Silver stared down at the chest board, a hand on his chin as he thought. This was his third game with Tails today and they were both tied in power. Normally, he would get bored with such a game, but Blaze had mention that logic and thinking games would be good for him. Said it would exercise his mind so he could use his powers with more strength and for a longer amount of time without getting tired so quickly. When he finally agreed to play the fox genius in a game of chest, he quickly discovered that he liked the challenge. He had yet to test if it did anything for his powers, though, since he got distracted.

It was quiet in the living room of their home base, the only sound being the clock on the wall. It was a peaceful atmosphere, which was rare in their household. There was normally some sort of excitement going on, but today it was calm, but not boring. Maybe it was because Sonic wasn't in the house. Shadow too was enjoying the silence without the constant annoyance of the blue hedgehog. He was sitting in a plush chair off to the side of the room reading a book, having a cup of tea beside him on a small end table. This was such a luxury he didn't get often, so he intended to take advantage of it as much as he could.

Back at the chest match, Silver scanned the board then lifted one of the pieces with his powers, making it and his eyes glow for a moment, but he then put it back down, changing his mind. Tails waited patiently for the other to make his move and stick with it.

Suddenly, the door busted open and the cold winter breeze rushed in. Sonic stopped in the middle of the living room with his hands on his hips, grinning like a moron. He had snow on his shoes and a red scarf around his neck. His cheeks were also a little red from the cold. "Man!" he shouted, "It's cold out there!"

Shadow lifted his eyes from his book to glare at the other without moving his head. He opened his mouth to say something but Silver lifted his hand before he could. The door closed and Sonic was lifted and placed on the sofa. Sonic's eyes widened at this, flailing a bit when his feet left the ground. Silver then spun his finger in a circle, getting some rope from the downstairs closet to float out and wrap around the hedgehog. Sonic started to shout and protest, but Silver waved his hand and slapped a piece of duck tape over his mouth, all without looking away from his game. He then finally picked up a piece with his mind and placed it back on the board in another spot. His eyes lit up and he threw his hands in the air, "Check mate! I win!" he shouted happily.

Shadow blinked slowly, then glanced at Silver. He glanced back at Sonic, who was now struggling against the ropes that bound him to his place, but then looked back down at his book, a small smirk playing over his lips. Yes, not even the constant annoyance of the blue hedgehog would keep them from enjoying their day.