Leader: Fallstar- light ginger she-cat with one white hind foot and leaf green eyes

Deputy: Ashwillow- very dark gray she-cat (with lighter gray paws) and dark green eyes

Medicine Cat: Brightrose- small ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Sageleaf


Crowweb- black tom with silver tabby markings and hazel eyes

Snowember- white she-cat with misty, navy blue eyes

Sunfeather- golden she-cat with green eyes and a missing leg

Apprentice: Blackpaw

Redflame- bright ginger tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Ravenpaw

Rowanleap- large brown tom with hazel eyes

Hazelfern- hazel she-cat with glowing amber eyes and white paws

Swiftheart- ginger tom with pale amber eyes

Cloudpelt- fluffy white tom with dark brown eyes

Birchcry- brown tabby tom with hazel eyes

Skybird- beautiful silver she-cat with white patches on her side and blue/gray paws, white muzzle, blue eyes

Creekfeather- blue/gray tom with hazel eyes

Cedarclaw- dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Featherfur- long furred blue/gray she-cat with blue eyes

Sootheart- small gray she-cat with black pads and green eyes


Sageleaf- light brown tabby she-cat with sage green eyes

Ravenpaw- black she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, paws and bright amber eyes

Blackpaw- black she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, paws and cold blue eyes


Lilyheart- pale gray she-cat with dull green eyes (Mother of Rowanleap's kits: Duskkit- small dusty brown tom and Berrykit- dark gray she-cat)

Silverrain- beautiful silver she-cat with small blue/gray dapples (Expecting Swiftheart's kits)


Smalltail- small black and white tom with green eyes and a stumpy tail

Blueflower- blue/gray she-cat with pale blue eyes


Leader: Stormstar- muscular dark gray tom with pale blue eyes and broad shoulders and a torn ear

Deputy: Cinderdapple- nimble black she-cat with sage green eyes and scar on left cheek

Medicine Cat: Timberpelt- dark brown tabby tom with hazel eyes


Fernpool- gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Sandwing- beautiful golden she-cat with amber eyes

Flameclaw- bright ginger tom with unusually long claws and amber eyes

Tawnyheart- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Duskriver- pale brown tabby tom with long fur and pale gray eyes

Robinflight- pretty light brown she-cat with pale ginger chest, white paws and green eyes

Apprentice- Goldpaw

Timberheart- large brown tom with dark amber eyes

Gingerfur- pale ginger she-cat with hazel eyes

Blackpelt- black tom with green eyes

Adderstrike- gray tabby tom with brown paws and brown eyes

Larkclaw- small dark brown tom with amber eyes


Goldpaw- golden tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

Brackenpaw- broad shouldered brown tom with amber eyes


Sootbird- light gray she-cat with black dapples, black ear tips and tail tip, white paws; blue eyes (Mother of Stormstar's kits: Snowkit- fluffy white she-cat with brown eyes, Stonekit- dark gray tom with black ear tips and green eyes, and Bridlekit- pretty orange tabby she-cat with blue eyes)


Mossfang- scraggly white tom with green eyes, a torn ear and missing teeth

Icetail- slender white she-cat with blue eyes-deaf in one ear


Leader: Whitestar- very large white tom with one ginger paw and amber eyes

Deputy: Icefeather- white she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Littleleaf- very small tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice- Yarrowpaw


Cloudstrike- white tom with long claws and green eyes

Apprentice- Willowpaw

Shrewtail- brown tabby tom with hazel eyes

Roseberry- pretty white she-cat with ginger tinted fur and green eyes

Birchthorn- large brown tom with broad shoulders and long fangs, a torn ear and scar over his eye; amber eyes

Ravenleap- nimble black tom with green eyes

Hawkfeather- sleek black tom with long fur and piercing amber eyes

Smallflower- small, lithe gray she-cat with green eyes

Smoketail- light gray tom with darker gray tail with black tail and ear tips, blue eyes

Russetdawn- bright ginger she-cat with white splotches and amber eyes


Yarrowpaw- black she-cat with yellow eyes

Willowpaw- long furred cream she-cat with green eyes


Lightheart- fluffy white she-cat with gold, gray, and black rings around her tail, black paws and ear tips, golden muzzle, amber eyes (Mother of Birchthorn's kit: Dawnkit- small cream she-cat with amber eyes)


Grayheart- long furred gray she-cat with hazel eyes and a torn ear

Spottedfur- small brown she-cat with white and golden dapples; blue eyes


Leader: Fawnstar- beautiful light brown she-cat with white rings on her long legs and white spots on her back; fern green eyes

Deputy: Cedarfang- dark ginger tabby tom with brown eyes

Medicine Cat: Mintfur- long furred black she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice- Redpoppy


Emberpelt- dark ginger she-cat with lighter ginger dapples and hazel eyes

Ashfern- long furred, light gray she-cat with long legs and dark green eyes

Longclaw- muscular white tom with golden paws and muzzle, very long claws and amber eyes

Thornfang- long furred ginger tabby tom with amber eyes

Berrylight- pale blue/gray she-cat with black nose, white chest and blue eyes

Echomist- blue/gray she-cat with light gray paws, chest, muzzle and ear tips; blue eyes

Speckledleaf- white she-cat with brown dapples and green eyes

Foxfur- fluffy pale ginger tom with white tail tip and hazel eyes

Firewing- bright ginger tom with fluffy tail and amber eyes

Leafheart- small brown she-cat with white dapples and green eyes

Darkvixen- broad shouldered dark ginger she-cat with fluffy tail, white tail tip, white paws and chest, black nose and ear tips; blue eyes

Whitefur- white tom with green eyes

Breezetail- long furred gray tom with pale blue eyes

Tigerfang- large dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes


Redpoppy- bright ginger tom with black splotches and dark amber eyes

Cloudpaw- light gray tom with white splotches and blue eyes

Specklepaw- black she-cat with white dapples and green eyes


Birdsong- blue/gray she-cat with black paws and chest; green eyes (Mother of Longclaw's kits: Leopardkit- golden she-cat with black dapples and amber eyes, Featherkit- light gray she-cat with blue eyes, Mothkit- fluffy light brown she-cat with green eyes, and Oakkit- big ginger tom with green eyes)

Swanfrost- beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes (Mother of Foxfur's kits: Barkkit- brown tom with pale ginger tabby markings and hazel eyes and Mistkit- small blue/gray she-cat with blue eyes)


One-ear -black tom with one missing ear and green eyes

Gingerleaf- ginger she-cat with brown eyes

Rosepool- pale gray she-cat with ginger chest and amber eyes


A screech echoed as pain seared through the white cat. "Once more. Only one more time!" Another voice encouraged. With a single push, a small bundle fell out into the woven sticks, moss, and feathers.

"How are they? Are they okay?" The white queen asked.

"They're fine. You have two she-kits." A tabby mewed. The small sounds of new kits whining made the tired she-cat smile.

"Thank SpiritClan." The new queen purred as she curled around the kits. She licked them repeatedly as they cried, a purr in her throat all the while. While the queen washed the afterbirth from the kits, the tabby backed out of the nursery into the rain and picked her way through the soaked crowd to the leader.

"Are they all alright?" The brown leader asked the tabby patiently.

"They're fine, but something may be wrong." She answered in a hushed tone. The leader's eyes widened and her ears instantly pricked in alarm.

"Well, what is it?" She asked, her eyes flickering from the tabby in front of her to the nursery.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm sure there's no cause for alarm. One of the kits was just delayed."

"Delayed? What do you mean 'delayed'? The kits weren't due for another half moon."

"One didn't cry as quickly." The tabby answered quietly. After a moment, she added, "I'm sure it's nothing."

"Well, which one was it? Which one cried late?" The leader asked hastily. The tabby shook her head.

"I don't know. They look exactly alike."

At those words, the leader's eyes widened even more and she shook her head. "We'll have to watch them both, but for tonight, we need not worry. SpirtClan has blessed us with two new kits, and for that, we celebrate." She mewed and padded away towards the nursery. The tabby stayed behind, staring after her leader, eyes dim. The clans had been suffering through two moons of droughts and scrawny prey. Now, the rains had come and new life was within the clan. We'll keep a close eye on them, but tonight, we celebrate. The medicine cat thought and padded forward, forcing a smile.