Where am I going?

Chapter one

Me: Hello again everybody! This is gonna be a great story. I hope anyways. It's about a boy by the name of Jacardiardo Azul Blancavaco, or Jayfeather. He's from Ukraine. Quay disclaimer.

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Jayfeather's pov

I bounded downstairs from my room to the kitchen. I could smell the eggs and bacon sizzling in their pans. My dad was an excellent cook. He had to cook since I don't have a mother to do it for me. She died a long time ago from radiation when the Chernobyl Nuclear plant exploded. I was just a child then. I'm 14 now. My dad was also a senator so he got to travel alot. Last year we stayed in the United States of America. I went to school there and made several new friends. I had also learned to speak English pretty fluently, but I still had my Ukrainian accent.

" Morning, Dad." I said sitting down at the table.

" Morning, Jay Jay." He said sitting a plate in front of me. My real name was Jacardiardo Azul Blancavaco. Dad normal called me 'Jay Jay'. Other people called me Jayfeather. I really did not like to be called by my real name.

" Sleep well?" He asked rubbing my head before he sat down beside me.

" Better than usual." I said swallowing a mouthful of eggs. " Do you think we'll get to go back to the U.S. anytime soon?" I asked. I was changing the subject deliberately. The day after we got back to Ukraine someone tried to shoot me. It didn't do too much damage luckily. The shot hit my shoulder which was really sore. The event had left me with nightmares. I didn't have one last night though.

" I don't know. I have a lot to do. I have to file that report on the new Food Funding plan, and I have to meet with the Congress on the matter of radiation in Belarus." He said. " I know you want to see your friends again Jay, but I have too much to do."

I finished the last piece of bacon on my plate and laid my head against his shoulder. " Why not just quit being a senator. You've been re-elected twice."

" Because it gets us money, Jay. If your mom was still living, we could go see all the places we want. She had start working at that stupid power plant." His voice cracked, and he began to sob. I curled my arms around his neck, and he hugged me tight against him.

" One day I know you'll be able to go to any place you want to." He said softly after he'd gotten his voice back.

" I probably won't even find a job. No one is going to hire a blind person." I growled. I hated the fact that I was blind. I was born blind. " I'm going back to bed." I said stomping up the stairs. I laid down on my bed and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the smell of...Smoke! It stung my nose and eyes. I tried to get up, but when I moved something hot and burning touched my arm. The agony was enough that I screamed. I jerked my arm away and tried to calm myself so I could take in my bearings. The more I inhaled the smoke, the more drowsy I became. I heard someone screaming my name. Then everything went black.

As I came to I realized I was curled up against someone. After a moment I realized it was my dad. My eyes stung as I opened them. Every part of my body ached, but my arm hurted the worst. I pushed myself into a sitting position.

" Jayfeather." He pulled me closer to him, hugging me tightly. " I was afraid I lost you."

" Well I'm here aren't I?" I said. I was surprised at how raspy my voice was. My throat began to sting, and I broke into a violent coughing fit. My breaths came in wheezes. Dad gently rubbed my back.

" Yes, you are here. Sit right here. I'm going to get something for your throat." He said gently. He returned moments later with what I recognized as the scent of honey. Honey was a classic remedy for sore throat, especially for kids. They loved the sweet taste and the smooth texture soothed an irritated throat.

I didn't mind the soothing properties of honey, but it was a bit too sweet for me to eat it as a treat. My other senses were hypersensitive because of my lack of sight. That was how I got around so easily. As he spoon-fed me honey, I had began to rub at my useless eyes. They stung. I felt them begin to water. Dad gently pulled my hand away from my face.

" Don't rub them Jay. It'll irritate them more." He said gently. He pushed my hair back that was spilling over my forhead. It came down to my neck.

" Dad, why would anyone want to assassinate me? I'm just a blind kid. It's not like I'm important." I whispered.

" You're the son of a senator. They're not trying to get at you just because. It's because they want something from me." He said laying one palm against my cheek. His hand was warm. " I think it's best if I send you away for a while."

" What? No you can't. I don't car if my life is at risk. I'm not leaving you." I said my arms latched onto his neck. I didn't want to leave him. He was my dad, and I loved him. Who would take care of me?

" But I do, Jacardiardo. It's for the betterment of the both of us." He whispered in my ear. " I'll send you to Denal. He'll take good care of you." He said prying my arms off of his neck. " Я люблю вас." He said in Ukrainian. It meant 'I love you.' His next words took me by complete surprise.

" It's what Sapphire would have wanted." Sapphire was my mother's name. Her parents named her that because her eyes were the color of a sapphire. It also happened to be my birthstone. I was born in September on the 17th.

"Я люблю вас також, Тато." I whispered, " I love you too, Daddy."

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