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#21 Convert

As an English boy, Edmund loathed wine and vowed never to touch a drop of it for as long as he lived. From the moment Peter and Susan coaxed him into sipping the tiniest taste of Peter's at a ball and the rich, spiced flavour exploded onto his tongue, he was destined to become one of Narnia's finest wine connoisseurs.

#22 Oxygen


"Yes, Su?"

"Remember all those science lessons in the Other Place...England?"

"I'd rather not, they were horribly dull."

"All that talk about what was in the air, and how we needed the oxygen to survive. Do you suppose there's oxygen in Narnian air? Or if it's a different kind of air altogether?"

"Completely different, of course. How on earth could the air here be anything like the air in England?"

#23 Heavy

As Mr Tumnus settled the shining crown on his golden head, Peter felt the responsibility for an entire nation weigh down on his shoulders.

#24 Beyond

Lucy sits on the furthest rock of the Lone Islands, facing out to her Eastern Sea, dipping her feet in the glimmering water, and part of her burns to know what is behind the sunrise, and whether that is where Aslan goes.

#25 Rag

It's absolutely pathetic, but stranded on the foggy moors, Edmund hasn't got anything else to stem the crimson river of blood pouring from Peter's shoulder.

#26 Section

"Please, King Edmund. I want to join the Black Watch. I want to be the best of the best."

"That depends on whether you are willing to give up anything and everything to the service of your country and your monarchs, whether you are willing to spill every drop of your own blood rather than betray Narnia, whether you will follow Aslan through all dangers, whether you will give up your current life and identity to become a Spy and adopt the principles of the Black Watch. In short, whether you are willing to take my Oath of Sacrifice."

"I am, Majesty."

Edmund grinned.

"Then welcome to my section of the army."

#27 All

Nine years into their reign, it was declared that every single creature-every bird, every animal, every Faun, Centaur, Dryad and Satyr, every insect-that had been turned to stone by the Witch had been found and restored.

#28 Lowering

Edmund was always difficult when he was concussed, but this really was something else, Peter thought as he tried to prise his brother's arms from around his neck and convince him to lie down on the bed.

#29 Exploration

It took Lucy precisely three days to find every secret passage in Cair Paravel, and the Palace Guard and frantic siblings three hours to find her when she locked herself behind the painting of a Faun on the fourth floor.

#30 Trip

For all the grace Susan possessed, even she found the length of the dresses awkward at first, and much to her embarrassment, it was she who was the first to fall flat on her face in front of the court while Lucy glided past giggling.

A/N: Thanks for reading! A short note on the Black Watch-in my Narnia-verse, they are the elite Intelligence Corps of the Narnian army, the Spies, under the exclusive command of Edmund, and their motto is 'sacrifice'. They're kind of like Peter and the Royal Guard (different from the Palace Guard...I know, it's confusing), who are another elite force who take their orders directly from the High King. Both will probably crop up elsewhere in my work...