Chapter One: Hero Popsicle

In the far away land of Ooo, nestled between the Ice and Mountain Kingdoms, somewhere in the highest towers of the Candy Kingdom, there was a beautiful Bubblegum Princess, and just outside her window like some weird old blue bat, there was an evil King bent on making her his bride. To defend this delicate princess, as well as the rest of Ooo, there was a brave hero, Finn the Human, and his best friend Jake, the Dog.

"Ice King, you leave Princess Bubblegum alone!" Jake, the magic dog with the magical ability to eat endless amounts of ice-cream and still look hot, shouted at the demented old monarch, swatting a gigantic golden paw at him in an attempt to remove his crown, and thus his power.

Screaming a wild battle-cry, Finn leaped through the air from an open window, sword slashing silver, "Get it through your stupid head, Ice King! The Princess doesn't want to marry you!"

Freezing the heroes with streams of frozen ice crystals produced from his hands, the Ice King turned to look at the princess, "Is that true, Princess?"

The pretty pink maiden nodded with a callous shrug. It might have been cute, were her intentions not so mean.

Depressed, and only momentarily beaten, the Ice King flew away with his white beard flapping in the humid air, leaving the heroes to thaw on their own, which the blazing sun was so hot, it would have only taken a few minutes anyways, "I see how it is... Nobody loves the Ice King..."

He either still didn't know after all these years or had just forgotten due to his crazy, but he left without realizing that Princess Bubblegum was a scientist (and therefore one of, if not the smartest mind in all of Ooo), as well as royalty. Working quickly, she ordered her candy citizens to gather all the reflective surfaces they could find. Those without any reflective sources should get anything warm they could get their sugary hands on, from blankets and sweaters to toasters and fire. As everyone rushed to and fro in a frantic state of panic, nobody noticed the trio of shadows that slipped passed the front lines, stalking undetected to the Princess' private rooms (which she had turned half of the room into an extended laboratory).

"You should just have him killed," Marceline, the Vampire Queen, stated matter-of-factly as she removed the over-sized sun hat from her dark head, stepping into the room, "I could easily have my minions do it for you."

Not looking up from her microscope, the princess was unsurprised by the vampire's sudden intrusion, "That's not necessary, Marceline."

"Whatever." She turned to the two people with her, smiling with mild amusement as she watched a boy with hair the color of the sky fighting with her umbrella, managing at last to close it. Hit by a sudden idea, the vampire floated over to the princess, "Hey, Bonnibel, why don't my friends take care of your little hero Popsicle?"

"Finally!" The boy burst out groaning, making it sound as if he found the presence of the Vampire Queen completely unbearable, earning a stern look from the other girl that Marceline had brought with them, "I've been looking forward to seeing Finn... and Jake..."

Unconcerned by the sinister way that he had said that, Marceline waved them out before Bonnibel could object. Not that objecting was anywhere in her head at that moment...

Moving from her slides, Bubblegum smiled at the other woman, slipping her lab coat from her narrow shoulders and laying it on a free space on her lab tables, "I was starting to think that you weren't coming."

The older of the two shrugged, "What can I say? Those two are more trouble than they're worth."

Sliding closer to each other, Bubblegum frowned, though Marceline couldn't tell if it were real concern or a mockery of the emotion, but knowing Bonnibel, it was probably somewhere in the middle, "Is that really so? I thought that I might have cause to be jealous of him - "

"Do you really want to spend this time talking about little boys I've saved, or," Marceline cut the princess off, placing her index finger to the other girl's petal-soft lips, "do you want to have some fun?"

Door shutting behind them, Marceline's friends began walking back outside of the castle, to where the heroes stood in their own statutes. The more short tempered of the two, the girl, rounded in on her partner in crime, once she judged that they were far away enough from Marceline and Bubblegum. Two years ago, she wouldn't have been able to control herself that well, so a small part of the boy secretly admired that she had held it in this long. Flame shot from her entire body, a swirling inferno of wrath surrounding her like a living boa. Aside from the smoke rising from her head, the boy was not bothered in the slightest by his companion's hissy-fit.

"Really?" The girl was pretty, round in a pleasant way and made of fire, but her face was contorted into a look of abject horror, "You know how I feel about him!"

Stopping abruptly, the boy grabbed her by the arm, spinning her into the wall with a flourish (simultaneously dousing her flames), pinning her there. Her pale cheeks began to flush a dark orange color, the molten fire rushing to her face, and she looked away from the boy as if he were burning her.

The Fire Princess simmered down, his iced baby-blue skin pressing into her orange skin, the boy held her tight, almost with enough force to leave a mark, but not quite, his intense tear-blue lashes fluttering against her cheek as his lips hovered just over her's, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that our time together meant nothing to you..."

Moaning pitifully as his lips crashed down over hers, hands wrapping around flesh, but who's hand went where was a mystery to her, she quickly came to her senses, shoving him away (which only made him laugh and continue on as if nothing had happened), "Stop messing with me! You of all people should know better than to anger a fire elemental!"

He bobbed his shoulder at her, "You could smoke me out, but I could just as easily steal away your air. Remember, we dead-lock, dear cousin."

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This is my first Adventure Time fic, so hopefully it'll live up to the amazing standard that the show has set :)

I really don't see Bubblegum and Marceline as a couple, even after watching the "Mathematical" recap vid, but I know that it's almost cannon amongst the fans, so even though I personally don't see it (I'm not knocking it, I just really don't see it), I will incorporate the pairing. In fact, I plan on incorporating many different pairs, so don't get your heart set on any certain pairings that are there at the beginning. Or maybe you should. And fair warning, there will be "morally frowned upon" pairings!

Speaking of such pairings, the blue boy, who shall be named in the next chapter, is an OC of mine, and is my first boy character! Sorry, that just makes me happy to say! Anyways, I hope that this was enjoyable, and I look forward to receiving some reviews!