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Intro.: Since Niki was my most popular OC, I began wondering what her backstory would be. I had a few ideas, and then I asked a few people if they would be interested in reading it, if I ever decided to write it. Since you're reading this right now, I obviously chose to write Niki's story. If any of you have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you read the third chapter of Echo's Challenge, named Shades of Grey. Or don't, if you don't feel like it.

So here it is. Niki's story, Camouflage.

Alternate summary: Camouflage, hidden, background. No one saw me, and few cared. There was nothing left for me to do but run away, far away, and create a life for myself. Even if it meant leaving the people I cared for most behind. I would step into view, and my fur would just be a colour, and not a representation of who I am.


The baby is a girl, a yellow Kougra. She's underweight, but other than that pretty healthy overall. Born at 3:47 in the morning at the hospital in Neopia Central to Emmie and Mak, the mother and father respectively. Newborn sister to five year old Ross.

Emmie, a cloud Zafara, lives in Meridell with her husband and son. She's a housewife, unemployed, and an excellent cook. Her home is almost confined to the kitchen, which she practically never leaves. She's always experimenting with new flavor combinations, always too preoccupied to care for her family. She's not a bad mother, nor is she entirely detached from her family, but she could put a little more effort into raising her son. And now she has a daughter, too.

Mak, a brown Bori, is Emmie's husband. A farmer in Meridell, he works from dawn to dusk most days, and on his days off, he rarely wants to do anything other than eat and sleep. He spends less time with his family than Emmie does, but at least in his case it's justified. A little. He's the one who brings back home the money, so that Ross can go to school and that Emmie can continue making the meals that he loves to eat. He actually makes a lot more than you'd expect from being a farmer. Their family has a little more than enough money to live by.

Ross, a blue Techo originally before getting painted split for his fifth birthday, is their son. He goes to school while his parents work and cook and clean. He's not the smartest student, but he doesn't try. He's a troublemaker, but his parents never taught him any different. He knows that food is important and that working means money, and that's about all he's learned from his parents. Some say it's a miracle that he even knows how to dress himself. Ross has the potential to be a good student, and a son to be proud of, but he never learned that he had this potential and he let every opportunity slip away from him. He doesn't know any better.

These were the three people gathered around the puny scrap of fur, her family by blood and genetics. All four of them were tired, it still being so early in the morning. They would leave for Meridell the next day.

"When are we going home?" Ross complained, yawning.

"Tomorrow, dear," Emmie replied, cradling her newest child and resting her head against her pillow.

Ross left the bedside and curled up on a chair, his exhaustion getting the better of him, and fell asleep.

Mak looked at his wife and daughter with tired eyes. "Did you name her?" he asked.

"Not yet." Emmie just wanted to go to sleep. Mak picked up his child and placed her gently in the small crib provided for them, just as Emmie's eyes fluttered closed. Mak then copied his son and fell asleep on a chair.

The baby slept peacefully, not waking up at all throughout the night and not crying when she did wake up many hours later as Emmie picked her up again to take her home.

The baby was to be kept in her parents' room until they felt that she'd do fine in her own room. She was a small girl who needed to be fed often. She was mellow, rarely cried, and rarely laughed. She whimpered if she needed something instead of screaming at the top of her lungs, like what Ross had done when he was her age. She was so quiet that sometimes her family would forget where they had put her, and wouldn't be able to find her for a while.

After much discussion, they named her Niki. This is her story.