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-Life is all about changes-


A long time ago a young girl stood infront of a door. She didn't want to be there, but she was. She was doing it for him, because of him.

A long time ago a stupid boy stood on the other side of a door. He wanted to open it and let her in. But he didn't.

Meanwhile there was a painfully beautiful mother crying. She was lying on the floor of her empty and cold home.

Because her only daughter stood infront of a fucking closed door.

I didn't want to come here today.

To this door.

To this boy.

Or maybe I just want to think that. But I'm here. And I rang the bell five seconds ago.

I'm not ready to see Edward again.

But I'm ready to face my mother.

How to win my heart #1 Stay faithful

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I wrote a little about twilight stuff in german. This is my first time in another language.
(Please forgive the language faults [should there be some...I mean I'm pretty sure there are...])

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