The True Name of the Gods

It is not Asgardian, or Aesir,

No, the gods true name

Is Hypocrisy

Just ask me, Tortured Loki

Weaver of the most majestic lies and speaker of the most uncomfortable truths

For a single crime I am bound

Beneath a snake

Poison dripping, into my eyes

I may have moved the strings, but his blood does not stain my hands,

Just as tears for him do not stain my eyes

I do not deny I have robbed Asgard of its Light

I do not deny that I deserve to be punished more than any other

In the Nine Realms

But I deny the hypocrites connection between the two

I have fathered and mothered monsters that the gods fear

I have burned, cheated, murdered, stole, lied

And more a thousand times over

Yet, for my role in the death of Balder

And my inaction in his attempted rebirth

I've been sentenced to be a serpent's bib

Did they think that I would not rise to their challenge?

That they could make a claim of an untouchable being,

And expect, and believe that I, Loki

The God of Tricksters, the Breaker of Rules, the Challenger of Impossible Challenges

Would let such an opportunity go unabated

They paraded his magnificence in front of me

They dared me to do my worse

And I proved their better

They demanded I repent for my victory

And I refused

For that one crime,

Not the innocents that have lost to me

Not for the guilty I've soundly defeated

A crime against them is why I am being punished

Justice, a pretty word for those with power,

And a joke for those without,

A lie even one such as I cannot stomach