WARNING: a bit of smut in this one.

Eponine stood outside the whore house, ignoring any man that came past. Inside her head, she pictured what tonight could be like; what he'd do, what he'd say, how he'll make her feel. Before leaving home that night, Mme. Thenardier had let Eponine use her special, stolen perfume, and had made her brush her hair, as much as she could, before giving her a kiss goodbye, stoking her face and letting her only daughter go. Mme. Thenardier had told Eponine that tonight was moonless, and whatever they did beneath it was theirs alone; no one could be watching, because there was no light. Eponine smiled as she looked up at the missing moon. Wait for me, Enjolras. Please...

Another half an hour had pasted, and Eponine began to worry. Madame's punishment to her had grown to steering men away from her all evening, so she got no customers, but the 'not-so-clean-as-a-whistle' girls did. Despite this, Eponine was still worried that Madame was going to pounce a man upon her, not allowing Eponine to be only Enjolras' for that night. She could run away now, seeing as she was getting no customers, meaning no money or food for the staving cons, but she would dare. She was too scared.

Out of the misty spring air, Eponine saw a tall figure walk towards the house. We're busy tonight, she thought. As the figure got closer, she could make out his night-black hair, his broad shoulders, those big strong arms that Eponine felt so safe in... And those eyes, brown like melted chocolate.

Enjolras was walking towards her.

Eponine let out a little squeak of surprise and joy when she saw it was him. Her skinny face lit up, as she relaxed against the wall, so happy to see him. But like earlier that day, she face fell when she saw his face. His gorgeous eyes had a horrible leer to them, like all the other men had. His strong hands were balled into fists. His power, leader-like walk was replaced with one that looked like a sex-craved maniac. When Enjolras had made his way to Eponine, he grabbed her face, moving it from side to side, as if he were inspecting her, and then stroked her face. This stroke wasn't like the others; inside of making Eponine's insides melt and her mind go mad with longing, she felt sick and replaced. What had happened to the man she loved?

"Yeah..." Enjolras' voice sound terribly harsh, "You're the one..."

"No! No, sir!" Madame made her way out of the whore house. "You don't want her, sir, tonight. She's a no good thief, and-and-" Enjolras didn't look amused, as he stared at Madame.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! I know you!" Madame all but screamed, "You're that salaud from a few weeks ago! There's NO way Imma letting you near my gir-"

"Madame, your shrill voice is giving me a headache." Eponine couldn't help but giggle, he sounded like her Enjolras. "I want her." Enjolras turned towards Eponine, and thought it a good idea to stroke her near a private area, whilst he leered over her. A mixture of disgust and slight pleasure ran through Eponine, and she almost slapped Enjolras around the face again. She stopped herself to catch Enjolras' eye, and see a warm, stomach-melting smile and wink, before he returned to leer over her. Eponine almost sighed with relief when she realised; he had been acting all along, playing a disgusting costumer to have her tonight. Eponine started to feel warm inside.

"Sir! I won't let you! You're her friend and-" Madame was cut off by Enjolras' cold laughter.

"Madame, I barely know her. She is, er- a friend of my classmate. I hold no feelings for her, accept hunger." In a repulsive manner, Enjolras started pushing Eponine against the wall, their bodies almost one, nipping at her neck.

"I love you." He managed to whisper in her ear, without Madame hearing, and Eponine had to stop herself smiling in pleasure, and muttered loudly, "Monsieur, there must be something in your pocket, because it's hard and digging into my hip." She pushed Enjolras away, carrying on the act. "Fine! I'll take him. But only if he pays." Eponine looked at Madame, with seething hate. She didn't need to act for this. "Do you know that I have a little brother who is staving because I'm not bringing home enough money to feed him, and the rest of my family?"

Madame stared at Eponine, then turned to Enjolras, "She'll be four Francs, Monsieur. I give up." Enjolras stuffed the money into Madame's hand and grabbed Eponine's wrist once more, pulling her along.

"Don't pull me along, Monsieur."

"I'll do whatever the fuck I want with you."

As soon as they had turned the corner, Enjolras softened his grip on Eponine's wrist and moved his hand to hers, twirling her around in the process. Eponine giggled in delight as Enjolras stopped walking, pulled her in and kissed her deeply.

A minute later, Eponine pulled away, "I thought I was coming over to yours after work."

"Well," Enjolras wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her in, "I couldn't bear the thought of someone else having you before me tonight." He kissed her again, and Eponine's stomach turned to jelly again. "Come on. Let's go home."

Eponine walked into Enjolras' flat, feeling slightly nervous, not turning to face Enjolras but she could feel his eyes on her. Enjolras walked over to the pantry, and prepared the same bread, butter and gin he had made for her the first time she visited. Eponine smiled at the memory.

"Thank you, Enjolras, but-"

"Don't make me pay you again." Enjolras moaned, like a little boy. Eponine sat down and ate, whilst Enjolras stood behind her, his hands on the table, and kissed her when she was done. "Well done. Are you okay?"

"Yes. Thank you. I didn't need it-" Enjolras put his finger on her lips, and kissed her on the cheek. "You're welcome." He answered. Eponine stared into his eyes for a moment, and then sheepishly walked over to his bookcase, staring in amazement at the amount of books he owned.

"Wow. You own a lot of books. You should teach me how to read!" Eponine feared that Enjolras would hear how nervous she was; surely it was only sex, something she did almost every night for money. Only it wasn't to her, not tonight. Tonight would be the first night she would feel something, not just the dull, meaningless thing she did every night, but a statement, almost, about how much she trusts Enjolras.

But Enjolras did hear the nerves in her voice, and it made his heart melt; she was nervous about being with him, this meant something to her. Enjolras felt like he was falling in love with Eponine all over again. He whispered her name as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him. Her back pressed against his chest. Slowly, he pulled her hat off, letting her dark tresses fall from the confines of the hat. When his lips pressed against her neck and caressed her neck, she forgot everything. Her nerves were replaced with passion. Nothing matter in that moment.

Eponine turned around to face Enjolras, muttering his name before she kissed him. Her soft kiss turned into turned into something urgent for the both of them, as if they needed to have each other that night, or something terrible would happen. Enjolras deepened their kiss, with a moan in his throat, and held the back of Eponine's head, whilst she did the same to him. She felt her legs almost give way, with the intensity of it all, but she was held up by Enjolras' strong arm that was wrapped around her waist pulling her in. Eponine found it in her to start unbuttoning Enjolras' shirt, and he responded by pulling off her make-shift top. Both shirts fell to the floor, as Eponine made a start on both belts. Everything was slowed down by their inability to stop kissing or hold each other closely.

After Enjolras' trousers had been removed, his kissing moved to Eponine's neck, as he moved them towards the bed. Eponine couldn't stop gasping in pleasure; she felt like she couldn't breathe and was clawing Enjolras' back, everything felt perfect. They half fell on the bed, and stopped kissing for a short moment for Eponine to move on the bed, part her legs and let Enjolras settle in between them. He started to kiss her again, but he moaned as he slowly entered her, burying deep inside her. He kissed her along her jaw line, as she gasped, "Please... Move."

Enjolras obeyed.

He thrust his hips forward. She gripped his shoulders as his movements became quicker and harder. "Eponine!" He groaned as he continued to thrust, his lips against her shoulder. Eponine would often cry out in pure pleasure. Her hands would claw at his back and she wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him on with hard thrusts to match his. She held him tightly to her, gasping and moaning his name loudly in his ear. Her hands ran up his back to his head, making him raise his head. "Please," she begged, breathlessly, "kiss me?"

Enjolras' lips found hers in the heat of passion, and she held his head too hers. Everything they did added to the pleasure of the situation; their entwined bodies, their hungry lips, their bliss-filled moans. Her teeth caught his lower lip for a second before she let go to cry out again. Enjolras started to kiss her neck again, nipping at it slightly as he quickened the pace of his thrusts again. Every pleasure-filled moan Eponine gave, it spurred Enjolras on the move faster in her, no matter how tired he was becoming. Eponine always met this with a few thrusts of her own; an award often met with a somewhere strength in her to kiss Enjolras' shoulder. This is what Heaven feels like.

"Eponine!" He cried out as they both climaxed, holding himself deep within her. The air in the flat was full of their heaving breathing, it was the only sound. Enjolras stayed inside of Eponine, kissing her face and neck, softy yet passionately, whilst she lay in bliss; eyes closed, smiling slightly, still breathing heavily. The experience had left the two of them worn out, but full of energy at the same time. Enjolras' kisses were moving down her neck, to her shoulder, when Enjolras moved one hand under Eponine's back, pulling her bust up to kiss it. Eponine let out a little gasp at his kiss, so his next kiss on her neck included another sharp thrust of his hips, causing Eponine to moan again and muscles to lock, and Enjolras to gasp and chuckle at the skinny girl he loved.

"Please..." he heard her whisper. He looked at her face, as her eyes opened and she looked into his eyes. "I want more." One hand moved to his face, as she kissed his cheek. "This is the best night of my life." She whispered. Upon hearing this, Enjolras found energy from somewhere, wrapped his arms under her shoulders, and used them to help him thrust deeper into Eponine, once again. Her squeals were full of hot passion and pleasure, and her cries of her lover's name were shaky. Enjolras' full attention was on Eponine; he loved her, and put that, and so much more, into every thrust he gave to her. The bed started to squeak from the activity from both on the bed, as Eponine joined Enjolras, and soon they were both moaning.

The new found energy carried them through a further half an hour of passion, until they both climaxed for the second time that night. Enjolras kissed Eponine again, and then rolled off and out of her, as they tried to get their breath back. Enjolras stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily at the second time, wishing he still had some energy for a third time. In the mix of sweat and breathing, Eponine had rolled over Enjolras, and rested her head on his chest, matching his heavy breathing.

"Wow..." she muttered, "That... was amazing." She looked up at Enjolras, who was chuckling at her. She laughed back, "You should feel proud of yourself."

"Why, thank you." They both started laughing. Enjolras pulled Eponine in closer to him, and kissed her head. "Didn't wear you out, did I?"

"Yes." She giggled. "It was fantastic."

"You're making me blush, Mlle. Eponine." Enjolras rolled onto his side, pulled Eponine in again, and kissed her. He shook his head, "This had to be the happiest and best night of my life. I love you, so much."

Eponine felt ready to cry at this. "I never want to be with another man again. I love you too. I only want you to have the privilege of having and seeing me like this." A tear rolled out of her eye, and Enjolras wiped it away. He kissed her on the head.

"Don't cry. I'll grit my teeth every night if I must. I'll even come to the whore house each night, pretend to buy you, just to give you a safe place at night, with me."

Eponine smiled, sadly, "But the money-"

"Let me give it to you then."

"I don't want charity." Her voice started to rise, as she pulled away from Enjolras.

"It won't be. I promise." Enjolras sighed, not wanting to ruin the happy mood. "I'm sorry. Should we just forget we talked about this, if it will make you happy?"

Eponine kissed Enjolras' nose. "I'm the sorry one. Forgive me?"

Laughing, Enjolras rolled onto Eponine, and started kissing her all over her bust, making Eponine squeal in delight. "Eponine Thenardier, you are always forgiven, you beautiful, beautiful woman." His kissed moved up Eponine's neck, to her mouth.

They stopped for a moment, and Enjolras muttered, "Why is it that I always seem to want you?"

Eponine laughed, understanding his meaning of the statement, "I'm all yours, monsieur." And with that, the pair gasped in intense pleasure, as they managed a third time in one night.

Enjolras woke up around half six in the morning, the sun blasting through his window. A smile came to his face when he noticed Eponine's weightless head on his bare chest, and he remembered the three times last night. Part of his mind yelled at him to skip his classes that day, and spend it with Eponine instead, but his conscience told him that he needed to go to his classes. He slid out of the bed, leaving Eponine on his pillow, the sheet just covering her bottom with the sun shining on her bare back. Her sleeping face screamed 'bliss', apart from the ever present forehead-dent. You're a lucky man, Enjolras, he thought to himself, Don't ever let her go.

Enjolras saw his clothes from last night on the floor, and chose to wear them again that day. He knew he'd be met with immature remarks about him and Eponine, but part of him wanted those remarks; he wanted people to know he had spent the night with the girl he loves. He didn't bother to wash, he simply put on the clothes, and folded Eponine's up neatly on the couch and made himself a quick breakfast. When he needed to go, he started to write Eponine a note to say goodbye, remembering what she had said the night before, half way through the note;

"Wow. You own a lot of books. You should teach me how to read!"

"Wow, I'm an idiot." He left the note alone, and he walked over to Eponine. He lay on the bed, and hugged her lightly.


"Hmmm?" She was still half asleep, but that was okay. Enjolras didn't want to really wake her.

"I'm sorry, but I have classes. I need to go. I'm sorry I have to leave."

"I'll go then." She started to open her eyes.

"Don't wake up, you don't need to." Eponine closed her eyes. "I just wanted to let you know that. Stay as long as you want. Have a bath and help yourself to food. I'll leave your five Francs on the desk for eating last night and the money your father will be expecting from last night."

Eponine yawned. "Jackpot." Her wit caused Enjolras to chuckle. "I love it when you laugh."

Enjolras stroked her hair and kissed her, both of them wrapping their arms around each other, Enjolras rolling on to Eponine. He had to force himself to stop and leave. "Go back to sleep. There's a meeting on tonight, will you come?"

"Sure, rebel." They smiled at Eponine's new pet name for Enjolras. "Don't worry; I won't say it in public."

Enjolras laughed, bid her farewell, and then kissed her all over her naked body, before having to run out and down the street, so he won't be tempted to stay with her all day.

Eponine woke again an hour later, around nine. She stretched, wanting to fill the empty bed with her happy thoughts of Enjolras. I never want to leave this bed.

She found it in her to get up, and chose to try and have a bath, leaving her feel clean and even more at bliss. She got dressed and ate, staying in the flat for another hour to let her hair dry a bit before facing the streets.

She was about to leave, when she noticed the glint of coins on the desk, the money Enjolras left her. Counting it, she noticed that Enjolras left her nine Francs, instead of only five. He had given her the money for a night's pay, plus the eating money. "And the money your father will be expecting from last night." Eponine remembered. It came to her then; Enjolras real did care for her. He was concerned about her poverty, and was giving her enough money to buy food, whilst providing her with a forever safe place to stay. She had been blind to think of it only as charity, it wasn't. Enjolras was sharing what he had with Eponine, because he loves her. If this is what love feels like, Eponine thought, than I think I can get used to it.