Title : Cure for the soul.
By : GirlOfSpring
Pairing : Nell/Callen
Summary: It all started with a certain intelligence analyst who needed her music and a certain special agent who was disturbed by the noise. A Nallen story
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Nell in the end gave herself the day off. She read a book, did some cleaning and went for a walk at the beach where she just enjoyed the warm day. She did have to apply some sunscreen to make sure she wouldn't get sunburnt. It would be a shame is she couldn't enjoy the evening with G if she had burnt shoulders.

She had lunch close to the sea and enjoyed the view or read a bit more in the book she had brought with her. It was a delightful day without any stress from work where they worked on cases that sometimes just got so depressing. And she had only been working there for a few years. People like Hetty had been doing this for their whole lives.

Nell was impressed by the resilience these people must possess.

Thinking about what they all must have seen, Nell stared blankly at the blue sea until a waiter came with her soup. She looked up and thanked him before digging in with a piece of bread.

She loved soup. With plenty of vegetables it could be something delicious without costing too much. She sometimes made it herself if she had plenty of vegetables and didn't know what to do with them.

After eating, Nell walked around a bit more before returning home. G had sent her a text that he would pick her up at six and that she could expect that they would go somewhere classy.

Nell smiled, put on some music and disappeared into her room to go and find something to wear.


It was exactly six o'clock when the doorbell rang. Nell counted to five before walking towards the door and open it. She had been waiting anxiously for the last fifteen minutes and she didn't want to seem too pushy.

G was standing on her doormat, waiting for her to open the door and he smiled when she finally did. He was dressed in a grey suit with a black shirt underneath of which the collar was a stark difference from the lighter grey. His clothing suited him well, like some of the things he would wear when he had to go undercover. He would look confident, strong and dangerous at the same time. It was exhilarating to have that all combined standing on her doormat, like a perfect package that had been delivered.

"Hello Nell."

He smiled in greeting but even though he looked every bit the confident date, she noticed a slight tension that seemed to have nestled between his shoulders. He just didn't let it seep through his behaviour as his eyes took her in.

"You look beautiful."

The directness in his compliment made her blush. She had chosen a dark blue dress that almost seemed to be black when there was no light falling on the fabric directly. It reached her knees and flowed slightly, being very soft on her skin. It was a simple dress but she didn't like things that were too extravagant. Completing the outfit she had gone for simple, black heels and a silver bracelet and earrings.

"Thanks, you look quite dashing yourself." She took her coat from the peg next to the door and before she could do anything, G had stepped forward and taken it from her hand to help her slip into it. She smiled, remembering the evening before when he had helped her taking it off. How very different things had been only 24 hours ago. It was almost unrealistic.

As he held the coat open for her, Nell slid her arms in and with a smooth movement he slid it up over her shoulders. She could feel his fingertips brushing past her skin and goose bumps appeared in the trail of his touch.

"Are you ready to go?"

Nell nodded in answer, picked up her clutch and closed the door behind her.

"So, where are we going?" she asked him as he let her go first in descending the steps to the street where a cab was waiting.

"Hmm, you will see when we get there." Nell could hear the smile in his words and she looked up at his face when he guided her to the cab with a hand close to her back, rushing to open the door for her so she could get in.

"But I do think you will like it."

That spiked her curiosity and for a moment she tried to come up with what they were going to do. She got in the car with a faint blush gracing her cheeks because he had held open the door. It was such a gentlemanly manner it was almost making her think she was dreaming all of this. Moments later he slipped in next to her through the other door and the driver took off.

"Well, we are definitely going to eat somewhere."

She noticed how he hadn't given the driver a new address so she assumed he had already told him. As she tried to sneak a peek at the GPS-system in the front of the car to still her curiosity, warm fingers brushed passed her cheek and she her head was turned so she could look at G.

An amused smile was playing on his lips.

"No sneak peeks. Let me surprise you."

For a moment they locked eyes and in the end, Nell nodded in agreement. Then she smiled and his fingers dropped back, effectively leaving her skin without the warm touch. She missed it instantly.

"No hints either?"

G laughed at her question, a delightful sound, before leaning closer towards her. But he didn't make a move to kiss her this time. Instead, he leant further until she could feel his breath on her ear. A shudder ran down her spine when she felt his slight stubble brush against her skin and she could even feel it a bit sharper when he grinned.

"I'm just a gigolo."

His words were soft as he whispered them in her ear. Then he just lingered for another second before pulling back and settling back in his seat like he had been sitting before.

Nell frowned slightly by his words, confusion being one of the strongest emotions going through her right now. What had he meant with that?


G leant back again and he studied her face as she slowly started looking more and more confused. But she was smart, she would figure it out quickly. He noticed how her lips were slightly parted and he could only think about kissing her again and again.

And again.

For a moment, he looked out of the window. The evening before, he had been thoroughly pissed off at Eric for going to the party with her and now she was in a cab with him to go on a date.

A date of all things.

It had been a very long time ago since he had last been on a date.

He looked sideways again and smiled when he saw how she was tapping with her fingertips against her leg while trying to think about the tip he had given her. She had a slight frown on her forehead while thinking and it even crinkled her nose slightly.

Nevertheless, she was stunning.

The frown suddenly disappeared from her face and was replaced by a look of confusion before she suddenly looked at him. He saw her cheeks tint a slight pink when she caught him staring at her, but he didn't mind.

"Well?" he asked expectantly. She seemed to have come to some kind of conclusion and he was curious to hear what she had come up with. For a moment, he saw her hesitate before she shrugged slightly.

"I ain't got nobody." She said.

G threw his head back and laughed. She had figured it out, the clever little thing.

"Very well. I think we have arrived."

They had. The cab had come to a stop next to the sidewalk and he paid the driver before getting out and walking around to open the door for Nell. However, she had already opened it so he offered her his hand, which she took before slipping a leg out and standing up. With a swift movement he closed the door behind her and the cab took off as he guided her to the doors of their destination.

It was a restaurant located in a modest street which was why it didn't attract a lot of attention from people walking past it. The restaurant was more a place you really needed a reservation to get in to and he had been quite lucky to still get a table for it being a Saturday night.

Standing in front of it, the restaurant looked as if it was very small but this was merely an illusion. The building was very narrow, yes, but some things could easily be hidden away from the eye.

"Shall we?"

Nell nodded and they walked towards the door that was delicately decorated with bronze forms and colored glass. It was opened from the inside as they neared it by a man who was smartly dressed in a suit and wore a polite expression on his face.

"Good evening Ma'am, Sir. Do you have a reservation?"

The door closed behind them as G nodded and stepped forward to the man who was looking down at his book with names.

"Yes, the name is Donnell." The man found the name within a second and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, a table for two. You can leave your coats in the coat room before going downstairs."

G nodded and turned back to Nell, who was taking in the golden carpet on the floor and the warm, brown wall. A big mirror was hanging on the wall and she seemed to study their reflection for a moment. In the meantime, the man who had been helping stepped forward and made a move to help Nell with her coat.

G immediately moved, posing himself between the man and his date and with a mere look directed in his way, the man stepped back again and G moved to once again lifted the dark fabric from her delicate shoulders before handing it to the man. As the man occupied himself with the coat, G placed his hand on the small of Nell's back and steered her towards the steps.

She was the first to descend and the lower they got, the louder the murmurs became. In the end, they reached the room and they seemed to have gone back in time.

The room was big and had several 'terraces' with tables on top of them for the guests. Everything seemed to be decorated with dark, warm colors such as red, brown and bronze. Gold seemed to be also a recurring theme and G could make out some more mirrors on the wall that had a look as if they were more than fifty years old thanks to a few black spots.

Next to him, Nell gasped in delight when she saw what every chair in the room was pointed at. A stage with cliché, red curtains was positioned to the right of the room with a black grand piano and a drum kit on it, together with some more instruments such as trumpets and a cello.

"Donnell, Sir?"

A man had appeared next to them and was looking at them expectantly. G nodded and the man motioned them to follow him. They did and he led them past the other tables, some already occupied, to one a bit more to the left of the stage and on the second row so they would have a good look at it.

They sat down and the waiter returned with two menus before taking off again.

For a second, they sat across from each other silently until Nell laughed and shook her head slightly. G looked at her questioningly and she glanced around again, smiling.

"This is amazing." She finally said.

"All of this. I can't believe this, I never heard of this place before."

G settled in his chair, the menu forgotten in his hand.

"Well, once you started falling asleep yesterday, I had plenty of time to watch some more television which gave me the idea to do this."

Nell blushed again and he grinned.

"Well, I can't help it that you are so comfortable." She huffed in the end and for a moment, he looked at her in surprise before laughing himself.

"Well, I guess that's good to know then."

She seemed slightly put out by his blunt answer and he leant forward a bit.

"I don't think a blush is really something I could pull off. I quite like it on you though.." He spoke softly, a teasing look in his eyes.

This time, Nell seemed surprised and he grinned when she hid behind the menu as she started looking for something she would like to eat. He had already decided on what he wanted with a brief glance on the menu and was waiting for her to make her decision.

When she sighed, he slowly raised an eyebrow and waited until she would say something.

"I don't know what to pick." She finally confessed.

"I quite like the idea of the penne with pesto and walnuts but the catfish sounds really good as well." She really seemed to have no idea.

"How about this: we ask for the hummus with some pita bread as a sort of appetizer. Then you just go and try the catfish and next time, we'll go to this Italian place and I'll teach you how to eat Italian. More specifically: in what order."

She looked up at his words before slowly nodding in agreement, even though she seemed to be slightly flushed about something.

What had he said?

"The next date?"

They locked eyes for a moment and in that second he saw all the wonder she must be feeling. He took her hand and softly pressed her fingers against his lips.

"Yes, the next date. If you'll have me, that is. It's all up to you."

He let go of her hand again and she slowly pulled it back to lay it on the table. The menu had been put down forgotten.

"I think I would like that." She spoke softly. At that moment, the waiter reappeared next to them with a notepad in his hands and seemingly eager to get to work.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes. We'll share the hummus with the pita bread after which the lady will have the catfish and I would like the lemon chicken. And I think we will share a bottle of white wine." He looked at Nell to see if she was alright with that and she nodded in answer.

The waiter recommended a white wine they had from South-Africa before disappearing again, taking the menus with him.

G turned back to his date.

"So, have you ever been to this kind of restaurant before?"

Nell shook her head and looked around again, still curious at their surroundings.

"I haven't really. When I was younger, we didn't really go to restaurants because the best food we had was the food my mother could cook. My dad didn't really see the use in going to a restaurant if he could get a 'Five-Star-Meal' at home, as he would call it."

She shook her head slightly at the memory, but he still saw the tiny smile playing on her lips. She loved her parents dearly, he deduced.

"Have you?" She returned the question and he shrugged slightly.

"I have been once, a long time ago. But it was really nice and I remembered it yesterday. It all depends on the music though." He glanced to the stage where still nothing was happening.

"Yes, but how much do you know about jazz?"

"Not a lot."

He grinned and Nell laughed again.

"Well, I do know some basics. And the very famous artists like Louis Armstrong, but nothing to specifically."

Nell nodded at his words and tilted her head slightly as she studied him. Auburn hair fell sideways and the silver earrings sparkled in the soft lights.

"Well, I guess practically everybody knows Louis Armstrong. But do you know the other Louis?"

He didn't answer and instead just looked at her expectantly.

"Louis Prima. He wasn't as world-famous as Louis Amstrong, but he was quite famous."

"Prima? Was he Italian?"

"More or less. He was born in New Orleans but his family was Italian. Mostly Sicilian, if I am not mistaken. He sings some of his sings partly in Italian. But in the Jungle Book movies, he did the English voice of King Louis."


He was surprised to hear that. Lately, when he was at Sam's place, he would sometimes watch movies with his daughter which often resulted in movies that were typically for children. G didn't mind, because he had never really seen a lot of them when he was younger, but they had watched Jungle Book only a few weeks ago.

He thought back to the kingly orang-utan before shaking his head in amusement. It had been quite the character.

"Yes, really."

The waiter returned with the bottle of wine and he handed G a glass so he could do the first taste. He tried it and was surprised by the fresh taste it brought.

"Yes, it's nice." The waiter smiled brightly and filled both their glasses before taking off again.

G turned back to Nell and raised his glass for a toast.

"A good evening."

"A great evening." Nell agreed and their glasses touched for a second before they both had a sip, never breaking eye-contact.

G put his glass back down again but kept sliding past the glass with his fingers.

"So, what is your favourite song?"

"Oh, that really is an impossible question!" Nell protested.

G raised an eyebrow as if he was challenging him and she scoffed slightly although he never missed the twinkle in her eyes.

"It really is difficult. There are so many songs I like that it would hardly be fair to make a choice. But I do like Feeling Good when Nina Simone sings it."

"I think I know that song."

"It's really well known. I think it was written for a musical in the 30s and since then many people have covered it. But I like it when Nina Simone sings it, she has a very powerful voice."


Nell was surprised. She was really enjoying the evening by just sitting with G and talking about old music. She loved her old music and he really could listen.

And, of course, he was just too damn handsome for his own good.

She looked at his face and how his electric blue eyes seemed to only notice her as they talked. The stubble he practically almost wore on his cheeks just seemed to fit so well with him. She could remember the rough feeling of it against her skin and discovered that she couldn't wait until the next time she could feel it. For the last 24 hours it had almost been overwhelming to be able to be this close to him all the time without being looked upon strangely.

But mostly she just couldn't help but feel attracted to him in ways she hadn't felt ever before. It was almost unsettling how deeply she desired his touch and the feeling was only getting stronger the better they were getting to know each other.

"Look down at the stage." G said with a nod of his head to their side. She looked to the right but still nothing was happening.

"Why?" She looked back at him and he made another, small move with his head.

"There's space in front of it they normally could use for tables. Later, we are going to go down there and we are going to dance. I still think I should have gotten another dance yesterday."

Nell tilted her head before she smiled innocently at him.

"Well, maybe you could have if you hadn't just run off."

"Touché. But if I hadn't, we might not be sitting here right now."

Nell couldn't disagree with that. Him running off had been the trigger for her to go after him, which had been the reason for them to kiss. Which in turn had been the trigger-effect for all of this that was happening right now.

The waiter came back and brought them their hummus with the pita bread, which turned out to be absolutely delicious.

"So, I heard you have been listening to my CD." She casually said before taking another bite of the piece she was holding in her hands.

G frowned slightly at her question until she saw him come to a conclusion.


"Yes, Rachel."

"I'll tell you, that woman knows how to meddle."

Nell laughed at his words and took another sip of wine before shrugging slightly.

"I really like her. She is really sweet and I think she makes a lovely couple with Sam. She balances him out in a way."

G nodded at her words with a faraway look in his eyes.

"Well, she did tell me to go to this absolutely gorgeous woman and tell her she looked beautiful, because somebody apparently didn't think I was capable of thinking something like that."

He looked at her pointedly and Nell flushed a bright red.

"She did that?"

"Well, yes."

"Hmm, she seems to be quite perceptive."

"As it appears. Thank god Sam isn't suspecting anything yet."

Nell felt her heart drop and she merely nodded at his words before taking another sip from her wine instead of saying something. She saw a frown appear on G's face as he studied her.

"What is it?"

Well he was quite perceptive himself.

"What about the others? If this is going to keep going, what do we do?" she asked softly.

Silence followed her words and she looked down at her hands, not wanting to look into his eyes.


With a small sigh, she forced herself to look up at him anyway. He was like a forbidden fruit, even more forbidden now she thought about all the consequences.

"Nell.." G sighed and he took her hand again before she could pull back. His hold was firm and stubborn and after a second she gave in as his fingers rubbed calming circles over the palm of her hand.

"You are an intelligence analyst, I am a special agent. We are no partners, not in the way Sam and I or Kensi and Deeks are. Things will be different. But we won't tell anybody until we want."

She felt herself relax slightly before she moved her other hand on top of his fingers rubbing the circles. With her fingertips she slid over his skin and was surprised to discover calloused parts on his palms and fingers.

His eyes slid down to their hands and silence fell as her much tinier hands held his bigger one.

He let her fingers study his with the soft touches and Nell couldn't help but feel that this was quite intimate. He was showing a small part of himself, even if it was just his hand. But it somehow seemed a small, first step.

The moment was interrupted by sudden music, which caused her to jump and look to the stage where she could now see a whole band. A man was sitting at the piano, another had taken the cello and three others stood in a row with their trumpets proudly up in the air. They had been joined by some other musicians with other instruments to add to the diversity and they quickly started playing a mellow song that didn't need any vocals.

Nell smiled when she recognised the first notes of the song they were playing.

The murmur around them had immediately quieted down as all the guests turned to watch the music. The men with the instruments were all wearing black tuxedos and seemed to enjoy themselves while playing their music. When the musical introduction seemed to come to an end and the man with the saxophone stopped playing before starting to whistle as he walked to the middle of the stage where two microphones were stationed for the accompanying vocals. From the side of the stage two women and two men rushed forwards to stand next to each other at the second microphone and started singing.

Nell couldn't stop the smile that was showing on her face when she recognised how they were following the script from the Glenn Miller Band singing Kalamazoo.

A soft squeeze in her hand made her look back at G who was studying her instead of watching the band in front of them. She blushed slightly and squeezed back before turning around and watching again.

This was amazing.


They sang some more songs which Nell mostly recognized until the waiter came with their dishes for the main course. They dug into the food and Nell could only enjoy the fish she had chosen, loving the whole taste of her meal. Across from her, G was eating his chicken with calm while once in a while looking up at either her or the band with the music. By the time they had finished their meals, the band went for a break and their plates were taken away.

The bottle of wine was half empty and G filled both their glasses again.

"So, what do you think?" He was holding his glass subtly in his hand as if he didn't know anything else and Nell had another sip of her own glass.

"It's incredible!" she said enthusiastically.

"The music is amazing and just the whole atmosphere here is unbelievable. I almost feel like I have gone back in time and am actually living in another era where this was normal."

She saw him smile at her words and could only gather her was pleased to hear that she was enjoying herself.

"But what do you think?"

"Well," he shrugged. "I might have found some new music I seem to enjoy."

Nell was delighted and the waiter came to ask them if they wished anything for dessert. For a moment, they looked at each other before G nodded in answer.

"I think we would. What do you have to offer?"

The waiter didn't seem to think he needed his notepad for this order as he started about their menu.

"Well, we have a wide range of ice cream but if you want something more special we also have a great tiramisu, panna cotta with caramel or strawberries, a pavlova with seasonal fruits or figs with walnuts out of the oven."

"Nell?" G looked at her with the question in her eyes. She turned to the waiter, already having made her choice.

"I would like the figs please."

The man nodded and turned to G, who seemed to think about it for a moment before also deciding on the figs and asking if they could wait a few minutes before bringing it out. The man nodded in agreement before disappearing again and Nell found herself being back with G's full attention on her.

"So, if I remember correctly, I still have a promise to keep."

"What? Oh G, no-"

But she didn't get a chance to protest. Just as the music started again, G stood and took her hand to help her up as well before walking with her down the few steps and stepping into the space that had been left open for dancing.

But nobody else had gotten the same idea and Nell felt herself blushing furiously as he gently took one of her hands with his and the other one slid to her hip. Automatically she lifted her free hand to his shoulder. He pulled her closer, effectively closing the gap between them as she was pressed up against him.

She could just feel how people were staring at them, but he didn't seem to mind ad he slowly started guiding her over the dance floor. The band had seen them coming on and started playing a soft, slowly flowing song.

"Relax Nell." She heard him whisper in her ear. It didn't really help and G's hot breath brushed her hair when he sighed.

"Close your eyes."

This she could do, so Nell closed her eyes. Her head was leaning against his shoulder as her hand that had previously been there shifted to his neck. His hand on her hip slid to her back and was used to hold her close to him as they swayed to the music.

With her eyes closed, she found herself relaxing slightly. His strong frame felt safe around her and the fact that she trusted him with anything was quite helpful. G was resting his chin on her head as she felt the skin of his neck press against her forehead.

She was all surrounded by him and the now familiar smell of him entered her nose. He was wearing some subtle cologne that, combined with his own smell, made her legs go weak. It was a good thing really that she was standing so close to him and that he was holding her against him.

They were quiet as they danced and Nell kept her eyes closed the entire time they did. Once the song started to come to an end, she opened them again and was startled to notice how many other couples had joined them. Then she looked up at G, who was now studying her face intently as if he was trying to find something.

The song ended and was replaced by something a lot quicker. For a moment, Nell was lost at what to do but G seemed to have an idea as he shifted their stance. His hand was again on her hip and he grinned at her before moving along.

Soon, she found herself twirling around the dance floor, laughing loudly and just having fun.

That man sure knew how to dance, didn't he?


After a few more songs they returned to their table and sat back down again just as the waiter returned with their deserts. He placed the identical plates in front of them and left again.

G looked back at Nell who had a flustered look on her face with healthily tinted cheeks and a happy twinkle in her eyes.

"I didn't know you could dance." She accused him before taking a big sip of her glass.

"It's a handy skill I have found out over the years."

He found her staring at him for a moment before she burst out in giggles. G was surprised, utterly surprised. And that was something that didn't happen a lot.

"I'm sorry. It's just.." She wiped past her eyes, mirth evident as she looked at him. "You must have had to dance with the weirdest people if you had to do this while working."

She giggled again and G found it sounded like bells. It was a delightful sound. A smile crept on his face and he picked up his fork which he pointed at her.

"Well, I have had to dance with some people. But you are quite special with the whole dancing-thing."

They laughed and dug into their deserts. The figs had been cut in quarters and were still warm from the oven although they had been placed in yoghurt. They had been baked with butter and honey and were surrounded by walnuts. It was delicious and G, being a sweet tooth, loved it.

After finishing dessert, Nell took his hand and this time it was the analyst dragging the agent back to the stage to dance some more.


An hour and a half later, they were standing on the sidewalk again. Both were wearing coats now and they were still smiling. Together, they started walking in the direction of another street where they could hail a cab.

Nell didn't want to go home.

The food had been amazing, they had talked and laughed and danced and she didn't want the night to end. But it would.

A cab stopped and they got in. She was shivering slightly from the frisk air on her bare legs out there and she was glad to be in the warm car again. G gave her address and they took off once again, going home. The ride was passed in comfortable silence and it was over too soon for Nell. G walked her to her door, where he stood still as she opened it to enter her home.

But she didn't as she turned around instead, looking up at her date. He had his hands in the pockets of his trousers, his shoulders rolled back in a relaxed manner. The moon above them gave his eyes an unnatural color of blue.

She loved his eyes.

"Well.." She said slowly.

He raised an eyebrow at her, immediately squashing the awkwardness she was starting to feel. She was never good at this.

"Thank you." She finally said. "For everything, the whole night. It was amazing."

He smiled and stepped closer, raising a hand to brush a strand of hair away from her eyes. She hadn't even noticed it was there.

"Have a good evening Nell. I had a great time."

His hand slipped away from her face but she grabbed it again before he would get a chance to step back.

"What is this, no kiss?" she asked boldly.

He stood still and looked at her, a look of something she couldn't define in his eyes. Then, he moved closer again.

"This seems to be a recurring theme. Late at night I am standing at your door, this side or the other, and you always demand a ki-"

"Aw shut up."

Nell stepped forward and grabbed him at his jacket before pulling him down slightly and kissing him. Reaction was immediate as his arms slipped around her and he brushed his tongue past her lips. She felt a low rumble go through him as he chuckled but as she nipped him in the lower lip that soon stopped.

She felt her back hit the doorpost as he pushed her against it and a gasp found its way past her lips. It wasn't heard however as both were too concentrated on kissing the other senseless.

Feeling slightly intoxicated from the wine she had had during the night her head was soon spinning as her legs slowly turned to jelly, for the second time that evening.

They both needed air, which was the only reason why their kiss was broken. She instantly missed his lips, but they didn't restart the kiss. G was leaning against her, his breathing slightly quickened, as he brushed his nose through her hair. The movement made her relax and she finally dared to look up at his eyes.

His thoughts seemed to be far away as they just stood there but her movement brought him back to earth. They locked eyes and she saw his lips tilt slightly upwards in a gentle smile.

"I think we can call this date a success." He said softly.

Nell nodded in answer.

"Good evening Nell." He stepped away from her and with one last look at her, he left.

It had been a success alright.


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