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Zalleen didn't know that his friends had fallen prey to a nefarious ambush-but at the moment he didn't spare any thoughts to ponder their dangers. He had his own problem, a snorting, growling, stinking undead heap of a problem.

The undead hybrid barked out a harsh growl and charged again. Rather than evading, Zalleen went with the first option that came to mind. A pyroblast spell went flying from his staff, the runes adorning it pulsing the same color as the fire.

The crackling fireball hit the undead squarely in the chest. It uttered a ghastly yelp and flinched back, then with a furious roar dashed forward faster than the mage had even thought possible. Instinctively he raised his staff, and the bear's heavy paws rammed against the magically enforced wood. The mage wrinkled his nose in disgust as the smell of burned fur drifted through the air, then channeled arcane energy into his staff.

The item glowed a searing blue, but as the wielder Zalleen felt no pain, just a dull tingle. With the hybrid it was another story. The thing screeched as the staff burned it, and it fell away. Dazed and confused by the pain in it's paws, it stumbled close to the edge of the rise.

"It's been fun, mon," Zalleen muttered as the bear snorted and prepared to charge again. "But I have a signal to watch for."

The young troll aimed another pyroblast, firing this one at the hybrid's feet. The undead tried to move, but lumbered sloppily from the burned paws. It fell off the rise with a sharp hiss and a howl.

The howl turned to one of terror as the fire from the spell started to consume it. There was a sickening smack as the beast hit the ground. Unable to resist, Zalleen ran over and peered over the ridge. What he saw was a hunk of flesh that twitched convulsively as the flames consumed it, then lay still. The fire flickered away as it ran out of fuel and the dampening snow started to do it's work.

The mage glanced at the gates of the base camp, worried Scourge could have seen the flaming creature. He momentarily sighed in relief when none came, but then tensed all over again. Peering into the distance toward the center of the camp, he thought he could see the shine of thousands of steel blades. Carried on the wind came the clash of metal against metal, and twisted battle cries.

"Damn fuckit," Zalleen muttered. "They must've been caught."

The redheaded mage sat back on his heels and began to ponder his next course of action, albeit frantically due to the suspicion that the rest of the companions could be a incredibly dire situation. He wanted to go help them, but Zalleen also had to be on the ridge to detonate the bomb when the signal came. If he left and everyone died, he had no doubt Emala's last act would be to finish him off as he was dying in the most painful way possible.

Ooookay...that might a little drastic, Zalleen thought, grimacing even as the image of the livid hunter raising a knife over his chest flashed into mind. But she'd still do something, and be damn unhappy.

Then Zalleen got a marvelous idea. Slowly he grinned, a ecstatic smile that some could mistake as crazy.

"I can portal, after all."

But a simple portal wasn't all that was included in Zalleen's plan.

Atlanta's POV

My grip tightened on the runeblade hilt, even as the crowd of Scourge surged forward. But none of them were going for me-obviously Hiarth intended to eradicate the traitor death knight himself.

The living vyrkul approached slowly and leisurely, but not with a hint of sluggishness or ineptitude. His eyes gleamed black under a scratched, dented helm that was smeared with what looked to be old blood.

"I'll be greatly rewarded for this," he said in a low, throaty growl.

"Assuming you actually manage to," I replied mockingly.

Hiarth roared in a futy and raised the axe.

Even as I raised my own weapon to meet him.

The vyrkul charged, and I ran at him as well. He raised his axe and brought it down in a powerful cleave, only for me to block it with the flat of my runeblade. There were sparks as I withdrew my weapon and ducked under Hiarth's guard. I swung my own weapon, the engraved blade glowing with blue light.

My strike cut a long wound in Hiarth's chest. He roared and brought his axe down at my head in a blinding swipe. The axe head clanged against my helm, disorienting me. The vyrkul general took the chance to try and behead me.

Luckily I still had enough wits about me to avoid the worst of the blow. Instead of my neck, I felt the axe blade open a cut on my cheek. There was very little blood, seeing as how I really didn't have much of it anymore, but the near miss was enough to make me wary.

I raised my runeblade and a blast of wind and hail roared from it. Hiarth spluttered and growled as the hail shards opened small cuts all over his arms, while he instinctively blocked his face. I blacked swiftly away from the vyrkul general, keeping my eye on him al the while.

Hiarth lowered his arms, streaked with gashes and blood trials that almost seemed like a maze of open veins against the brown skin. His livid, creased face was both a encouragement and a demoralization.

"You're dead a second time!" he bellowed.

I rewarded him with a chilling smile and raised my runeblade. "Just try, bastard."

Emala's pov

I stood calmly in place, measured gaze sweeping the area around me.

Not that there was much variation or scenery to behold. Identical undead ringed me and Pierceclaw, and only the monotone gray tops of the tents and blank sky could be seen past them. My fingers twitched in anticipation, closing around my bow. I could hear the low rumble of Pierceclaw's growl as his vocal cords thrummed to produce the noise.

The horde of undead vyrkul charged, closing in on us like a collapsing wave. I had shot several of them with flaming arrows almost instantly, but those that fell hardly seemed to lessen the numbers.

Soon the undead vyrkul giants had surrounded us. Pierceclaw was slashing and biting, and had managed to focus a fair amount of their attention on him. I took turns shooting his besiegers dead, keeping Pierceclaw from getting overrun, and using one of my swords to deal with the vyrkul that devotedly tried to come at me. The impact jarred my arm, nearly causing it to buckle. I withdrew it and jumped over the vyrkul's ungainly polearm.

The heavy weapon sank into the trampled snow. The undead moved to pick it up, but as I fell back from the apex of my jump, I deliberately landed on the polearm.

The wooden shaft cracked under my hard hooves. Fuck! I was hoping it would shatter.

The vyrkul yanked his weapon from under me, causing a brief scramble on my part to keep my footing. I wound up in a sort of halfcrouch, then ducked as a heavy blade cut though the air above my head.

I was just starting to think of a way to fight in this outnumbered situation when a blast of blue fire took care of the polearm wielding vyrkul. His undead skin caught fire and burned vigorously, turning him into a flaming blue torch. Taking advantage of the opening, I took up my bow and whipped around, letting a explosive arrow fly. It buried itself in the chest of the vyrkul with the sword, and he began to falter, burning similar to his ally.

As both undead crumbled to heaps of burning flesh, I waved away the acrid smell of burning skin and gave Skydive a critical look. "You could have turned up sooner."

Skydive grinned cockily, his wings half spread and crouched in a fire breathing stance. "It took me a bit to locate you..."

"Or you were thinking of flying."

"Well...maybe. But not about flying away!"

The argument was cut short when I saw the necromancer behind the netherwing, aiming a shadow bolt. "Duck!"

Startled, Skydive did as I asked. With wonderful precision, I loosened my bowstring, and my arcane shot hit home in Telsyn's chest – or would have hit home, if he hadn't moved his shoulder into the arrow's path.

"Bastard!" I spat at him, unable to bridle my tongue as my annoyance mounted. "Get out of the way."

Telsyn grinned sinisterly in response, while Skydive backed away from him and back towards me. Realizing that the vyrkul could be creeping up on us, I glanced around nervously.

I was greeted with Lastraza strafing the undead forces in bright orange flame. In the wake of her fiery destruction, only about half of the forces were left. Despite that, the numbers were still much more in the enemy's favor. Especially when they started to fire ranged weapons at her. Lacking fancy flying skills, the red drake instead chose to land and start savaging them with claws and teeth.

The necromancer before us chuckled darkly, and arrogantly. Both actions snapped my attention and directed a heated glare back onto him.

"The red drake will run out of fire, and so will the strange one right next to you. Your traitor Death Knight friend will more than likely end up defeated." Telsyn's red eyes glowed through his bone mask. "Might as well just lie down and die..."

My response was slow and deliberate, spoken through gritted teeth. "Never in your fucking dreams."

"Very well," the necromancer responded in a monotone voice, raising his hands. The aura of shadow magic grew around them, looking like dark flames. "Then I will decide your very painful ends."

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