Hey guys this is an idea i thought of and the regular Endless Ocean characters will show up later. Im actually a Certified Scuba Diver and am adding realism to the highly unrealistic game (its still a good game) Hope you like it.

Sean POV

I screwed the regulator (reg) loosely to my tank and attached the inflator hose to my BC. I took a couple of breaths from my regulator and my Air 2, pumped some air into my BC and started to put on my wetsuit I only wore when we visited Hawaii like today. I grabbed my mask and put it in my fin grabbed my other fin, and started to wade into the water.

My buddy Nick caught up with me and said, "So Sean where's Alex?"

"I don't know but she'll catch up she knows the dive plan," I replied, "But let's drop down."

I put my reg in my mouth and put on my fins and let the air out of my BC letting myself sink into the chest high water.

Alex POV

I pulled into the parking lot and saw Sean's car but he wasn't there.

"Damn it," I mutter under my breath putting my gear together. I headed down to the beach and quickly dropped down following the dive plan and surprisingly saw Sean and Nick up ahead clearing their ears. I swam over to them and Sean made a cheering gesture.

Sean POV

We peeked in a small hole in the coral surrounded by shellfish shells inside was a very large octo. I shined my light on it but it just went deeper into its den that's when I felt something bite into my tank followed by the sound of 2500 PSI of air rushing out I turned to see a bull shark swimming away. Alex stayed calm and passed me her reg going on her Air 2, but her eyes were wide with fear.

I took of my BC removed the tank grabbed the regulator and put my BC back on leave the tank resting on the sea floor. I grabbed Alex's shoulder straps and made a safe ascent with Nick trailing behind. It took about 3 minutes to get to the surface given we were at 90ft.

"Oh my fucking god," Alex screamed as we hit the surface, "Are you O.K?"

"I'm fine, lost a good tank and probably fucked my reg," I replied calmly

I orally inflated my BC. And looked over and saw Nick's bubbles just before he surfaced. "Let's get out of here," he said quickly.

So was it good did you like it any questions will be answered by the way anyways thanks for the read.