? (He sniffs the air) Did someone microwave a turkey?

Beck: Who are those flowers for?

Andre: They better be for Beck!

Robbie: They're for Trina.

Trina: Whaaat?

Robbie: I hear some guys in the locker room saying that Beck had asked you out, so I thought I would ask you too.

Andre: Leaps to the door and grabs a shovel off the fire place and starts swinging it as he chases Robbie in the house, followed by Beck. A Major fight ensuew with all three of the boys involved until Andre gets Robbie down on the other side of the Island away from Trina's view. He picks up a teapot and prepares to swing it at Robbie. Beck is holding Trina, back so she won't see what is about to happen to Robbie and Andre swings the pot down with appropriate sound effects, as if he really was hitting him.

Trina panics and breaks free from Beck and runs to the garage to get her father for help.

When she does, the boys all run back towards the couch by the front door and get down behind it, putting puppets on their hands and coming \up as if to start a puppet show.

Trina enters with her dad, telling him about the horrible fight, but as they look around for the bodies there are none.

Mr. Vega sees the boys by the couch and walks over to them.

Mr. Vega: What's going on?

Andre: We are doing a puppet show!

Beck: I'm the king.

Robbie: I'm the queen

Andre: and I'm the little pussy cat….meow…

Trina: But they were just…in there….and I swear they were just….

Mr. Vega: Just do me a favor, when you go away to college, make it somewhere far away…..He exits, shaking his head.

Beck: Sticks his king puppet up to Trina: Trina, have you learned your Lesson?

Robbie: as the queen: About telling lies…..

Andre: Meow

The boys all dance around Trina and then run out the door leaving her standing there, confused and hurt.

The boys all got together outside.

Andre: Beck, your plan was great; did you see the look on Trina's face?

Robbie: It will be a long time before she spreads another rumor…

Beck: Looking down at the ground. Yeah it went really great.

Andre: What's wrong, didn't everything go the way you wanted it?

Beck: Not really, where were you guys after school, I was trying to call you off?

Robbie: Call us off, why?

Beck: Because, this afternoon at school, Trina and I sort of connected…(he blushes furiously)

Andre: You dog, you…you and Trina…?

Beck: Yes and I was trying to call you guys off, I really wanted to have a date with Trina tonight.

Robbie: Well why didn't you just stop us.

Beck: Because, once everything got started I didn't know what was best. Andre had already started things and I just got into character and went with it.

Andre: Well, what are you going to do now?

Beck: I am going to go back in there and try to explain what happened, and then hope Trina will forgive me and give me another chance.

Robbie: Do you want us to go with you?

BecK: Thanks but this is something I have to do myself.

Andre: Good luck.

Beck: slowly walked back up towards the house and knocked on the door.

After a moment, teary Trina, answered.

Trina: (between sobs) what do you want?

Beck: Trina, we need to talk…

Trina: Why, didn't you guys do enough damage today?

Beck: Trina, I'm sorry.

Trina: You're right, you are sorry. It takes a sorry individual to make love to a girl and then humiliate her a few hours later. I really thought you and I had something this afternoon, Beck, it felt so real… I should know better than to date an actor.

Beck: Trina, I was mad at you about spreading the rumor about us, but then when I saw you after your dance class, well that all was real. Something happened, when I saw you, you looked so beautiful and then when we kissed your lips were so soft…

Trina: Yeah, and you figured I was good for a quickie….

Beck: No Trina, it wasn't like that, when was making love to you it was real.

Trina: Then what was this farce all about?

Beck: I had put this plan together after you kissed me in the hall, this morning. I was trying to get even with you and teach you a lesson. But then when I fell for you I could not get in touch with Robbie or Andre to call them off, until it was too late.

Trina: Why didn't you stop them when you were here?

Beck: Things had already started, I tried to signal with my eyes and motions but neither Andre nor Robbie got it, so I thought the best thing was to ride it out and try to explain after, and hope that you would believe me and forgive me…

Trina looked deep into Beck's brown eyes, and her heart melted. She believed he was telling the truth, so she leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Beck smiled and turned slightly to go.

Trina: Beck?...

Beck: Yes Trina?

Trina smiled and nodded towards the stair inside the house: My bedroom is this way.

Trina took Beck's hand and led him into her bedroom,. Once there she closed the door and locked it.

Trina kissed Beck, and then began to undress him. When she had finished, she slipped off her own clothes and then took Beck by the hand again and leg him to her bed. They then proceeded to get in bed and under the covers.

While Beck was inside, fixing things with Trina, Andre and Robbie were still outside in the parking lot.

Andre: Man, I sure hope things work out for Beck; I would feel really bad if what I did messed up his chances with Trina.

Robbie: I would feel bad too; Beck deserves something nice after being with Jade for all that time.

Andre: Well, it's all up to Beck now, if anyone can convince a girl that he is in love with her, Beck is the guy.

Robbie: Yes, well I sure hope nothing else goes wrong for him.

Andre: I think everything that could go wrong already did.

Just then a car pulled up and parked and Tori Vega got out and headed for the house.

Andre: Of course I could be wrong.

Robbie: We have to stop her, she could mess up everything.

Robbie and Andre ran up to Tori:

Hey, hey Tori Vega, they called out in unison!

Tori spun around and looked at the two guys bearing down on her.

Tori: Uh, Hi guys, what is up?

Andre: Tori, Robbie and I were just waiting to see you?

Tori: Ok, you and Robbie were waiting here in the parking lot until I got home, you know in some places they call that stalking.

Andre: Yeah, well just be quiet and get in the car and nobody gets hurt.

Tori's eyes grew wide open and she stared at Andre.

Andre: I was just kidding…..but seriously let's go out and …get some Ice cream!

Robbie: Yay, Ice Cream!

Tori got in the car with her two friends and they drove off to the ice cream parlor.

The three teens went in and sat at a booth and ordered. When the waitress came they dove into their ice dream with relish.

Tori: Ok, now seriously what is going on.

Andre: What, can't two friends take out another friend for ice cream without something being wrong?

Tori: Guys, you were sitting in my parking lot waiting for me, you whisked me off before I could get inside, and I am pretty sure that I saw Beck's truck parked there too. Now what is going on? Where is Beck?

Andre: Beck is inside Trina.

Tori: You mean inside with Trina.

Andre: That too.

Tori: With, Trina? Beck was looking for her today, he seemed angry at her that she was spreading some sort of rumor about him asking her out. OMG, what is he doing to Trina, if he is hurting her…..

Andre: Chill Tori, Beck was mad at Trina, but something happened along the way….Andre began a detailed story of the events of the day.

Tori, at the end of Andre's story: So Beck and Trina hooked up?

Andre: Yes

Tori: and they had…

Andre: Yes

Tori: and he is there now, doing…

Andre: Probably

Tori: Oh….

Tori: After an hour or so: Do you think we have given them enough time?

Andre: Well. Beck is good, but I don't think he is that good…

Tori: That's not what I meant!

Andre: (embarrassed) Oh. I think we have given them enough time.

They drove back to Tori's house, but Beck's truck was still there.

Andre: Well, Robbie and I are going to go, but it looks like you have a houseguest tonight.

Tori: Yeah, well, good night, and thanks for the Ice cream.

Andre: You're welcome, let us know how everything comes out.

Tori shot Andre a strange look.

Andre: That's not what, I mean you know what I meant.

Tori: Good night guys.

Tori walked to the door and let herself in; there was no sign of Beck or Trina in the living room, but Trina's bedroom door was closed.

Ok, Tori thought, and she made her way quietly to her own room and turned in for the evening.

Very early the next morning Beck was dressed and making his way out of Trina's room and heading towards the door. Trina was still dressed in her nightgown, or what was left of it as she kissed him goodbye.

Beck crept carefully out, trying not to disturb anyone in the house. He opened the door silently and closed it behind him and walked right into a smiling Tori Vega.

Tori: Good morning Beck.

Beck: Tori! Um hi, how are you, I was just…

Tori: You were just leaving after having slept with Trina all night.

Beck: Well, um, yes…

Tori: Come on Beck, let's go to breakfast and you can tell me all about it.

Beck: Excuse me?...

Tori: Well, not about, that, but you can tell me how all this happened.

They drove off and headed for a local restaurant and ordered breakfast and a big pitcher of coffee for Beck.

Tori: Looked at her handsome companion: So, tell Tori, almost all about it!

Beck smiled and began his dissertation. How he heard that Trina was spreading rumors about them, how he confronted her in the hallway, her kiss, his plan and the results.

Tori: smiled through most of it, thinking of Trina's nerve and her not well thought out plan. When it came to the part about Beck falling for her, her smile turned down a notch. She really liked Beck, he was her friend even when he was with Jade and that friendship had cost him, and maybe some small part of her was hoping that she could have been in Trina's shoes, so to speak, last night. Still, Beck looked happy and Trina was her sister and she did love her, and who knows this might be a good thing for Trina, it might change her whole life, so she wished her the best.

Beck: You are awfully quiet, Tori.

Tori: I was just thinking. Trina is a lucky girl, she deserves a break.

Beck: Are you sure this doesn't cause a problem between us?

Tori: No, of course not. If you and Trina are happy, then I am happy for you. Besides, Trina tells me everything, so I can live vicariously through her?

Beck's eyebrows shot up.

Tori: I am kidding, Beck.

Beck: Well Tori it's not like you don't have someone waiting for you whenever you want him.

Tori: I know; I just don't know how to explain Rex to my father.

The two of them had a good laugh over that one.

Beck: Seriously, Tori, you know that Andre has a big thing for you.

Now Tori's eyebrows shot up.

Beck: Wait, let me rephrase that. I meant; Andre really likes you.

Tori blushed.

Beck: Oh, and apparently you like him too; Tori blushed again, even deeper.

Beck: Tori loves Andre!

Tori: Stop.

Beck: What are you going to do if I don't?

Tori: Tell my father the policeman that you slept with Trina last night.

Beck: Ok, how about those Lakers!

With that, they broke up laughing, paid the bill and went on to school..