Summary: After Phantom Planet. The unofficial ceasefire comes to an end.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.

AN: This takes place after Phantom Planet.

This dribble (250) was inspired from this week's parsha from Exodus (weekly bible section).


Somehow Danny thought that the unofficial ceasefire established when the world was saved would continue so when the attack came he had been caught with his pants down.

By the time he flew back to Amity Park, it was too late. The ghost had escaped leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

"You can't be everywhere. You didn't know it was coming," Sam tried to comfort him.

Danny just looked at her as if to say that was exactly what he should have done.

"I guess the honeymoon is over," Tucker sighed.

If anyone but Tucker had said that, Sam might have turned around and decked him but she knew that in his new role as mayor her friend was almost as protective about Amity Park as Phantom.

Danny's voice was shaky as they watched the ambulance pull away, "I let my guard down,"

"It's not your fault," Sam insisted, "We all thought the ghosts had agreed to respect your territory."

"Not exactly," said Tucker, "It was more of matter of them being so wrapped up in their own problems that they didn't care to take on anymore trouble. Eventually someone was going to test the waters."

Danny's eyes flashed green. "I'm going after him."

Sam grabbed his sleeve. "Danny wait, you still haven't completely recovered."

Danny shook her off. "He was only the first. Now others will know that it's open season in the human world. That's why I have to go after him; to set an example."

AN: The title is a reference to the Amalek who ignominiously attacked weakest among the Israelites after they left Egypt. They were the first nation that dared to attack them after what had happened in Egypt.

See what happens when I let my mind wander during the Rabbi's sermon?