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summary: This is not a love story, but it is a story about love. —Sasuke/Hinata
dedication: For everyone who has read Fifty Days. It's the happily ever after you all want (but it's completely unrelated, woo). Please check out my new fanfic, MAD DOGS, and I'll try to update this drabble collection daily.

Sasuke first meets her when he is six years old and the sun is shining.

He's not at home, because Itachi isn't either, and he's bored—he thinks, at first, that he'll practise aiming with his ranged weapons because he's not very good yet, but there are older children in the training area and he's not one for sharing, so he decides he'll walk around, instead. He shoves his hands in his pockets and buys a tomato in the marketplace—they're fresh and new, and he's feeling slightly peckish—and then he decides he'll walk somewhere nicer; so, munching on his tomato, he walks through the forest with his feet in the river, just like he does with Itachi, when his brother is back from his missions. He walks and he walks, and then he stops and squints and looks.

He sees her.

She's asleep beneath a cherry-blossom tree.

At first, he doesn't want to go over, because she looks so small and peaceful; but then she starts yawning, stretching like a cat as she basks in the sunlight. She's wearing a cream kimono, but it's dirtied by the soil; and she looks so pretty bathed in her golden glow, with her rosy cheeks and dark hair, that he decides he has to talk to her. He splashes through the river, walks up to her, brandishes his (half-eaten) tomato with sticky fingers and says, "I only ate some of it. You can have some, if you like."

She blinks at him.

"Uhm… o—okay," she says, and plucks his tomato off him with girly, dainty fingers.

She takes a tiny little baby bite.

He tries his hardest not to smile and doesn't ask her name.