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Tucker tossed a game controller at Danny as he shoved some plugs home with the other hand. "A whole homework-free day off from school," he chuckled with anticipation.

"Speak for yourself," Danny grumbled.

"Still didn't finish that essay, huh?" Tucker asked.

Danny fiddled with the controller guiltily, "It every time I sit down to work on it, one of my parent's stupid ghost alarms goes off and I have to go flying all over town chasing it."

"Ghosts been out in force today?" Tucker asked.

"No. Just the alarms. My parents deny any malfunction but I keep hearing them. That or they're gone by the time I get there."

Tucker's brow wrinkled, "What about your ghost sense?"

Danny shook his head in frustration, "No ghosts. No ghost sense."

"Then why do you go?" Tucker asked.

"I have to make sure. Maybe it's just out of range. Besides, the good citizens of Amity Park need to know that Danny Phantom is on the job."

Tucker pulled out his phone, "I'm calling Sam."

"It's her holiday she said to only call her if it's an emergency."

"Either we've under attack by undetectable ghosts or something is wrong with your ghost sense." Tucker pressed the speed dial and put it on speakerphone.

After a moment, "Sam's voice whispered. "Hold on." They could hear Sam murmuring 'excuse me' and singing in the background there was a pause and then Sam's voice came on again. "Okay, I'm outside. What happened?"

"Danny says the ghosts are playing ring the door bell and run," Tucker told her.

"And...?" Sam prompted, impatiently.

Tucker gave Danny a sideways glance. "His parents say the Fenton alarm hasn't gone off."

"I'm not crazy," Danny muttered.

"So there actually haven't been any ghost attacks? You pulled me out of services for this?" Sam sighed. Her irritation was just for show, to tell the truth she was glad for a break.

"They must be interfering with my ghost sen..." Danny broke off, his head cocked to one side. "There it goes again."

This time, Tucker could hear it too; the sound was coming though his phone.

"Tell Sam I'm on my way," Danny called as he stood and triggered his transformation.

"Wait!" Sam burst out laughing. It took her a long while to subside.

Tucker exchanging mystified looks with Danny.

"Have you never heard of the Jewish custom of blowing the shofar?" Sam asked.

AN: I thought of this coming back from services and hearing the sounds of shofars being blown in my neighborhood. Better late than never. It amused me to think of Danny answering the call of alarm.

Shofar: made from the horn of a kosher animal (often a Ram) and sounded as part of services on Rosh Hashana.

Rosh Hashana: Head of the Year. Jewish new year.

Tekiah is the name of one of the sounds blown on the shofar.