WARINING WARNING: Mentions of Erection and "Mother Nature"

Previously On Ren and Stimpy

"And that's how we meet" Sekoia said as he went on Mako listened intentionally to him It turns out while Korra was a kid she had no friends due to her being locked up Sekoia was her only true friend the boy went on about how the White Lotus tried keeping him out but they always failed as Sekoia went on.

Mako stomach then felt a shock of pain as Mako clutched it for the day and last night his stomach would cramp up, he would feel moody and he had craved sweets like crazy Mako even saw a calendar in Korra's room with a circle on tomorrow's date he was meant to as Korra about that but had forgotten He shrugged it off and finished breakfast.

Sekoia suggested they go out in the city Mako agreed just to get the annoying nude sleeper off his back as Mako was dragged by the much smaller boy and found himself on a boat.


Korra sighed as she made her way to Asami's Mansion she had taken a Taxi all the way to the Sato's house she didn't want to go on a date with another girl and she still had to pee badly knocking on the door the girl waited as an elderly man opened staring at Korra.

"You must be Mako" the elderly butler said looking at Korra.

"Yes I am" Korra said leaning on the doorway.

"Mistress Asami is very ill" Kento the butler said letting Korra into the Sato's home as she gaped at the house inside.

"Oh I'm sorry" Korra said but on the inside she was jumping with joy No date with Asami! But her celebration was cut short.

"So she has requested me to escort you to her room" Kento said walking as Korra followed behind if only Kento could see Korra depressed state if only he turned around.

Back to the story

Korra was depressed she had hoped she would get out of her date with Asami (Which still didn't sound right in Korra's opinion) She still had to pee and now she had to just pop in say 'Hello' and make her way back to the arena and stay there far away from Asami.

Kento slowly opened the door inside the walls were black there was posters of the Fire Ferrets and pictures of Asami and Mako Korra scrunched her face in disgust as she heard loud retching and the sound of a toilet being flushed Korra just turned around and focused on the posters as he heard Asami get in her bed and called Korra over to her.

"H-Hey Mako" Asami said weakly as she laid down her bed she wanted Mako to hold and hug as she was sick.

"Hey Asami" Korra said craning her neck looking at the sick girl who had looked like she was going to be sick again Korra couldn't help but feel bad for her Asami patted her hand on the bed motioning Korra to come and sit Korra came over and sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry Mako" Asami said as she put her head on Korra shoulder as Korra flinched at the contact.

"I-It's fine" Korra said as Asami started to put both her arms around Korra while Korra was getting freaked out at the contact.

"I glad you still came even if I'm puking my guts out" Asami said with a weak smile as Korra shivered as Asami rubbed her back.

"N-No problem I was concerned and I still love you" Korra said she had to swallow her own bile to keep it down from saying that it was weird say 'I love you' to someone else's girlfriend.

Asami ran both her arms around Korra as she shivered from the contact then the next thing Korra didn't expect was to feel Asami behind her hugging her with her breasts pressing into her back.

Korra's breath hitched and her entire face went hot as she felt Mako's thing growing and getting hard as Asami pressed harder into her back Korra couldn't help but let out a soft low moan Asami then leaned into Korra's ear.

"Are you all right Mako?" She asked in a seducing voice as Korra's hands were covering Mako's hard "equipment" that was now throbbing in pain Korra had never felt this type of pain before she wasn't enjoying Asami on her back either Damn Mako's hormones Damn them to the Spirit World.

Korra jumped up and walked fast to the door and left a confused Asami on her bed as Korra ran to find the nearest bathroom.


Mako groaned his stomach was in pain as he and Sekoia walked around in the now dark Republic City as the other boy ran around looking at the sites as he clung to Mako's arm flashing him a smile the boy ran off to find some food for the both of them Mako felt something running down his legs Mako ran to find a bathroom finding a bathroom he went into the stall and pulled his pants down Mako's eyes bulged out as he found blood in his underwear.

'Agni! I'm bleeding...Am I gonna die?' Mako thought he was so confused and had no idea what to do.

Grabbing some tissues and putting it in his underwear and washing his hands Mako ran out and found Sekoia with two fishes on a stick as Sekoia was eating his fish Mako ran and shook him violently.

"SEKOIA WE NEED TO GO FIND MEDICAL HELP!" Mako shouted shaking the shorter boy back and forth.

"What's wrong? Are you ok Korra" Sekoia asked concerned he cared about Korra and wanted to make sure she was alright.

"NO! I'M BLEEDING" Mako once again shouted earning looks by by passers as Sekoia's eyes widen.

"OK! I'll take you get some help!" Sekoia said as he lifted Mako and carried him bridal style Mako was surprised and the shorter boy as he ran to find a healer.

Meanwhile… again

Korra was hiding out in the Sato's bathroom with the hard thing between her legs still hadn't gone away trying forget what had happened Korra then thought about something else while pouring cold water on herself she just thought about waterfalls which made he have to pee even more.

Korra just closed her eyes and focused on something else as she felt "it" going soft she sighed and her urge to pee came back even stronger, she turns, closes her eyes, and hooks his thumbs over the elastic waistband and sits, forcing herself to picture anything but the present scenario.

Korra tried sitting down but it felt uncomfortable so she stood up and placed both hands on "it "and peed sighing in relief she had shook "it" clean from the pee Korra washes her hands and went back to Asami.

Meanwhile… Once More

Mako walked out of the healer's room shaken up obviously from the horrible truth he had learned it all made sense now the reason Korra was sometimes moody when they had practice and why she had eaten the chocolate he got for himself that one time.

*Flashback with Mako and the healer*

"Healer! I'm bleeding!" Mako said as he ran inside to find the healer alone by herself who stared at him

"What? Are you hurt?" Kikyo the healer was immediately at Mako's side, searching him from head to toe for any kind of wounds. "Where does it hurt?" Kikyo asked Mako

Mako's expression then changed from panic to something similar to embarrassment. "It hurts a little here..." He put a hand on her stomach. "B-But it doesn't...bleed... there..." She looked at the floor while his face became even redder and he spoke so silent Kikyo had to concentrate to hear him.


Kikyo breathed out in relief 'Now, how do I explain this?'

"Well...You see, Miss, you're not hurt."

"I'm not?" Mako gave her a perplexed look.

"No, you're a woman!"


*Insert boring explanation about menstrual cycles here*

*End of Flashback*

Mako still was disturbed for life as he had a bag of the "items" to help him during this awkward mess He then found a worried Sekoia outside who rushed to Mako and gave him a bone-crushing hug and put him back down.

"Are you ok Korra are you gonna live?" Sekoia said giving Mako a look of concern and worry for him.

"Y-Yeah I'm all healed let's go back to the Island" Mako said grabbing Sekoia by the arm and dragged him back to the docks.

Elsewhere…. I was tired of saying Meanwhile…

Korra walked back to Asami's room and found the girl in her looking at Korra in concern as she made her way over to Asami's bed and sat next to the Sato who gave her a look of sadness as if she did something wrong.

"Are you alright? Did I do something wrong" Asami asked with a sad look on her face she didn't mean to make "Mako" run away.

"Y-yeah I'll be fine" Korra said patting Asami's hand while trying to block out the horrible incident that happened.

"I'm glad now I can do this" Asami said as she pulled Korra closer to her and kissed Korra on the lips as Korra was screaming on the inside of her head as Asami pulled away and leaned on Korra's shoulder.

"I love you Mako" Asami said as she then started to feel drowsy and looked at her wall.

"I-I Love you to" Korra said shakily what was she now supposed to say to Mako 'Hey I kissed your girlfriend' Korra then heard soft snores coming from the sick Sato she carefully placed Asami down and turned the light of.

Korra walked out of Asami's room and made Kento lead her out of the Mansion Korra still in shock made her way back outside and found a Taxi and took it all the way back to the Pro-bending arena trying to forget everything that happened this was awkward and she was also worried on how to explain to Mako that she kissed his girlfriend.

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Mako still dealing with "Mother Nature" and Sekoia admits his feelings for someone Who could it be?