Chapter Nine: I Made A Mistake

Summoned back to the Candy Kingdom in the dead of night for the uptemth time that week, Marceline was getting more than just a little bit upset by these nightly visits. At first she had given Bonnibel the benefit of the doubt, even going so far as to think it sweet that the other girl was so concerned with her being in the sun, but after the first two months of random passed sundown meetings, she was beyond livid, feeling hurt that Princess Bubblegum was going to such lengths to hide their relationship. She had no idea why she was surprised though, because this was exactly what had happened the first time around - well, that and the fact that they butted heads too often without any compromise.

Floating into the open window of Bonnibel's room, Marceline almost laughed out loud when she saw what was waiting for her on the other side of the window. The room was dark, bathed in the romantic lighting of a hundred candles, rose petals strewn meticulously across the floor in heart-shaped patterns. In the middle of this in frilly, lavender lace, posing on her bed with a long-stemmed rose in her mouth, was none other than Princess Stuck-up.

Raising her eyebrow at the other girl, the vampire hovered into the room, stopping short of the bed, "Bonnibel, what are you doing?"

Patting the bed, Bubblegum winked at her, "I'm being romantic, silly."

"That's... lame." There was no other way for her to put it, "Listen, princess, we have to talk."

Slowly sitting up, Bubblegum looked away from the Vampire Queen, "I knew that this would never work... You're not nearly imaginative enough, Marceline."

"Excuse me?" Marceline was going to try to be nice about this, but Bonnibel's words had struck a chord with her, and it wasn't a very good one, "I was the one who got you to come out of your shell! If it weren't for me, you would have no idea of the demon that lives inside you, waiting to be unleashed! The real reason why we would never work is because we're too different... Round pegs won't fit into square holes. I don't know why I was stupid enough to think that this could ever work, especially after it fell apart the first time."

Storming out before the princess could add to that fire, Marceline left in a fuming fit of rage and anguish. Why was it always her that had to hurt whenever they had a fight? Why was she the one who wanted to say sorry first, even when it should have been Bonnibel?

Gold, Gum, Fire, and Blood

Bolting from Marshall Lee's cavern home, Skyla felt lower than dirt. She felt lower than whatever was lower than dirt. If dirt was at the top of the food chain, she would be at the bottom. How could she have done that to Gumball? It wasn't as if they had broken up, and if if they had, what kind of a monster jumps into bed with the first guy she sees? And poor Marshall! Not only would his hurt him personally, but she would bet her own life that this would cripple their friendship, if not completely destroy it! She even felt bad or Fionna in all of this, even though she was terribly jealous of her, not knowing if she had been dating Marshall Lee or not. If Fionna and Gumball had ever found out about this, something told her that this would probably drive them together, though she was uncertain about whether or not if it would be for a night or for life... What did that matter though? She was loathe of the very idea of Fionna and Gumball...

While she was mixed up over her feelings for Marshall Lee and Gumball, Skyla knew that when she took the vampire out of the equation, she was truly happy with Gumball. She had some wild ways, and instead of rubbing each other raw, she helped him to see things in a new way, while he helped her to tone down in certain situations, such as fancy balls. Being a princess herself, she knew etiquette, but in spurning the crown, she had also turned her back on the ways of the social elite. He helped her find a balance between common decency and being another rich pocket. But it was more than that - he had given her a home, another soul to confine in. While she had a best friend, there were still things that she couldn't tell him, and even though it seemed like it, she couldn't go to him for every problem. But Gumball had always been there for her, open to listening to all of her whining, from deciding what shoes to wear to helping her through going home to see her little brother on his birthday.

"I'm going home," She whispered to herself, suddenly changing course as she realized where she should go from there.

Tossing and turning in a fitful daze, Gumball awoke with a start, a soft hand of the opposite sex suddenly at his shoulder. Backing away in fright, Skyla fell to the floor, her face illuminated by the lamp at the side of the prince's bed. She looked terrible, as if she had running from fire wolves, wavy hair sticking out on end, skin coated with sweat and filth, making him think that she must have fallen over several times as she ran back to him. Her face was streaked with tears, her lip bleeding were she had accidentally bitten it. In truth, only the filth and tears were new...

"Skyla, what are you doing here?" He sat up, sitting at the edge of his bed, thinking more of the time than their fight.

She flung herself at his knees, wailing in sorrow, sobs choking her words, "I made a mistake! I never should have gone over there, to him, I was just so confused... I just want to forget this ever happened and go back to the way things were... The way that were meant to be... I'm so sorry, Gumball... I know that I don't deserve it," that was an understatement of epic proportions, "but please, find it in your heart to forgive me..."

Sighing, he took her round face in his hands, lifting her chin so that they were gazing into each other's eyes, "Skyla, there is nothing you could do that I couldn't forgive."

She shook her head, falling back out of his reach, "I wouldn't say that just yet..."

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