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It has been almost five months since Jo Taylor entered Lakeview Mental Health Facility after suffering from a mental breakdown than shocked her fans and everyone in Hollywood. It all started after Jo was kidnapped from the set of her film, Chauncey Jackson and the Magic Gallows. She was leaving a salon with Camille Roberts and Stephanie King when the paparazzi started questioning her about the kidnapping and she finally cracked. For months she had been dealing with the gossip surrounding her ordeal and she pretended to be getting better, but she finally reached her limit and had a meltdown right that was unfortunately captured on camera. You would think that she would be getting better by now and she kind of is, but no one seems to believe that she's ready to be released.

She sits cross legged on her bed in her private room, just staring at the wall. No, she's not in psychosis. There's just nothing else to do around here so she just sits around and stares at the wall until she has to get her meds and go to therapy sessions. This place sucks so bad. She has never hated something so much in her entire life. But when she was taken to the hospital, she was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold and the doctor suggested to her dad that she get professional help. She punched that one photographer and apparently that concerned the doctor. If the guy hadn't been harrassing her, she wouldn't have broken his camera and she wouldn't have attacked that guy.

The rooms don't even have a TV or a phone! And they took away her shoelaces and anything else she could "harm" herself with. She can't have a hairdryer or a razor (Okay, she needs to shave her legs! And what could she possibly do with a hairdryer?) They took her belt, the strings from her hoodies, and other stuff like that. When she is allowed to use a razor or a hairdryer, someone has to be watching her. It annoys the hell out of her, but these idiots don't seem to care. How did this happen? How did she go from being the cute girl from New Town High to a mental patient?

And quite frankly, this place gives her the creeps. The walls are white, there aren't any pretty decorations, and the staff isn't very friendly at all. The place is actually quite depressing. She can't wait until she is allowed to leave and get her career back. She misses her family and friends! She misses the Palm Woods! Heck, she misses Kendall and they aren't even dating anymore. No, Kendall is dating Ryleigh Chambers, some girl from Hollywood Arts High School. Ryleigh is pretty, talented, and Jo may be a tad jealous, but isn't it normal to be jealous of her ex boyfriend's new girl?

She slowly looks away from the wall and toward the door. She gets off the bed and makes her way to the door. She pulls the door open and peeks into the hallway. For some reason, the jerks will not let her leave the room without supervision, but she's gonna do it anyway. If they wanna punish her just for stepping outside her room, she doesn't care. She's tired of being confined to one room with nothing to do.

"Miss Taylor, where are you going?" The tall and incredibly intimidating guard asks her.

"G-going for a w-walk." She stammers, slowly backing away from him. She tries to run away, but he quickly grabs her and forces her back into the room. She stumbles and falls to the ground, her eyes widening as the guard locks the door. The doors can't be locked from the inside. That's just another one of the many ways that they restrict patients.

She angrily punches the wall and storms over to her bed, sitting down and crossing her arms. How did she end up being the one to get committed? Stephanie was gone for about seven months and she never suffered from any meltdown. Of course, Stephanie has always been a tought girl. She's not all fluffy and goody two shoes. Jo saw a lot of violence, intimidation, and abuse on Peligro Island. Some girl even got murdered! She was also forced to fight her own friends and she hated that. The whole experience traumatized her. Stephanie is just a lot stronger than her.

She wishes she could go back and change everything so that she had never been kidnapped. If she hadn't been kidnapped, she wouldn't be here right now.

"Okay, you kids are looking absolutely fabulous!" Marcos Del Posi says as he snaps pics of VicTORious. While he is doing that, the BTR guys are standing behind him, admiring the extremely hot girls. Tori Vega, Cat Valentine, Ryleigh Chambers, Jade West, and Andre Harris are VicTORious, the hot new band that Gustavo signed to Rocque Records a few months ago. They released their debut album in August and have been on fire ever since. They have released two singles (A Year Without Rain and You're My Only Shorty), as well as the two music videos for the songs. They are currently doing a photo shoot for Pop Tiger magazine.

"Okay, Jade, why are you holding a pair of scissors?" Marcos finally asks.

"Because I want to!" Jade retorts.

"Okay then!" Marcos says before snapping another picture.

James watches Cat Valentine, his girlfriend of eight months. The adorable little redhead seems to be having a great time. The stylist dressed her in a strapless pink party dress and silver high heels, her hair pulled into a ponytail. Everytime Marcos snaps a picture, she giggles and poses. She's a little hyper and some might even call her "weird" or "irritating," but James thinks that she's very cute. She's so happy all the time and James loves that. They've even said that they love each other. They don't plan on getting married yet, but they are pretty serious about each other.

"OW!" Ryleigh yells as Jade steps on her foot. "Watch where you're going!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" Jade argues.

Marcos, Gustavo, Kelly, and the guys watch as the two girls start yelling at each other. For some reason, they have never gotten along. Things got even more tense between them when Jade told the whole group about Ryleigh's DUI arrest last year. She did get her license back this summer, though. Anyway, there is rarely a friendly moment between them. They have a very odd relationship. They hang out in the same group, yet it seems like they can't stand each other.

"Should we break it up?" Carlos asks.

"No, just let them fight it out." Kelly sighs.

So everyone watches as Jade and Ryleigh argue, pretending not to care. On the inside, they're annoyed, but they might as well get use to it.

"Did you really have to step on her foot?" Andre asks as they walk into The Coffee House, a coffee shop across the street from Rocque Records. It only opened last year and it has become a popular hangout for them.

"I didn't have to, but I wanted to." Jade says as they approach a round table.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan roll their eyes at her response. That girl has some major issues. She is always picking on Tori and Ryleigh for some reason and when they ask her why she does it, she always gives them really stupid reasons. Honestly, they think she's jealous. Tori is pretty, popular, and talented and so is Ryleigh. Jade is all three, but everyone is scared of her.

"There is so much wrong with you." Logan says as he sits next to Tori, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Like James and Cat, they have been dating for eight months. They are closer than ever and very much in love. No, there's no wedding in the near future, but they love each other. Anyway, he's always ready to defend Tori when Jade or anyone else is rude to her. Recently, Jade has taken to saying that Logan is way too attractive for Tori, although not by much. He has become a lot more confident since coming to LA, so he's not afraid to make a good comeback.

"No, there's something wrong with Jo." Jade says, smirking at Kendall and Ryleigh. "She's been in the insane asylum for almost five months and from what I've been hearing, she's not gonna be getting out any time soon. If it weren't for that, I'd say that she's perfect for blondie over here."

"Hey, Jade?"

"What, Kendork?" Jade asks boredly, looking at her phone.

"You nauseate me."

"Oh, she nauseates everyone." Carlos interrupts.

"What's your problem, helmet boy? You use to have a crush on me." Jade tells him.

"Yes, but then you turned me down." Carlos responds. "So I gave up!"

"Whatever." Jade shrugs.

"Hey, what mental institution did Jo go to?" James asks.

"I think it's called Lakeview Mental Health Facility." Kendall shrugs.

Cat's eyes widen when he speaks. Lakeview? No! No, no, no, no, no! Her family has had some...personal experiences with that place and it's no good at all. She doesn't know Jo very well, but since the girl is Kendall's ex and he's their friend, Cat feels the need to let him know of the horrors that go on behind closed doors at Lakeview. Cat has never been there herself, but she knows that it isn't pretty.

"Lakeview?" She says in disbelief. "That is like the worst place to go for treatment."

"Why?" James asks in curiosity.

"Okay, a few years ago, my brother went to Lakeview." She tells them. "Let's just say that it's more like a prison than a mental hospital. They treat the patients like dirt and basically brainwash them into becoming slaves for the staff members. It's a terrible place, okay? I don't know why Jo's dad would send her there without doing any research."

"Cat, how did your brother get out?" Jade asks her.

"They kicked him out."


"Cat, I'm sure Jo is fine." Tori insists. "She's probably getting the help she needs, okay?"


"Hey," James insists, kissing her cheek. "Just relax."

Cat frowns, but nods slowly. Yeah, just relax. That's all she needs to do. It has been years since her brother checked into Lakeview, so it has probably changed since then. She's just being paranoid.

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